Brother-in-Law, I'm Pregnant! Chapter 20

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"Don't look for Qi XinLei, it's useless. Xin Lei already had a change of heart, anyways, he won't change his mind. I already tried to beg him not to break up with me, to not leave me, that he could not forget the promise we made to get married, but his heart and ears were deaf to my cries, even scolding me that I was irritating him, that I should just get lost." Han ZiChen shook her head, crying out more.

No matter what she thought of, she still could accept that her boyfriend who had loved her so much, was a very cold and heartless person. But even if the fact was in front of her, she still chose not to believe it.

"Sister please don't cry. If you cry then I'll get heartbroken. Sister, Qi XinLei is a scum, not worthy of your tears, even more unworthy for you to cry this bad." Han ZiYe saw the big drop of tears steadily rolling down from her large red eyes. Han ZiYe wiped it clean, really heartbroken. While he was softly comforting his sister, he was also desperately cursing Qi XinLei in his heart, that he should die without a corpse intact, experiencing the 18 layers of hell after death, never to reborn again.

"Xiao Ye, I'm sorry, I just can't control myself. My heart feels like they're being cut by thousands of knives at the same time. I just really love Xin Lei. You don't know, but without him, I will not survive." Because of her crying, Han ZiChen's voice became hoarse, forcefully holding on to her brother, releasing all her sorrow and hopelessness that will swallow her soon, into her brother's arms.

Han ZiYe tries hard to comfort his sister, thinking of all the comforting words he could give, but everything was completely useless. He can only feel bad for her and anxiously watch her cry, until she became too tired to cry and just fell asleep.

Han ZiYe used up all his strength to pick his sister up, struggles to carry her back to her room. He went inside her pink princess room, and placed her on her beautiful and comfortable swan bed. After making sure that his sister was surrounded by lace, he was tired and out of breath.

Sitting next to her, Han ZiYe pulled back his messy long hair that was blocking his face and wiped his sweaty forehead. Tears fall out as he rubbed his aching waist.

Han ZiChen was heavier than he had imagined. Each step he took while holding his sister, made his waist so sore, suspecting it to be broken.

Han ZiYe looked at his tearful and incomparably delicate sister. Han ZiYe felt pain in his chest, and then his eyes flashed a murderous look.

Qi XinLei, this demon not only raped me, but he also abandoned my sister! She was hurt really deep, so this damn bastard must not forget what he had done, he must pay the price. I'll kill him myself!

His sister treated her with kindness when they were growing up. In this life, he won't be able to marry and have a happy and beautiful life, only a rotten one, so he wasn't afraid of killing the devil, and not afraid of dying. However, before the police could arrest him, he will commit suicide, so that the police won't find his secret.

Thinking about the demon he hated the most being covered in blood, lying on the ground with a look of pain, unwilling to die, Han ZiYe felt an indescribable pleasure, he was so happy, he clapped his hands and laughed.

Han ZiYe opened his sister's phone, searched for Qi XinLei's phone number, and called. But he needed to wait a long time before the call connected.

"You sick woman, haven't I clearly told you already? Why are you still calling me? I'm telling you, no matter how you beg me, even if you kneel in front of me, I won't change my decision of breaking up with you. I advise you try to be sensible and just accept the fact that I want to break up with you. Don't bother me again, otherwise, don't blame me for being unkind."

When the call connected, Han ZiYe from the start, heard Qi XinLei's impatient roar, making his heart burn in anger, more determined to kill Qi XinLei, for his sister's revenge.

Han ZiYe took a deep breath, forced to suppress the impulse to curse Qi XinLei, and tried his best so that his voice would sound calm, and said: "It's ah me, Mario."

Brother-in-Law, I'm Pregnant! Chapter 20

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