Cannon Fodder Counterattack System Chapter 2

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Apocalypse counterattack Rebirth (Two)

Finding his embrace empty, Yeliu looked at Li Feiyan with a mysterious look, in his unknown thoughts.

Li Feiyan was eating with his head down and maybe because it tasted good because his eyes suddenly brighten and then with a smile on his face, he held the spoon for Yeliu to have a taste too.

Yeliu, who had severe mysophobia, was instantly overflown with soft and tender feelings showing in his eyes and he naturally bowed his head down to bite at Li Feiyan’s spoon.

Although Li Feiyan was angrily glaring at him, his face was red thus this made Yeliu smile even happier as he couldn’t help but hold his hands.

Is it really alright to show your affection in public like there’s n.o.body here, ma!

Sitting opposite to them, Ye Sinian is rolling a really, really big eye in his heart.

This shady relations.h.i.+p is too evident, but unexpectedly, the original host didn’t notice, even think that Li Feiyan is striving for favour with him, that is still alright.

However, the owner seems to be as straight as a ramrod until he finally heard someone gossiping about the two’s real relations.h.i.+p when he was wandering about outside of the base ah……

Light a candle! (Dian La!)

Mochi’s Notes!

点蜡 – Light Candle – Sympathy for other’s misfortune.
People light a candle to show their x.x.x for the dead.

Ye Sinian concentrated on eating his bread as he ponders.

Following the world’s original path, at that time, the original owner met a grade four zombie in Qing Lan city. Stuck in a difficult situation, he abandoned the team to escape back to Jing city so when the mission failed this lets Yeliu fall from a high place to the prod of a laughing-stock.

Plus, the protagonist, Li Feiyan, successfully developed an early staged vaccine in a few short months. Although the curing rate is only 10%, it had let Yeliu’s prestige rise to a new height that no one can reach.

Comparing the both together, they are simply like mud and cloud.

Mochi’s Notes!

云泥之别 – Mud and cloud: a huge difference.

How should I counterattack, ne?

Ye Sinian finished the last bit of bread in his hand as his eyes look down while he gradually finished his cup of coffee.

Li Feiyan was flabbergasted by what he saw, so he finally opened his mouth as he feels strange about his indifference which was in contrast to his usual behaviour, “Sinian, you’ll be leaving tomorrow so is your preparation done?”

What’s that got to do with you! Ye Sinian expressionless raise his eyes, glancing at him but keeping silent.

“What’s with that att.i.tude!”  Yeliu’s complexion darkened, “Feiyan is asking you something!”

“What kind of att.i.tude should I have?” Ye Sinian impatiently frown. Putting the cup down, he said, “This is your problem if you want him to be my stepmother but don’t tell me I have to curry favour him as well?”

Finished talking, Ye Sinian stood up with a cold face and left without looking at their very complicated complexion.

If there’s nothing to do, why play ambiguous. Such pretentiousness. 

Mochi’s Notes!

没事玩什么暧昧,矫情 – Play ambiguous: Playing with feelings.
Someone is acting all intimate with you but s/he didn’t say any more than that. You feel happy and in love but one day, you saw, by his side, another figure!
That’s playing with others feeling and not give anything back in return.

The moment he went out, he abruptly stops. He leaned his head over to the side as his pondering gaze swept over the empty entrance of the stairs.

His eyes flashed, seeming like he found something interesting and he softly laughed for a moment before inserting both his hands into his pockets.

In advance of pulling open that layer of ambiguous window paper, how will the story progress?

After knowing their relations.h.i.+p earlier, would that second pursuer with deep feelings who originally resent Yeliu still be deeply in love?

He is very looking forward to it ne~

He followed the original owner’s memory to reach the base’s training ground and Ye Sinian watched all kinds of ability users practice and light flashed through his eyes.

This is indeed a base with solid potential. The development of the apocalypse has reached this sort of stage as the people have already adapted to various kinds of supernatural ability, becoming a human weapon. As ability user’s status with powerful destructive power getting more higher, they would be able to get preferential treatment at every base, but not only so, their words will carry weight.

That is also why, although the original owner couldn’t get Yeliu’s favour, he was still able to live comfortably off because of this tremendous reason.

Yeliu walked towards a corner and stretched his hand out. With a thought, a fist-sized water ball suddenly appeared.

The orb of water formed into different shapes under his manipulation and he quickly recalled memories of past experiences then, Ye Sinian’s mouth hooked up, so as a result, the smile in his eyes became more apparent.

Who said water abilities are weak?

Water is the root of all living things, na. What kind of organism doesn’t have water in them?

Putting away his ball of water, Ye Sinian walked towards the edge of the training ground and stared straight at that patch of wilting gra.s.s.


A soft yet loud sound rang along with green fluid bursting out. Among the few splashes, a few drops fell on a pair of black military boots from afar.

He looked at that pair of boots, afterwards, two slender legs wrapped in those military boots appeared and lastly —two fierce eyes arrived upon his eyes.

“Young master Ye.” A man in neat military uniform nodded his head at him as a simple greeting.

Mochi’s Notes!

