Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 632-635

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Chapter 632 – Imperial Water Oyster

The Beast King has been very happy these days. The Beast G.o.d's Spear has been returned to the Beastman Prairie, and for the Beastmen, this was a monumentally important matter. And for the Beast King, having the Beast G.o.d's Spear back would give him advantages in ruling the entire Prairie.

Although the name 'Beast King' held power and prestige, the actual authority that it held wasn't that big. Moreover, the Lion Race was also at the side, waiting. This made the Beast King quite uncomfortable.

But now that their Divine Artifact was back, his prestige has increased. In the past, those huge Warring tribes wouldn't give him too much face. But now, the situation has been improved. This was also good for his future plans.

The Beast King didn't dare to tell the other Beastmen about the Divine Race. The Beast King knew that the Beastmen had a flaw. Aside from the Patriarchs of the tribes, the other Beastmen were very simple minded, it was very easy for them to reveal any secrets. The Beastmen were different from the Dwarves. The Dwarves operated inside their mountain, which was structured like a fortress, no Human can simply go in and out of it. Due to this, there was little to no chance of any Dwarf revealing secrets to the outside world.

The Beastmen, on the other hand, was placed in the wide Prairie where Human merchants were free to go in and out, being able to easily contact with the Beastmen. If the Divine Race's matter was revealed too soon, then the Radiant Church would surely get wind of it.

Because of this, the Beast King's preparations for dealing with the Divine Race were all held in secrecy, hiding it from the majority of the Beastman population. For this plan to succeed, the Beast King would need the full cooperation of the various big warring tribes. In the past, this was fairly impossible, but now that the Beast G.o.d's Spear is back, the Beast King's influence has reached its apex, allowing him to carry out his plan.

The Beast King has been in contact with trustworthy Patriarchs of the warring tribes in recent days. He told them about the Divine Race, making them swear to hold the matter in secrecy before he had them return and prepare.

On this day, the Beast King had just finished doing a task when a guard suddenly gave word. Zhao Hai has come. When the Beast King heard this, he stared for a moment before instructing his people to lead Zhao Hai into his living room.

Zhao Hai's is  the Foreign Prince of the Beastman Race, so it can be said that his position in the Prairie is above the majority of people while his reputation isn't lower than the Beast King. Since he retrieved the Beast G.o.d's Spear, the Beastmen were very respectful to him. Even his Magic Lily Shop has received good reception by the Beastmen, making its business very good.

This Magic Lily shop was something that was opened by Zhao Hai, and since he was their Foreign Prince, the Beastmen treated him as one of them. The Beastmen knew the value of buying from one's own people. This made the shop's business very popular in the entire Prairie.

Fortunately, the Buda Clan has the Markey Family's business network at their back, so no matter what, they can service all of the Beastmen that came to them. And since Magic Lily shop always did business fairly, it's reputation soared in the Prairie, which added to Zhao Hai's prestige.

After being led by a Tiger clansman to the room, the Beast King immediately cleared the room, only leaving Zhao Hai and him behind. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Little Hai, you came, did something happen?"

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "Your Majesty, I came upon something while I was visiting the Fishman Race. There's a rebellion currently happening in the sea. However, this isn't so simple. I saw a Dragon and a person from the Radiant Church there. Moreover, I've also learned something from the Mermaid clan. The Dragons have partic.i.p.ated in the war between the Ark Continent and the Divine Race. However, the Dragons were on the side of the G.o.ds. This made me suspect that the Dragons were aces that the G.o.ds have hidden, preparing all this time to deal with us. If they manage to conquer the seas, then they would gain a huge advantage in the future war. And if we add the Radiant Church and the Dragons, we would stand no chance. I'm telling you this because it might be possible that the Dragons would send people here. When I'm done dealing with the matters of the Fishmen, I would immediately go to Accra Mountain in order to cope with those Dragons!"

The Beast King listened intently to Zhao Hai, upon hearing everything, his face couldn't help but change, "Are you sure? The Dragons claimed to be invincible in the continent, but I don't think so. I can send some Beastmen to help you. You can also discuss this with the Dwarves and have them send troops as well. Our men would deal with the Dragons first!"

But Zhao Hai shook his head and said, "No, the Humans of the Continent are still unaware about the Divine Race. If you suddenly send troops to deal with the Dragons, the Dragons would certainly stop it. At that time, a great war might happen, causing our side some losses. Just preserve your own strength. You can rest a.s.sured that I can manage this. You don't need to worry too much."

