Can Someone Please Explain This Situation Chapter 12

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Ch.12 Things Found Out Around This Time

Authors note:

Things found out after a month has pa.s.sed (haha)

Although we were interrupted by Calendula's intrusion for an hour, by the time the room rearranging was finished that incident was completely beyond forgotten☆

The antique vibe is calming and there is also a pretty vibe, it has turned into a convincing reception room! Even though they were  busy the servants joined in my self-indulgence, thanks☆ let's behave today and make the best 'Viola's deluxe chocolate tart'!

At the entrance of the kitchen where I got the idea. (T/N: of the tart)

"Well, well madam~. You are more beautiful today than ever! I am grateful for this good fortune of you specially coming"  

After those sweet~ words, in one flowing gesture my hand is taken with a cute 'Chu☆' lip sound.   

……uuh. Sweet. There no such thing as beauty. It is the same as yesterday. I'm overwhelmed by the sweet words, I'm twitching☆

Even though it makes my heart scream, it is the 'ceremony' for every time I come to the kitchen.

The one who takes my hand is head chef Carthame.

Being a gentleman is good but doing this every time is severe.

I think a person who can, with a sickly-sweet smile, say sickly-sweet words unconcerned is amazing.   

Because it happens every time, I'll just have to get accustomed to it. As a result of observing Carthame often, it seems he does the same to the maids and female servants right across the board. However no one is his partner. Or should I say he is usually sharing it around. And it seems he does not mind sharing it around (T/N: 'it' being his gentlemanly sauveness)

Everyone has been friends for a long time, so they have no problem coping with it but it has only been a month since I came to the Duke house. Up until then I had never had any contact with males outside my family, so my immunity against sweet words and gestures is lacking. I have do not yet have those social skills in me.

As I think about it today I am also startled at his sickly-sweet smile,


Carthame's head is magnificently struck. I think it was a clean hit.

Carthame is writhing in pain.

The owner of the hand that struck was Dahlia.

"Da…Dahlia? Are you good? To do such a thing to Carthame" I say confused but,

"It is all right. Because this person will not lose heart with this much"

Declared Dahlia coldly.  

And then, just as Dahlia said, Carthame promptly recovered but,   

"You are cruel eh, honey. You did not have to hit me all your strength"

He said in a sulking tone. ……still sweet. However with the same grave expression,

"Mistress draws back, right? Be reasonable!"

Dahlia glares up at the taller Carthame but Carthame, far from flinching at Dahlia,

"Uh huh, your angry face is also cute~"

He said and kissed her on the cheek.  Huh~~~~!!! Swee~~~~et!!

Who are these two sweet people?! I cannot bear the sweetness again and I back up,

"What are you doing in front of mistress!"

She is blus.h.i.+ng but Dahlia again flared up at Carthame.

"Sorry sorry, hahaha~"

However Carthame is not at all disgusted with the situation. He laughs with a nice smile while picking up the beautiful slightly curled blonde hair.

But, wait a minute. Why is it so sweet?

"Hey, before Carthame called Dahlia 'honey?"

I'm still stuck on Carthame's words from some time ago. Then Carthame's whole face smiles,

"Yes, I did say that. Because she is my wife☆" pachan (T/N: sound of a wink)

he said without delay with a wink.

Ah, eh?

"Eh? Wife? Then, Dahlia and Carthame are a married couple?"

"……that is correct"

Dahlia answered with a reluctant feeling.

Ooh, what is this! Even though I have been at the mansion for a month already, and I only found out a moment ago!

Alert and straight-laced Dahlia and the obvious soft flirt Carthame. ……it is amazing combination. I would have never imagined it.   

After the in-sense shocking truth came to light, the origins of the sickly-sweet head chef (but his skill is the best☆), I make chocolate tart and go around to distribute them to the servants inside the estate.   

The only one left out was head gardener, Bellis.

Head gardener Bellis.

I also said before he is sleek but he is a sharp eyed ikemen. It would be better for the tool in his hand to change from a spade to a sword. His ash brown hair is carelessly tied in a bundle in the back, his moderately long bangs are hiding his sharp pupils but they cannot fully hide them. Bangs, do your job!