Nodding one’s head is a type of greeting. It’s like a slight bow but with your head. Don’t know if your country does it but just in case as it doesn’t always mean ‘Yes’! 

“General Qin.” Ye Sinian indifferently nods his head while silently seizing him up and down.

According to the information, the system gave him, General Qin’s name is Qin s.h.i.+yue. A third of the base’s military forces are in his hands but because he mainly goes on a mission to clean the zombies in the surrounding areas, in addition to his personality being cold and ruthless, he only loves to fight and have no interest in managing the bas.e.m.e.nt so not many people in the higher-ups have much enmity towards him.

If there weren’t any accidents happening, his army wouldn’t have fallen into the hands of Yeliu which became his trump card, as this mission for Qing Lan city would be the end point for him.

There’s another combat maniac who is more of a cannon fodder than himself?

His gaze sweep across his refine face, however, covered by his cold and fiercesome expression and Ye Sinian lightly lifted his eyebrows as interests were showing on his face.

What if this man didn’t turn into a cannon fodder? Would Yeliu still be able to easily control Jing city if there wasn’t an army sent straight to his door?

In only one breath, Ye Sinian formed a clear plan in his mind.

“Is that a new move Young master Ye have been researching?” Qin s.h.i.+yue used his chin to point at the little pool of green juices on the floor. In admiration, he exclaimed, “That’s  a really miraculous way to use it.”

Ye Sinian shrugged his shoulder, grudgingly said, “The Water ability’s attack power is too weak. I was only thinking in a heretic perspective to increase its power.”

“If you use this move, who would say that water ability is weak?”

With just now as a reference, Qin s.h.i.+yue instantly thought of other attacking methods related to water ability. He stretched out his hand and talked in a very sincere way, ” Young master Ye, it’s a shame that I only know you now.”

It should be that you’re glad you only just met me now. If we were to follow the original plot, you actually hated the former owner, ah!

Ye Sinian secretly roasted him in his mind but his face was pasted with honour as he stretches his hand out to shake the other’s hand, “General Qin have overpraised me!”

Withdrawing his hands, he exposed a slight bit of doubt just at the right moment, ” Isn’t General Qin going to take a troop to go kill the zombies?

“I was just about to say it.” Qin s.h.i.+yue exposed a slight trace of a smile, “This time, I would be taking the lead to Qing Lan city.”

“Really!” Ye Sinian looked pleasantly surprised as his vibrant phoenix eyes were overflowing with sparkles, “Then that’s good! If there’s General Qin here, we won’t have anything to fear for!”

Qin s.h.i.+yue was looked obviously shocked by that pair of seemingly glittering eyes. Then suddenly, his heart missed a beat.

Until he composed himself, Qin s.h.i.+yue laughed, “I’m only taking care of each other. You should also stop calling me General Qin. I’m called Qin s.h.i.+yue.”

Blinking his eyes, his keen self is telling him that something isn’t right. He un.o.btrusively swept across his superb figure bound by a military uniform. His eyes flashed.

Taking care of each other…… Is it?

Before the apocalypse, Qing Lan city was only an insignificant country town with a population of about fifty thousand and twenty thousand long-term stayers. Their economic development isn’t good until last year the newly appointed magistrate invested a large amount into it so a large industrial park was built on the south of the outskirt.

Their target was the equipment and supplies inside the factories.

Luckily, they took in the considerations of the environment, so the distance between the industrial park and the country is a bit far away from each other. Therefore, although their mission this time is dangerous, it is not helpless.

There’s no choice because Jing city’s supplies are too scarce and the effects of bringing them back will be immeasurable.

“All units, listen up. Act quickly. Properly protect the s.p.a.ce users. Expect you to retreat in ten minutes!”

Qin s.h.i.+yue put down the walkie-talkie and looked at Ye Sinian, “Sinian, pay attention to safety.”

Ye Sinian jumped off the truck with a sniper rifle. His footstep slightly paused after hearing his voice and his brows slightly rose as his phoenix eyes cast a sidelong look at him while nodding his head.

Qin s.h.i.+yue’s heart suddenly jumped.

At the base, he had already heard a rumour about this Ye family’s young master, but there’s no way to match the rumoured young master with a treacherous personality with the young man with a cold face in front of him.

As that pair of gleaming phoenix eyes cast a sidelong look at him, his face appears stern, cold to the extreme, and there seems to be a sort of charming effect on others.

Qin s.h.i.+yue narrowed his eyes, watching the young man with a cold face shooting a zombie and he suddenly feel that his heart was beating a little faster.

His keen-self sensed that hot eyes are falling on his back. While shooting a zombie, he was slightly smiling on the side.

He’s purely gay. Ever since he was sensible enough, he had found out about his s.e.xuality. But because of his occupation, his private life was exposed all under the flashlight until he climbed to the top will he be able to not worry about it, however, he was mysteriously dragged into a car crash.

In his many reincarnations into many worlds, it was not that he wasn’t moved by others rather— the system’s restriction is too strict to give him any opportunity to so he choking it back down and do the task!

Fortunately, it’s not the same now!