The Beast King looked at Zhao Hai, then he lightly sighed and said," Alright, but if you need our help, don't hesitate to send word. We Beastmen are always willing to die for our brothers!"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "No need to be uptight about this. Right, Your Majesty, I'll be heading back to the Fishmen. The war is still going on, I can't just leave for a long time."

Then the Beast King personally delivered Zhao Hai outside. Upon seeing Zhao Hai leave, the Beast King couldn't help but sigh. He suddenly felt helpless deep inside. The Beastmen generally didn't fear anything, but their enemy this time is just too strong. Even if they are Beastmen, they needed to bear with it patiently. They can only look at Zhao Hai like an outsider as he deals with the Radiant Church and the Dragons. The thought of this made the Beast King feel uncomfortable.

Zhao Hai didn't think about this, to him, the importance of informing the Beastmen and the Dwarves about the Dragon Race was just to make those two races defend themselves. He wanted them to be safe as much as possible. Dealing with the Dragons isn't very difficult for Zhao Hai.

When Zhao Hai returned to the s.p.a.ce, he finally let out a sigh of relief. He had finally plugged the leak. He was really afraid that this leak would be exploited by the Dragons.

n.o.body in the continent knew about the relations.h.i.+p between the Divine Race and the Dragons. If the Dragons were to attack with the Divine Race, then the Beastmen and the Dwarves would surely be placed in great danger. It was good that he came to the Fismen at this time.

While thinking about this, Zhao Hai entered the s.p.a.ce's villa. But when he entered, he couldn't help but stare. He wasn't expecting the place to be so lively.

When he walked in, Zhao Hai saw Laura, Lizzy and Megan inside, discussing tactics. Naturally, Laura was only giving comments from time to time, the ones who talked a lot were Lizzy and Megan.

Lizzy and Megan both seem to have a natural instinct for strategy. This was something that one is born with, not learned. Once they are able to sense the changes of the battlefield, the two of them would surely become famed generals before long.

Zhao Hai didn't go and disturb them, he just went to the hot spring underground and soaked in it, relaxing his body and mind. In the past few days, the Divine Race's matter had made his entire being stiff, making it hard for him to breathe. But what gave Zhao Hai more headache was the fact that the Demon Race still haven't revealed themselves. Zhao Hai already has some understanding about the Divine Race, but for the Demons, he was entirely clueless. This gave him a huge headache.

After having rested for the rest of the evening. Zhao Hai was invited by Luo Ying to the Azure Dragon Snail the next morning. But Luo Ying wasn't intending to discuss war with Zhao Hai, she came to look for him for a totally different matter.

When Zhao Hai came to the hall, Luo Ying immediately said, "Mister, please sit down."

The Luo Ying who was generally cold had suddenly turned warm, this made Zhao Hai feel strange. He looked at Luo Ying, puzzled, before he said, "What matter does general want me for?"

Luo Ying smiled faintly and said, "Something good has arrived. The clan had sent me some items to give to Mister."

Zhao Hai asked, "Something for me? What are they?"

Luo Ying smiled faintly and said, "Take them here." Then two Mermaids carried two bottles over. The bottles had sand and some aquatic plants in them, but they weren't relevant. What's relevant were the actual contents of the bottles. One held a white oyster, while the other had an azure snail.

The white oyster had no patterns on it, it was pure white, the kind of white that would make one stare at it for quite some time. As for the azure snail, it looked just like a snail, nothing was special.

Seeing Zhao Hai's confused look, Luo Ying couldn't help but smile and said, "I came to know that mister likes to collect unique lifeforms. This oyster is a special type of being in the sea, we call it Imperial Water Oyster. This oyster can grow a pearl that held some properties. The pearl can increase one's water element attacks. The bigger the pearl, the better its effect. It's quite a precious magic beast of the sea."

Zhao Hai's face changed into glee as he looked at this common looking oyster. He didn't think that this little thing would have such good use.

Seeing that Zhao Hai liked the oyster, Luo Ying smiled and then continued, "This snail is actually a young and living Azure Dragon Snail. Young Azure Dragon Snails have yet to form patterns on their Only after ten years would the dragon patterns appear. The more years pa.s.s, the more distinct the patterns would become."

Surprise! This was definitely a surprise for Zhao Hai. He had long yearned for an Azure Dragon Snail, but this snail was a treasure for the Mermaid Clan, so he was too embarra.s.sed to ask for one. And since the snail is too rare, he might not even be able to find one. He wasn't expecting the Mermaids to gift him one today, this was really a good gift.

