Boss’s Blind Date Notes Chapter 32.4

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Chapter 32.4

‘Yifan?’ I gently pulled aside the still enjoying choosing hygiene products de Yifan.

‘En? Do you want to change to another imported brand so that you can try out?’

I used my eyes to stop his ridiculous move: ‘Remember that thing I begged you yesterday, I think I really need your help.’

‘What is it?’

‘I……. seemed to see Zhang Hai and Liu Miao Miao, and she seems to be pregnant le.’ I dully said.

Zhang Hai and Liu Maio Maio obviously saw me, and they were walking over.

Due to her pregnancy, Liu Miao Maio somehow looks very swollen, slow pace however her previous harsh and headstrong appearance has changed to a gentle and radiance look.

‘Really is Xiao Bei? What a coincidence.’ Liu Miao Miao looked affectionately and said.

‘Yes ah, what a coincidence. Look at you, congratulations, and how many months le?’ I said with a smile.

The world is truly amazing. After breaking up, not often could I see Zhang Hai this man, but turned half of the country, unexpectedly can come across each other here.

‘Almost le. That is why my dad asked me to come here to give birth. So that the child can become Hong Kong citizenship. Xiao Bei, you’re here for……..’

Tsk, I also want to say I’m here to give birth ne. No, I would like to say that I have given birth to few kids le. The oldest one can chase after your child to fight le.

‘Business trip.’ I said.

‘I used to think you’re the most hardworking person in the department. Now still so diligent ne. But women, don’t need to work so hard. In the end still need to settle down and get married de.’

‘Yes ah. You guys is the best, going to have baby soon le.’ I somehow laughed a bit unnaturally.

Damn, I just feel disgrace for being single. Yifan, can’t you just cooperate a bit, so that I can satisfy my vanity ma.

At this time, who was acting as a passer-by, Yifan suddenly stretched out his hand to hold my waist, and whispered in my ear: ‘Wifey, you don’t work hard enough. If you had work harder…….. aren’t our kid will also run around le ma?’

My calmed face again blush le: ‘Yifan, what nonsense are you talking about!’

‘Xiao Bei, this is……’ All this while, the never talking de Zhang Hai asked.

‘Let me introduce, he is……’

‘I’m her husband.’ Yifan rushed over to say it, ‘When we got married, Xiao Bei refused to disclose the marriage. So we just registered, not many people know. But we have been trying very hard to have a baby…… but you know, Xiao Bei works too hard…… but certain time not so hardworking.’

What’s all this? I anxiously and secretly used my arm to nudged Yifan.

‘All right, all right, no more le. Someone is embarrassed.’ Yifan laughed.

‘You….. really married le?’ Zhang Hai looked at me doubtfully.

‘What do you mean by that?’ Yifan say with displeasure. ‘Although we did not hold wedding ceremony, but the honeymoon trips were to ten European countries.’

I interrupted Yifan’s nonsense talk, smiled and raised his hand: ‘No wedding ring? Yes, I’m not married and even have no boyfriend. Yifan just play a joke. He is my boss.’

The expression of Liu Miao Miao and Zhang Hai become a little strange.

‘But I think I’m going to marry pretty well.’

Just a moment ago, that very short time, looking at Yifan picking things up with homely look, help me to cover up, I suddenly discover, the pain and obsession during young was so flimsy. Zhang Hai and Liu

Miao Miao are just a hint of the colour in my youth. The future is magnificent de ba.

After the return from shopping, Yifan send me back to my room.

‘Thank you for today. Go back and have a good rest.’ I said.

‘Xiao Bei……’ Yifan stood at the doorway and gently called me.

‘Huh?’ I looked up at him.

He doesn’t speak, just look at me like that in the hallway. There is an unknown emotion in the bright eyes.

‘Is there anything else?’ I asked, and the face he looked yet was another.

‘Nothing, silly girl.’ He touch my hair, ‘Have a good rest and get up early tomorrow morning.’

After sending off Yifan, I leaned against the wall, sit down and dialled Xiao Bai’s phone.

‘How, is everything okay?’ Xiao Bai asked.

‘Work is very busy, only tonight have time to hang out.’

‘Yes ah.’ Xiao Bai laughed, ‘So late called, encountered some trouble?’

I was silent for a long time before saying: ‘I’m so sorry Xiao Bai.’

The line from the other end was also silent for a long time: ‘Nothing, I just booked a ticket for tomorrow.’ He said.

‘Are you leaving? I’m sorry I didn’t show you around every time.’

‘Nothing, if you find what you want, I have no reason to stay.’ Again a long paused, ‘In that way, I wish you well. Goodbye, Xiao Bei.’

‘Thank you, goodbye.’ I said.

Hung up the phone, I still leaned against the corner.

Maybe…….. huh, I’m much better than Cinderella that silly girl!


The author has something to say: wrote for so long, didn’t anyone find out that the ultimate boss hasn’t appeared yet?

Boss’s Blind Date Notes Chapter 32.4

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