He is almost always in the greenhouse so in my mind I secretly call him 'the devil king of the greenhouse' but I don't have the courage to call him that to his face!

Taciturn compliments are also hard but he is wonderful at his job. The duke's house' gardens are very magnificent. This couldn't be done without someone who possesses love for flowers. So, surely Bellis should also a great person ……even though his appearance is like a devil king☆  

I can vaguely feel like he is a good person but also I am nervous when I talking to him.

Today also, as expected, he was diligently working in the splendid greenhouse facility.

However, while it may be true that he is scary, Bellis cannot be left out!  

I ready myself and call out to his back.

"Ex, excuse me~ Bellis?"

Ooh, I fumbled my words.

"……what is it?"

His back is still facing me but he tentatively gave me a reply. Still continuing to work.

"Um, if, I have a baked chocolate tart, so if you want, you can eat it during your break, ahem☆"

I smile and get through it!

"……please place it on the table over there".

It is the same conversation with his back but Bellis pointed with his hand to a table inside the greenhouse.

"Going, got it. I am sorry for the intrusion~!"

I can't bear this atmosphere, when I think about putting the tart down and hurriedly escaping the greenhouse and return.


"Hey!, Bellis!! You are being rude to the mistress!!!"

Some devil king's, I mean Bellis', head was struck.

I am dumbfounded.

Bellis is stroking his struck head.

Devil king Bellis's attacker, wasn't a hero summoned from somewhere, it was Mimosa.    

……oh? Wasn't there was this situation also some time ago~

In Mimosa's hand is a wooden spade from the greenhouse. Whoa! Mimosa, are you going to hit him with it?!

I look at the hero, Mimosa, while startled, when, the devil king Bellis suddenly recovered. Hide, this is probably the devil king's counterattack?! Isn't the hero, Mimosa, in crisis?!

While having delusions on what's happening I watch the two people attentively,

"As expected, very painful, Mimosa"

Bellis said to Mimosa in a shocked tone while placing his hands on her waist. The glint in his eye……isn't sharp?! uh, rather it is affectionate?! Why?

While I am left with plenty of question marks flying around me, they keep talking. Someone, I want answers!!

"Did not Mistress make this at great pains and specially bring it to you? With that kind of att.i.tude"

Mimosa looks up at Bellis in a huff".

……uh huh, deja vu.

"I can't help it. Because I do not have any sociability etc in me",

Bellis soothed Mimosa while sighing.

"That's right. Since old times, Bellis has been like this. Mistress, I am sorry for Bellis' impoliteness".

And then for some reason Mimosa lowered her head to me.

"It is nothing, I don't mind. But why is Mimosa apologizing?"

"Ah, I do not think Mistress knows yet but actually Bellis is my husband. This person has never had social courtesy since old times, furthermore a scary face don't you agree? He always invites misunderstandings. Although he actually is a kind person……"

Ooh, her cheeks are blus.h.i.+ng. She just praised her husband without realizing, right? Well, it is fine though. They are also married! As I thought, deja vu!

"Oh! So it is like that. It is okay! If look at someone's work their personality will also come out. This garden is magnificent so I thought surely Bellis is also a wonderful person. His eyes are just a little strong ☆ but, what do you mean 'since old times'?"

"Bellis and I are childhood friends. He has looked after me since I around the time I was a baby".

"Like your older brother!"

"Yes. we are separated by 12 years so he was like an older brother".

"Well! With the age difference you are married!!"

Bellis with the Wolf and devil king like atmosphere and the kind and tender Mimosa. Uh huh, this couple was not expected either~. Not just a gap (T/N: in personality) but also in age difference!

I tentatively ask Lotus as well but Lotus is unmarried. No, I was expecting another gap or something different?

Authors note:

Thank you for today as well (*^-^*)

The Duke and such, stayed inside the detached building again( ̄▽ ̄;)


By far my favourite chapter I have translated so far! Two s.h.i.+ps I didn't even know had have sailed \(❤️o❤️)/ 

Can Someone Please Explain This Situation Chapter 12

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