Chapter 633 – Frequent Each Other

For ordinary people, these two things would be impossible to be put into good use. The Imperial Water Oyster would need years before a pearl can be made. And the longer the pearl stays inside the oyster, the better its effect would be. However, the life of a Human can only be so much. When the pearl reaches a formidable level, its owner might have already died.

The same was true for the Azure Dragon Snail. Although the snail had a lot of uses, it would still need several hundred years before it can become good. If one wants to have the same Azure Dragon Snail as the Mermaid clan, then one would still have to wait for a thousand years. Even 9th rank experts couldn't live for that long, much less average people. It was virtually useless.

But Zhao Hai was different, he has the s.p.a.ce which was going against heaven's will. So these two marine beings have great use for him. The s.p.a.ce can accelerate growth, so if he placed the Azure Dragon Snail inside, it wouldn't take too long for it to grow into something formidable. Moreover, he can also produce more Azure Dragon Snails.

There is also the Imperial Water Oyster. It might not be relevant to have one or two, but if this thing can be ma.s.s produced, then the situation would become different. This water element treasure was something extremely useful for Water Mages since their attack would become three times stronger. If the pearl gets ma.s.s produced and handed over to the Water Mages of the continent, then the overall power of the continent would be increased.

Naturally, since this thing is precious to the Fishman Race, they weren't able to ma.s.s produce it. But it was different for Zhao Hai, if he wanted more, then he would have more. And the oyster would be much different in the s.p.a.ce. The oyster might not produce a pearl in the sea, but in the s.p.a.ce, it was certain that it would make one.

Seeing Zhao Hai's expression, Luo Ying knew that Zhao Hai was satisfied with the gifts. Luo Ying couldn't help but appreciate Luo Luo. The information that Luo Luo gave her had become very important.

Zhao Hai received the two bottles, then he turned to Luo Ying and smiled, "I've made the General go through much troubles for me. This one is indeed interested in collecting unique things. I wish to have as many unique marine things as possible."

Luo Ying smiled and said, "Mister is too polite. I've already sent word, making people collect as much unique things as possible. I believe that they would be sending those over in a few days."

Zhao Hai smiled and then said, "Then I'll have to thank the general. I'm planning to suppress the Sea Dragons today as well. I also want to see how the Radiant Church and the Dragons respond. What do you think?"

Luo Ying thought for a moment and then said, "Alright, then I'll have to trouble mister. In two days, the clan's reinforcements would arrive. When they come, we can do a general attack."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "Good, then I'll attack the Sea Dragons in the meantime. When your army is completed, then we can attack together. Just take these following days as a break and take a good rest."

Luo Ying nodded, then she stood up and bowed to Zhao Hai, "Mister's great kindness towards my Mermaid Clan will not go unremembered. If mister needs something in the future, me and my clan would surely come to your a.s.sistance."

Zhao Hai stood up and laughed, "General is too polite. I've only come to help this time because we have a common enemy. What General said made this Zhao Hai blush. If General has nothing else to say, then I shall be taking my leave."

Luo Ying nodded and then said, "Then I won't be stopping mister." Then Zhao Hai gave Luo Ying a salute before turning around to leave. When Zhao Hai left, Luo Ying turned to Luo Luo and said, "Luo Luo, you have contributed greatly this time. It seems like mister really likes to collect strange things. We must collect more things for mister, the sea is near endless, we should be able to find things that he likes."

Luo Luo smiled and said, "General is too polite. But General, I don't understand. It takes a lot of effort to collect such things. All of this just for mister's help?"

Luo Ying smiled faintly and said, "Silly thing, you're quite clueless. All this effort is not just a gesture of grat.i.tude towards mister Zhao Hai. You might have heard, the Radiant Church, Dragons, and Sea Dragons have started to work together. I'm afraid the coming of the Divine Race would arrive soon. Mister Zhao Hai is an ally of the Dwarves as well as the Beastmen. He will surely be a central figure in the fight against the Divine Realm. Such a person is worth all of our effort."

When Luo Luo heard Luo Ying, she stared for a moment before she completely understood. Her face was pale when she asked, "General, will the Divine Realm really invade us?"

Luo Ying sighed and said, "According to the recent developments, the invasion is for certain. The races in the continent would surely suffer a disaster."

