Can Someone Please Explain This Situation Chapter 15

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Ch.15 Mission!

At last the rainy season ended. I have never longed for sunny days this much! Despite Lotus sensei being a demon coach, in the dance lessons, I have steadily improved, and thanks to the full course brush up by Mimosa and her aesthetic troops (before I knew they were formed!), by the time the rainy season ended, I feel that my skin was able to unmasked. Yes, my complexion has certainly become better than before! My cheek also has elasticity?. Thanks to the dance lessons my usual posture improved as well? Yes, I am very very grateful. Is it regrettable that I will not show it to anybody? Showing it is not necessary.       

While doing this, another month pa.s.sed and it has become three months since I came to the duke house.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Excuse me"

I am decorating the reception room with flowers supplied from Bellis' place when with a light knocking sound Lotus shows up.

"Oh, what's the matter?"

Usually, Lotus secludes himself in his office and works, but he specially comes to where I am. I wonder what on earth the errand is? Thinking about it, it does not seem to be very good news.

"Yes, mistress. A little while ago this letter was delivered so I thought you might want to look over it so I brought it over."

While saying this, he hands over specially made stationery with the Physalis family crest I had seen before.……even just staring I can feel the tendons in my right hand hurt!   ……no that's not it. Wh~ere did that figurine[1] go~ ……that is also different.

I fixedly stare at the traumatic envelope,

"It is from the previous duke. They would like to come and visit to see the state of affairs so they are inquiring about when would be best."

Explains Lotus.

"Oh, indeed! But this, I can not decide"

So that means the married couple, my parents-in-law come, I'll have to act like 'I am doing well with my husband!'. It will be a very inconvenient thing,


"Let's discuss it when the Duke comes back."

I say, but we have still only had lip service conversations~. But this affects the contract so the Duke and I have to precisely bounce ideas off each other to obtain a fine-tuned integrated whole! I have enormous debt to get paid so I intend to do my job precisely and reliably!!

At the evening hour,

I hear from Mimosa that the Duke has returned, I change into plain clothing like always and hurry to the entrance.

There it seems Lotus has already finished report,

"I have heard the letter's pa.s.sage from Lotus. I am sorry for these circ.u.mstances but I will reply for it to be in one weeks time."


Because of the Duke's circ.u.mstances I am able to have a comfortable servants life. Because I also don't socialise, whenever I am free, arrangements have been brought on for when I do so bring it on!

"They will probably be staying for 2 to 3 days so I will be returning to stay here."


The married couple, my parents-in-law, also staying? Well, that is to be supposed, but it is completely beyond what I expected for the Duke to go as far as to return!

To my unintentional reply, the Duke tightly raises one eyebrow and,

"Is there something?"

He asks. There is……a inconvenience but I cannot say that!

"N, nononono! It is okay!"

I hurriedly affirm. And then giving one nod to my positive affirmation and the Duke set up a concrete plan.

"As my parents will stay in the parlor, it should be arranged that I stay in the married couple's bedroom……"

The Duke looks a little awkward. His face is pensive like he has been hit the face with a fist, what are you thinking?!

"That is right. But I will bring a simple bed to the bedroom, so I will rest there. Duke. please use the bed."

If we want to show the appearance we have a good relations.h.i.+p, it out of the question for married couples to sleep in separate rooms. I also understand this much so I will not be upset if it is said that I have to share the same room with the Duke! But please pardon sharing the same bed.

To my as-usual-candid response, the Duke has a complicated expression.

"……I should be the one there, [T/N: on the simple bed]"

The Duke is trying to be thoughtful for once but,

"No, because it is okay"

I do not have pride but if I am left alone, I'm the owner of the ability to sleep on the couch or anywhere.

With a firm smile I overcome his resistance.

"……thank you very much. By the way, what is your pet name?"

After solving the bedroom problem, the Duke gently asked. What is this? I feel the subject suddenly jumped?

"It is Vii, but is something wrong?"

"I thought  it shows people are close when they call each other by their pet name."

Oooh! As expected of the Duke. His ingenuity is rich,because certainly calling someone by their pet name it will be mistaken for increased intimacy!  

"That is right."

"Well then, on the day I will call you that."



"Me? I will call you Duke as usual?"[T/N: remember 'Duke' here can also mean 'my husband']

What is it? It seems ridiculous have such various disparities in marriage and to do things like childishly be called by pet names?

"……understood. Well then, in this I will."

The Duke gave a bitter smile.

The business meeting relating to my parents-in-law' visitation of calamity finishes and as usual the Duke quickly turns back in order to return to the detached building.

"Well then, I will prepare the guest room and I will arrange a bed for Mistress's room."

After seeing the Duke out, Lotus opens his mouth. As excepted he is a superior butler. While we were having our business meeting without saying anything, he silently took notes. I wondered if he had vanished into the air. Furthermore, even though while pretending not to listen he remembers every single word and phrase! He does good work!  

"The guest room is troublesome so I will prepare it! Anything is good for the bed. If there is none, putting two couches together is good enough"


Lotus stays silent.

"What's wrong?"

"Please let me prepare a bed!"

He's smiling but, again there is an atmosphere of not being able to say consent or refuse.

"Ye,yes. understood!"

I became overwhelmed. [T/N: by Lotus]

Author note:

Thank you for today as well(*^-^*)

The Duke appeared after a long time (haha) he was in attendance continuously for a short while (haha)

No, from now on he will come out more and more……( ̄▽ ̄;)


[1] This sentence (……いや、じゃなくて。あ~、あのシャケクマの置物どこいったけな~。……それも違うくて) I struggled with so hard on what it meant but what I think she is referring to is a Salmon-Bear mascot figurine, something like this: 

(Taken from a by the author ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ)

Can Someone Please Explain This Situation Chapter 15

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