Qin s.h.i.+yue……

His Adam’s apple moved under his collar as a ray of light swept past his eyes.

It has been a few good months after the beginning of the apocalypse, as more and more people have succeeded in stimulating their ability under the immense pressure to survive. There were different varieties of abilities such as lightning and fire that is powerful in attack, there’s also ones low in might, such as water and wood, and at the same time, there are also supporting abilities, and the most famous one is the s.p.a.ce ability.

Compared to other kinds of abilities, a number of people who possess s.p.a.ce ability are the most. But, the more you are at the back of the group, the more you’ll be at a disadvantage of being unable to obtain sufficient crystal nucleus to upgrade your ability from killing enough zombies. This means that you’ll only be able to join other teams, having just enough for food and clothes.

Although s.p.a.ce users are handy in gathering goods, how many people would be able to tolerate the goods being controlled by others?

Throughout the whole nation, Jing city can only be called as a medium-sized security base. There aren’t many s.p.a.ce users coming out for this mission, only ten people came, so the pressure to protect them isn’t very heavy.

Ye Sinian swept his eyes across the s.p.a.ce users running towards the material and collecting them, that person’s pale face was covered in cold sweat, obviously the appearance of using too much of his mental power.

Ye Sinian wasn’t interested in the beauties drenched in fragrant sweat, so after looking for a bit, he pulled back his eyes.

Mochi’s Notes! 香汗淋漓 – Direct translation: Fragrant dripping sweat.  How they describe women sweating.
It’s the opposite of how they describe men sweat:臭汗 (Smelly sweat).
Kinda a perverted way of saying it… But it’s half-true… Women take more care about themselves more than men do: Perfume all over, sweet-smelling hair, make-up, nails, hairstyle…

As if bullets don’t cost money, they pour down in torrents, and little by little, the distance between him and the zombies began to increase.

Now is not the time to use his power as that rank four zombie will soon appear so he needs to preserve it to fight it.

Although he can strengthen his body and enhance the grade of this ability through the system’s shop, he wouldn’t be able to explain the sudden rise in strength as it’s not good to attract people’s suspicion, a good example is Li Feiyan from his past life. Secondly, he will only use it as the last resort and other than that, he isn’t willing to spend his hard-earned points.

A landlord also doesn’t have surplus grains ah.


That roar instantly pulled him back away his wandering thoughts.

Ye Sinian’s spirit jolted as he suddenly turns around, the water magic that was brewing in his hands for a long time smashed towards the rapidly moving zombie with a loud bang! Then the ma.s.sive pillar of water immediately surrounded it and Ye Sinian’s expression became stern as he controls it once again. Seeing the pillar of water is violently rotating, forming into a whirlpool as the size increases by the more it rotates, to the point of even sucking the surrounding bricks, iron doors, and even zombies into it made the people shocked by its aggressiveness.

The zombie unwillingly snarled but trapped by the water column there were no more movements a few a breath later.

When Ye Sinian’s expression relaxed, he gradually stopped controlling his ability.

Without a driving force, the madly whirling water —at last— slowed down, leaving countless of distorted, and incomplete mincemeat on the spot.

Seeing a few hideously, fierce-looking heads in the body of water, Ye Sinian expressionless angled the muzzle and thoroughly settled the matter down efficiently.

The subordinates that were terrified until they blanked out for half a day once they saw a rank four snapped out of it when Ye Sinian disapprovingly swept his eyes across them. Simultaneously while collecting the crystal cores right at once, they were filled with astonishment and wrath in their hearts.

Who said water users’ might is weak? It can even kill a rank four zombie but you still call this weak?! His grandma is really blind!

Mochi’s Notes!  真他奶奶的瞎了眼 –  His grandma is really blind
While this sounds really, really, reeaally odd, it is a curse word in Chinese.
Chinese use many curse words directed at their families or ancestors as they take respect towards the elderlies in China seriously. There’s probably a more in depth meaning behind it but I’m not gonna duel on that.

For a more thorough dictionary of Chinese curse words, click

As that was an extremely dangerous creature —a rank four zombie— that made everybody break a sweat was eliminated just like that, transformed into a jumping clown in that person’s eyes, his every movement was formidable, self-confident, and fascinating.

Qin s.h.i.+yue’s eyes were overflowing with marvel and then he felt something inside his violently palpitating chest gradually swelling that suddenly made him helplessly happy.

“General Qin, since a rank four zombie had already been exterminated, can we stop for a moment to gather more supplies?” He slightly tilted upward to look at him while approaching Qin s.h.i.+yue.

“Yes.” Qin s.h.i.+yue pats his shoulder while resisting the sudden stir of emotion but his eyes that was looking at him was twinkling.”You’re very capable! If there’s an opportunity, let’s swap pointers?”

Ye Sinian’s eyes glow as his line of sight quickly take a sweep at the big hand resting on his shoulder then smiled and nodded his head.

“Exactly what I’ve been looking for”.

The Author has something to say:
Little Show:
Qin s.h.i.+yue: We will compare notes!
Ye Sinian: Exactly what I’ve been looking for! But… Why don’t we do a different form of comparing notes?

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