Zhao Hai didn't know about what Luo Luo and Luo Ying were talking about. After all, he was currently in the s.p.a.ce, staring at the two bottles in his hand. Inspecting them with great curiosity.

Just as the group was staring at the bottle with the Azure Dragon Snail, the s.p.a.ce issued a prompt. It told them that it was possible to rear the two marine magic beasts, this made Zhao Hai feel relieved. At this time, Laura tapped the Azure Dragon Snail's bottle and said, "Brother Hai, make Cai'er raise this one. When the time comes, we would also have our own Azure Dragon Snail." The Azure Dragon Snail that Laura meant was naturally the one that Luo Ying was currently using.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and smiled, "How could that be so simple ? The Mermaid Clan's Azure Dragon Snail had underwent many years of refining. Let's wait for a few days, then I'll go and ask whether we can gain access to this Water Refining method. This method is going to be very useful."

Lizzy didn't care about this so much, she turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Big Brother Hai, let's go. I want to test my formation on the Sea Dragons today."

Upon hearing Lizzy, Zhao Hai couldn't help but laugh, "Alright, we'll be heading to the Sea Dragons in order to practice battle formations." Then he waved his hand to summon his undead army before they went forward.

Alex and the others have set up their army formation quite early and waited. They knew that since Zhao Hai gained the upper hand yesterday, he would surely come back today. So they decided to not go on the offense, but instead focused on defense.

They were waiting as well, as long as the sacred relic of the Radiant Church arrives along with the Dragon Clan's experts, Zhao Hai would finally be dealt with. So what they want to do right now was to defend with all they have.

However, Illac had pushed their line of defense forward. This was to prepare for Zhao Hai in the future. Because they had gone forward, when they plan to deal with Zhao Hai in a few days, they can just move the army backwards, making Zhao Hai fall into the center of the magic formation. At that time, he would then be besieged by experts.

Illac was currently sitting inside his huge sea urchin, his eyes focused on the distance. He had a hunch that the enemy would be coming today. And sure enough, a cubic formation slowly appeared. Illac immediately ordered the army to prepare themselves for battle.

The men of Illac's army didn't dare to be neglectful this time. They had already experienced the might of Zhao Hai's undead yesterday. They didn't expect that they would be placed in such a predicament by those undead.

Zhao Hai was sitting inside the Blade Scale Whale's body, he looked at the monitor and then said, "Lizzy, Megan, what formations do the two of you want to test today?"

Lizzy smiled and said, "Let me try first. I want the same Demon as yesterday."

Zhao Hai looked at her and said, "Alright, how does your Demon plan to deal with the enemy?"

Lizzy smiled faintly and said, "Big Brother Hai, the cube formation that the other party was doing today might be very good. But you can see that it has distinct edges and corners. My new Demon formation would look like a big octopus. Combat units on the tentacles of the octopus would attack those edges and corners. Although those places are filled with elite troops, changing their position wouldn't be very easy for the commander. Making it possible for us to slowly, bit by bit, grind those edges."

Then Lizzy drew her formation on the monitor. Zhao Hai understood what Lizzy wants, she wanted those troops to entangle the cube like an octopus' tentacle. These troops would then be akin to a file, grinding down on those edges of the cube.

Zhao Hai thought that this formation seemed to be quite interesting. So he nodded and waved his hand, ordering the undead like how Lizzy wanted. Then he sent them out to attack the other party.

Illac was currently in his command center, calmly looking at the enemy. He wanted to know what formations the other party had prepared for him today. To be honest, Illac couldn't help but feel like he was currently playing chess with the enemy. This feeling was something that had stuck to his mind.

Zhao Hai's undead quickly arrived at the other party's cube formation. Then the undead formation suddenly changed, it had sprouted a lot of tentacles, all of which were heading towards Illac's formation

But Illac was an experienced war General, so he knew what the other party wanted to do. Upon seeing the enemy he immediately commanded, "Change formation, make a ball formation with me as the center." Then his command got pa.s.sed through as the formation moved slowly. With Illac as the center, troops were rotating, layer by layer around him.

Lizzy didn't expect the other side to change formation this quickly. Her Demon formation was highly effective against the cube formation, however, it was unsuitable against the ball formation.

At this time, Megan said, "Good, they turned into a ball. Elder Brother Hai, use my Connecting Thorns in order to deal with them." After Megan saw how the enemy used the ball formation yesterday, she immediately racked up her brains in order to find a way to deal with it. The method that she had developed was exactly this 'Connecting Thorns.

