Boss’s Blind Date Notes Chapter 33.2

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Chapter 33.2

I finally unable to move le. Leaning against the streetlight and dial Fatso’s phone number.

I said: ‘Fatso, I’m sad.’

Fatso said: ‘Sad ah, come, brother take you to find some fun.’

I stood still and waited quietly.

The bustling crowd in the street has accomplished a man’s loneliness.

In less than five minutes, Fatso’s car braked in front of me.

‘Indeed this brother speed all the way here. Let’s go. Get into the car.’ He said.

I didn’t say a word, obediently get into the car. Fatso step on the accelerator, speed all the whole journey and less than twenty minutes we have reached Yifan’s suburbs villa le.

I suddenly have no desire to see anything related to Yifan

‘Come down,’ Fatso opened the car door and advised me. ‘When brother was sad, I will come here to abuse the puppy, smashed the doors and windows, furniture and so on. I can tell you, compare going to supermarket to squeeze the instant noodles this is much better!’

This proposal immediately aroused my desire le. I jumped off the car and followed behind Fatso.

Fatso hit the courtyard’s door directly with his car, it took half of the day to look for the front door’s key, and finally he shouted: ‘Damn, change the lock again!’

I was a little disappointed…… I really want to go in, smash the furniture and abuse the puppies ah.

Fatso muttered at the side: ‘Humph, just a lock and want to obstruct this Fatso grandpa. Too underestimate me le!’ Finished talking, he took out a simple ladder from the car and put it against the wall. He climb a few steps and jump up to a small platform on the second floor. With great skill, he climbed onto the roof, smashed the sun roof, squeeze his fatso body and go in.

‘……. Oh, Spider-Man!’ Fat version de.

I was still staring up at 90 degrees, dumbstruck looking at that Fatso who has disappeared out of the thin air. The front door was opened and Fatso pulled me in: ‘Come in quickly, I will go in and observe first. Just to omit provoking the police officer later.’

Just when I was turning on the light, a figure flew over. Jiu Cai rushed over with full of enthusiasm and gave me a saliva baptism. While we were having a good time, Fatso came back le.

‘Jiu Cai, Xiao Jiu Cai.’ Fatso fished out a sausage from the side and childishly called.

Jiu Cai immediately jumped off from my side le, retreat a few steps, bend his body and exposed his canine tooth and barked ‘woof woof’.

I was amazed and said: ‘He seems to be very angry!’

‘Where got.’ Fatso continued to lure Jiu Cai with the sausage, ‘Hi little doggy, good boy.’

That dog barked loudly. Once again hesitated le and immediately turn around, clipped his tail and ran away le. He run into his nest, put his claws on his eyes and exposed a small slightly trembling nose.

‘Hehe, he obviously very scared ma.’ Fatso throw away the sausage and evilly said.

‘Xiao Bei, what would you like to drink? Gee, baby secretly stored so many good wine ne.’ Fatso was so excited just like a robber who entered a cave filled with gold.

‘No thanks, I ………drink too much will……’

‘What are you afraid of? What is the reason for us to come here? Look, the market value for this bottle of wine is more than 20,000 Yuan ne. This is your last chance le!’ Fatso threw me a bottle of wine.

True, if I miss this opportunity there will be no other chance le. I got up and look for a wine goblet. Without success, only manage to fine two rice bowl and filled up with red wine le.

I don’t think I drank too mu

ch, but soon the surrounding was like ‘gu lu lu’ the floor was full of rolling bottles. At this moment, fatso was holding his Monroe and dancing in front of me.

‘Come on baby baby, come on baby baby……..’ He used out of tune voice to shout.

‘Fatso, you sing so awful!’ Furthermore you are out of breath. The street is full of women, why are you holding a fake one! Haha.’ I looked through the brown bottle and said to Fatso.

‘Oh!!’ Fatso dragged the long tune and sing the last note. Holding Monroe, spin around and fell beside me.

‘Xiao Bei ah, although you are a woman, but I still have to say, you women are too troublesome! Want to eat, want to drink, want man and want children. My Monroe is much better. Don’t eat or drink, want to do what also can! Look at Yifan, formerly was trained by woman de, eat poorer than Jui Cai, even his position is lower than Jui Cai!’

‘Your thinking of despised for the woman is wrong de. It will be criticized de! Go and learn dog paddling with Jiu Cai!’ I commanded.

‘Is that so?’ Fatso went to Jiu Cai’s nest, pulled his back leg and dragged him out. Jiu Cai struggled. When Fatso loosen his strength, he took the opportunity to fly out. Fatso pounced and grabbed the dog’s tail.

‘Don’t run, your Xiao Bei sister wants to see you dog paddling.’

‘Who is his older sister! Fatso you better say clearly, who is his older sister!’ I raised the bowl and wanted to throw at Fatso.

‘Yifan’s dog….. don’t tell me he needs to call you aunty ah!’ Fatso continued to tangle with Jiu Cai.

‘Don’t talk about Yifan! I don’t want to see him! I finally made up my mind…….. well, if he ever dares, I will break his leg!’ I vaguely said.

‘Gee, like I said, women are unreliable, you are more violence ah.’ Fatso regretted, ‘Hey, little puppy stop! You can’t escape from your Fatso Lord’s fingers de!’

Boss’s Blind Date Notes Chapter 33.2

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