This formation is very basic and simple, it was just a bunch of small cone formations lined up with each other. Then this line would oppose the direction that the ball formation was rotating, scratching its surface and breaking some of the enemies off.

Zhao Hai nodded, then he immediately changed the arrangement for the undead. The tentacles shrank as small cone formations appeared, then it went to oppose the spinning motion of the other party's formation.

Chapter 634 – The True War

Everyday in the next four days, Zhao Hai had brought his undead to attack the Sea Dragons' base. Fighting with the Sea Dragons had become a game to Lizzy and Megan. The ideas that they had come up were endless, most of them were something that Zhao Hai wouldn't have thought of. Seeing the two women being excited made Zhao Hai speechless. He really didn't expect these two to be this enthusiastic.[1]

In these four days, the Sea Dragons were also very calm. But now, they are ready, the Radiant Church's sacred relic had arrived. It was a huge magic formation made using seven minor metallic formations . But this formation didn't have a very large area of operation. The whole formation can only encompa.s.s about a thousand square meters. After this area, the effectivity of the formation would largely drop up until it couldn't suppress s.p.a.ce anymore.

This thousand square meter area is not very big, especially to experts like Zhao Hai, they can pa.s.s this distance in just a blink of an eye. But if he were to be surrounded in this thousand meter squared area, he would still be in deep trouble.

At this point, the Sea Dragons were only waiting for the experts from the Dragon Clan to arrive. The Radiant Church had also sent four 9th rank experts, with Joshua in the mix, the Church had 5 9th rank experts partic.i.p.ating. Besides Ao Ke, the Dragon clan had sent 5 9th rank experts, all in all counting up to six. Finally, the Sea Dragons had their own nine 9th rank experts. Altogether, there were 20 9th rank experts in this operation to deal with Zhao Hai. Because of this, Alex and the others were confident. They believed that Zhao Hai would finally be dealt with.

While the Sea Dragons were preparing, Luo Ying's side hadn't been idle either. These days, reinforcements had finally arrived. Right now, their army was numbered nearly 20 million troops.

When Zhao Hai heard this number, he couldn't help but get startled. 20-million-troop army, what kind of concept was that? Zhao Hai felt that this number could actually fill the entire ocean.

Luo Ying also prepared to make a move in two days. It can be said that the two sides were already preparing for their war. At the request of Luo Ying, Zhao Hai rested for two days. He didn't find any trouble with the Sea Dragons since he knew that Luo Ying was preparing to attack them.

When the Sea Dragons saw that Zhao Hai hadn't come, they couldn't help but stare. Then they immediately sent someone to check only to see the present Mermaid army.

After knowing about this, Alex immediately took Joshua and Ao Ke to the palace hall as he told them the scout's report.

After hearing Alex out, Ao Ke couldn't help but laugh and said, "Alright, then let's wait for them to get prepared. The opportunity finally came, so while we restrict their army here, the Patriarch would also have people go and attack Mermaid Island. Extinguis.h.i.+ng their root in one fell swoop."

Joshua nodded and said, "The Church shall also help. We must give ruin to Mermaid Island. With the destruction of that place, the enemy's morale would be low. When the time comes, we can seize the opportunity and counter-attack."

Alex nodded and said, "Then I'll be troubling you two. When the experts from the Dragon Clan arrive, we would then be able to deal with Zhao Hai. After that, we can deal with the Mermaids."

The two nodded, then Joshua said, "We should set the formation up. So when Zhao Hai arrives, we can direct him there and the eliminate him."

Alex nodded, "Good, I'll have to ask the Archbishop's help in arranging the formation. As long as that gets set up, the only thing we will be waiting for would be Zhao Hai's attack."

But Ao Ke still knit his brows and said, "The Mermaid army has already been a.s.sembled. If they work together, then wouldn't dealing with Zhao Hai be more difficult?"

Alex smiled faintly and said, "Envoy can rest a.s.sured, the love of the Mermaids are quite well known. Even if they had a large army, I think they would still let Zhao Hai and his undead take the lead. This is to ensure that they would suffer the least losses. So as long as Zhao Hai takes to the front, our plan can still go through."

Ao Ke nodded and said, "Alright, then we'll have to ask the Archbishop to prepare. When my people arrive tomorrow, we shall prepare our ambush. The moment Zhao Hai enters the formation is the moment he gets exterminated."

Joshua nodded, then he walked out of the hall along with Ao Ke and Alex. The other two wanted to see how this formation was going to be arranged.

Joshua arrived outside, and long with several Sea Dragons, he went towards the battlefield. A couple of days ago, he had already chosen a place not too far from Illac's army position. The place was in a narrow valley, so if Zhao Hai chases after Illac, he would surely come upon the formation.

After arriving at the place, Joshua made several Fishmen dig seven ditches first; one in the middle and then six on the surrounding area. The ditch wasn't too deep, only about 2 meters down. Any deeper and it would affect the strength of the formation.

After having dug the holes, Joshua retrieved seven one-meter diameter discs from his s.p.a.ce bag. These seven discs were made out of unknown metal, all of them were sparkling and beautiful. Etched on top of them were some mysterious symbols.

Joshua delicately placed the seven discs on each hole, carefully adjusting its angle and direction. After some time, when the discs were adjusted properly, the seven discs had started to give out a faint glow, but faint enough that it couldn't be easily spotted.

After seeing this, Joshua knew that the magic formation had been placed properly. Then he instructed the Fishmen to carefully bury the discs. After that, the magic formation had already been set.

The next day, the experts from the Dragon Clan had arrived. Ao Ke and the others immediately handed them some water repelling dragon beads. When they prepared for the ambush, the Fishmen also took out a few large for them to stay in. These were also special products of the sea. Although its offensive and defensive strength wasn't very good, it still had the ability to mask the breath of a person. The Fishmen had given this sh.e.l.l the name Stealth Sh.e.l.l. I cannot really make someone stealthy, it just manages to hide a person's aura.

The stealth were placed right next to Joshua's magic formation. When they became disguised, n.o.body can see them from the outside anymore.

Since the formation was placed right behind Illac's army, Luo Ying wasn't able to spot it. At this time, they were still in preparation, getting ready to deal with the Sea Dragons in one go.

But at this time, Ao Ke and Joshua had also written a letter to tell the Dragon Clan and the Radiant Church about the current situation. The Dragon Clan and the Radiant Church immediately organized a group of experts and had them sent over to Mermaid Island, prepared to eliminate the Mermaid Clan.

Two days after Luo Ying started her preparations, the battle would finally begin. And just as Alex guessed, to Luo Ying had Zhao Hai take the lead with his undead army.

This idea was actually proposed by Zhao Hai, and Luo Ying didn't object to it. During the days where Zhao Hai was fighting with Illac, the undead in his hand had not reduced. Instead, it had gotten more and more. At this point, the Fishman undead that he had amounted to more than 2 million.

After everything had been prepared, Zhao Hai left with his undead first, then followed by Luo Ying's army. While sitting inside the Blade Scale Whale and looking at the monitor, Zhao Hai turned to Lizzy and Megan and said, "When the battle starts, I'll have the two of you take command. What do you think?"

Lizzy turned her head and took a glance at the army that was not too far behind them. Her eyes couldn't help but turn red from excitement as she said, "Alright, commanding in battles is really fun."

The similarly excited Megan nodded. When he saw the two, Zhao Hai couldn't help but laugh. Megan and Lizzy had become more and more like generals in the past few days. Their strategies were getting more and more decent compared to their first ones. It had become more impossible for the enemy to break their formations as the flaws have gotten less and less.

The army was getting closer and closer to the Sea Dragons' defensive line. Adam had also spotted their army, but he didn't plan to challenge Zhao Hai right now. His purpose was to direct Zhao Hai to the magic formation. Therefore, he immediately ordered his army to slowly retreat.

This was also a normal thing to do. Illac's men numbered 10 million while Luo Ying had 20 million. With a difference of more than double, it wasn't a mystery why Illac retreated.

Zhao Hai didn't care about this as he commanded his undead to go forward. But at this moment, Zhao Hai was suddenly stunned as he turned to Lizzy and said, "Look, right there, aren't those people?" Then he pointed towards a spot in the monitor.

Lizzy and the others followed Zhao Hai's finger and saw that nearby Illac's army were several big In these big were people, some were Humans while some were Dragons. Moreover, their strengths seem to be formidable.

Lizzy frowned and said, "Big Brother Hai, what do they intend to do? Do they want to ambush us? They look strong, perhaps 9th rank experts."

Zhao Hai nodded, but he still didn't make army stop. He proceeded to advance slowly as the magic formation appeared in the monitor. Lizzy and the others carefully looked at the magic formation, but since they weren't acquainted with the art, they were puzzled when seeing it.

Zhao Hai was also clueless, at this time, Laura frowned, "Brother Hai, what is this? I can understand them using 9th ranks to deal with us, but a magic formation? What are they planning to do?"

Zhao Hai frowned as well as he looked at the buried magic formation. After a while, he shook his head and said, "I don't know, but it doesn't matter. We'll come to know about it soon." He said as he still urged his undead to go forward.

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Chapter 635 – Besieged

ZHao Hai knew that informing others about this was impossible. Although these people were 9th rank experts, they were currently inside a sh.e.l.l, with their aura's completely hidden. Moreover, these were also buried under the seabed. If Zhao Hai didn't have the monitor, then it would be impossible for him to spot these people.

However, Zhao Hai also didn't understand what this magic formation would do. So to be safe, he had Laura and the others return to the s.p.a.ce. In any case, nothing will happen to him, he can crystallize, making people unable to do damage to him. Moreover, he also has so many undead. Although they have 5th or 6th rank strength right now, all of them can instantly return to being 9th ranks. With these many 9th rank creatures, the enemy's 9th ranks would be useless.

But Zhao Hai didn't want to show his cards so easily. He still wanted to see what the other party wanted to do and what effects this magic formation had.

Laura and the others didn't object to Zhao Hai's idea to deliver them to the s.p.a.ce. Although they were also 9th rank experts, their experience in battle was very low. At the same time, they also didn't have Zhao Hai's crystallization ability. They would only burden Zhao Hai if they chose to remain here.

Zhao Hai commanded his army to move forward as though he didn't notice the ambush at all. He believed that as soon as he enters the magic formation, the other party would start to attack. He had counted the number of opponents, 20 people, not more not less, 20 people.

Twenty 9th rank experts! Seeing this number made Zhao Hai smile, the enemy surely did regard him very highly. Sending 20 9th ranks just to deal with him was very interesting.

Although Illac was retreating, he made sure that his retreat wasn't fast. If he went back faster than he wanted, Zhao Hai might stop and send his undead towards him. Illac managed his army carefully, attracting Zhao Hai closer and closer to the formation. As soon as Zhao Hai enters, then everything would be taken care of.

Zhao Hai sat inside the blade scale whale, in his hand was his Blood Ghost Staff. His two eyes intently staring at the opposing army as he calculated his entry to the magic formation.

The people in ambush were also waiting for Zhao Hai to enter the formation. Time pa.s.sed by bit by bit as Zhao Hai got closer and closer to their encirclement

Zhao Hai counted in his mind, "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one," When the reached 'one' he had finally entered the formation.

Sure enough, when he entered the formation, the seabed suddenly moved as 20 shadows appeared from the bottom of the sea. Upon coming out, these people immediately got to work. Some of them were charged with handling the undead while some barrelled towards the blade scale whale.

Zhao Hai also made his move, he received the blade scale whale to the s.p.a.ce and then turned towards the approaching enemies. What made Zhao Hai feel strange was the fact that the enemy hadn't used their magic formation yet.

Zhao Hai didn't know that the formation was already in effect. It's just that its function was to lock the s.p.a.ce, nothing else.

If Zhao Hai really had a s.p.a.ce divergent ability, then he would have already felt that his power was suppressed. But unfortunately, Zhao Hai didn't have such an ability. His s.p.a.ce and the Ark Continent's s.p.a.ce divergent ability were two different things.

s.p.a.ce abilities of the Ark Continent were different, no matter how good it was, it still uses the s.p.a.ce of the continent. On the other hand, Zhao Hai's s.p.a.ce was another thing completely. His s.p.a.ce was inside his body, a variant s.p.a.ce that had no relations.h.i.+p with the Ark Continent. Because of this, the enemy's magic formation was useless to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai had thought that the purpose of the enemy's magic formation was to attack him, or maybe to suppress his movements. But it looks like the magic formation was not functioning right now, which made Zhao Hai puzzled. He couldn't understand what this magic formation would do, why did they set this up?

However, the situation didn't allow him enough time to think. Ninth rank experts were currently throwing themselves towards him. Zhao Hai smiled and then had the undead try to block those people. Zhao Hai didn't have them show their 9th rank strength, so they were still 5th to 6th ranks, he wasn't planning on revealing his hand too soon.

Although there were 20 people on the opposing side, these people weren't a threat to him. So he just wanted to test his strength against these people.

Zhao Hai looked at the enemy, they were composed of Sea Dragons, Dragons, and people from the Radiant Church. This scene made Zhao Hai feel excitement. He really wanted to see how strong these Sea Dragons and Dragons were.

The 5ht to 6th rank undead were unable to block all of the 9th ranks. Faced with the attacks of the enemy, Zhao Hai waved his staff and said, "Condense!"

This 'Condense' magic was a basic spell of Water Mages. This magic made all of the surrounding waters solidify, trapping any enemy within it.

One must know that Zhao Hai was now a 9th rank expert, so his 'Condense' magic couldn't just be ignored. If an 8th rank were to receive Zhao Hai's Condense magic, then that 8th rank wouldn't be able to move.

The enemy that Zhao Hai was facing right now were 9th rank experts, 6 people at this time. These 6 people were all from the Sea Dragon tribe. The Sea Dragons knew that they were the strongest ones when it came to underwater combat. Although the Dragons and the Humans were also 9th rank, they're strengths were still suppressed by the sea. Therefore, the Dragons and the Humans became in charge of dealing with the undead while the six Sea Dragon experts were going to deal with Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai played along and had his undead bluntly attack. Although the present strengths of these undead were 5ht or 6th rank, they still numbered about 2 million. No matter how fierce one was, even if they were 9th rank, one still couldn't ignore such numbers.

The six Sea Dragons felt the change of the surrounding waters, but since they were 9th ranks, it only affected them a little. After all, Sea Dragons were experts of Water magic as well. The eyes of the Sea Dragons couldn't help but turn smug before it was replaced by a cruel expression. They gave a shout before their blue robes turned into blue armor, their head ornaments turned into Dragon helmets, and their gloves became sharp claws.

Zhao Hai stared at what just happened, he just saw clothes that acted as the one that he had, both were clothing that can transform.

Zhao Hai knew that adult Dragons had three transformation. The first one would be their humanoid form, the one where they wore their robes. This form was called Human form by the Dragon race. The second form was their armored state, this was the fighting form of the Dragon race. Moreover, in this form, their strength would be twice their strength on their Human form. The final form is their true body state. This was when they completely become Dragons, of which they can exhibit their full power.

But since Zhao Hai was trapped inside a formation and was unable to escape, he was just akin to a fish in a barrel. Moreover, if they used their true form, the place would get crammed, given how small the area of the formation was. Only two Dragons can attack Zhao Hai each time. Therefore, the Sea Dragons opted to fight using their Armored form.

While Zhao Hai stared, a Sea Dragon rushed towards him. His claws extended as he swung towards Zhao Hai's head. His entire claw was covered with blue scales which also flashed some blue radiance, showing that this attack was a serious one.

Zhao Hai's hand moved, meeting this attack with a sideways stroke. The Blood Ghost Staff in his hand met the other party's attack. Zhao Hai didn't transform the staff into a sword, he struck with the intention of testing the defensive capabilities of the enemy.

The other party wasn't expecting the Mage Zhao Hai to retaliate with a strong melee attack. He couldn't block it, so the staff smashed into his chest. The Sea Dragon felt as though his chest was. .h.i.t with an extremely heavy hammer. His lungs emptied as his body was smashed backwards.

This startled the Sea Dragon, he had actually been injured. He immediately retreated as he took a few breaths and suppressing the blood flowing out of his body. At the same time, the eyes of the Sea Dragon focused entirely on Zhao Hai.

One must know that the bodies of Sea Dragons were very formidable. Zhao Hai's blow actually damaged the Sea Dragon's armored body. This was beyond what he had expected, this also made him understand Zhao Hai's strength.

At this time, the attacks of the other Sea Dragons also arrived. Although all of them were 9th ranks, this was the first time that they had ganged up on one enemy, so their cooperation wasn't the best. However, they still surrounded Zhao Hai, they absolutely cannot have Zhao Hai leave the formation.

After Zhao Hai's staff repelled the Sea Dragon, the attack of another Sea Dragon had already arrived. The Sea Dragon shone a blue light as Zhao Hai felt the water around his body turn a lot heavier. Zhao Hai's eyes flashed, this was 'Condense', the same spell that he used just earlier. It seems like the other party wanted him to see how they do the spell.

Then Zhao Hai wielded his staff as black gas appeared all around. This black gas wasn't the ordinary Dark Mist of the Dark Mages, this was another kind of Dark Magic, Corrosive Mist'.

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