Castle of Black Iron Chapter 693

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Zhang Tie felt that the G.o.d played a joke with him. When he wanted to find the super demon corps, that super demon corps disappeared; however, when he prepared to return to Ice and Snow Wilderness, he was involved with a terrifying plot set by the demons and Three-eye a.s.sociation.

Hearing the details of the action in the study, Zhang Tie became flurried. 'What to do? Can I prevent them? Various thoughts occurred to Zhang Tie's mind.'

All the thoughts finally led to a firm belief——Kill!

'No matter what happens later, at least I should kill all the b*stards at present and prevent them from converting those refugees in Upton City into demonized puppets.'

With this thought, Zhang Tie, in the incarnation of the beetle, entered Castle of Black Iron. After 10 seconds, Zhang Tie appeared behind the bookshelves silently while concealing his qi like a shadow with the autumn-frost gold sword in the right hand and some palm bolts in the left hand.

However, the 3 people in the study didn't find that someone appeared in the study.

"Just stay here these days. It's very safe here. n.o.body else can come here. I will arrange things outside. Just give me the double-headed parent worm's eggs. I will have people provide free porridge to the refugees tomorrow. I'm sure those refugees would take all the eggs of the double-headed parent worm pleasantly!" Leeb said.

"Alright. We will stay here a couple of days first. We will not go out until the Demon General's super demon corps arrive at Upton City." Tharant, a member of Arthur Clan said, "I was told that there were a lot of refugees here. You must have enjoyed a lot of fresh beauties here these couple of years!"

"Hahaha, as many women as possible..."

They then burst out laughing in the study...

Zhang Tie slowly walked out of the bookshelves and saw Leeb, Tharant and a powerhouse on Tharant's side, who was also LV 13...

Sitting on the opposite of the sofa, Tharant caught sight of Zhang Tie firstly with a dumbfounded look. He wondered how the study suddenly had one more person, 'Is that another powerhouse on Leeb's side?'

Leeb also felt amazed as he turned around to check whether that bodyguard outside the door had come in...

Only that powerhouse of Arthur Clan touched his weapons at his waist the moment he saw Zhang Tie.

Of course, Zhang Tie would spare no time to them.

'Go die!'

Benefited from the senior rapid moving skill, Kuafu bloodline and the nimbleness and high speed which he gained after promoting to LV 12, Zhang Tie released the most powerful and most suitable movement in "Meteor Shower Sword"——Milky Way Sword Cage.

In a split second, a terrifying, brilliant sword qi river poured down from the sky and covered all the 3 people sitting on the sofa.

There was a terrifying chill in the terrifying sword qi cage which almost froze the 3 people; meanwhile, the LV 2 cold injury effect of autumn-frost gold sword exploded at once.

This was definitely the most powerful movement that Zhang Tie could execute today.

In front of his overwhelming battle force, all the plots, dignity and wealth were like b*lls.h.i.+t.

It was just a matter of life or death under the attack of the sword, regardless of gender, wealth or dignity.

No matter how reconciled and amazed was Leeb of Angus Clan, no matter how much he expected to survive on, the awe-inspiring man, as the weakest one among the 3 people had lost his head before he turned around...

Actually, Leeb was not weak at his age. As a LV 11 battle master, he was already excellent. Pitifully, he met Zhang Tie, whose battle force could match a LV 14 battle demon. It was acceptable for a LV 11 guy to suffer a strike of a powerful rune weapon from a LV 14 battle demon without any preparation.

The second one being killed by Zhang Tie's autumn-frost gold sword was that young elite Tharant of Auther Clan. At this moment, Tharant, as a LV 12 great battle master, responded a bit faster than Leeb; however, it was useless in front of Zhang Tie's sword...

The terrifying chill released by the autumn-frost gold sword made him stiff a bit unavoidably when he wanted to resist. As a result, the moment he drew out his long sword had Zhang Tie's sword qi poured down from his head like the dripping ice water, striking him more than 20 times at once.

The one who blocked Zhang Tie's strike hastily was that LV 13 powerhouse of Arthur Clan. Although he blocked this strike, he still got a strike on his left shoulder; meanwhile, he uttered a m.u.f.fled harrumph...

In less than 1 second, 2 of the 3 people in the study had been killed. At this moment, Zhang Tie finally sensed the cold sense and heroic emotion of Elder Muray when he intruded in the camp of the demonized puppets and killed the head of Senel Clan with one movement.

After hearing the noise in the room, the bodyguard outside the study instantly broke in.

When the door was broken, Zhang Tie launched the most brilliant move of "Meteor Shower Sword"——sparkling fireflies towards the injured LV 13 powerhouse of Arthur Clan...

In a split second, numerous sword qi flew towards that person like fireflies and a meteor shower...

At the critical moment, that person shouted loudly as he waved his longsword to resist Zhang Tie's strike...

Zhang Tie had not imagined that this man of Arthur Clan was also a great swordsman. That guy also had not imagined that Zhang Tie's trump card was in his another hand.

After mastering the skill of mental arithmetic by abacus, Zhang Tie's battle skill had long become unpredictable. n.o.body else could distract their mind in such a fierce battle; however, it was as easy as breathing for Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie's palm bolts had long upgraded into more terrifying sword bolts...

Being covered by that movement "fireflies", the small palm bolt pa.s.sed the gap of the powerhouse's two sword qi curtains and penetrated through his heart, leaving an unimaginable look on his face...

It was like how one found the opponent still had bullets in his pistol when they fought by a bayonet. As was expected, that guy fell down in a reconciled way. Of course, this was not a fight by a bayonet, but a fight on the battle skills...

When the bookshelf on his back was shattered, the bodyguard who was drinking outside launched an attack towards Zhang Tie.

——"Arrogant moons"...

Two ox-horn sized iron-blood battle qi flew out of the autumn-frost gold sword like two crescent moons and charged towards that bodyguard.

At the same time, Zhang Tie shot out another 2 palm bolts...

Closely after that, Zhang Tie threw out his autumn-frost gold sword like throwing a javelin...

Although that guy was aggressive, Zhang Tie was more aggressive...

As a powerhouse, that guy blocked away Zhang Tie's palm bolts at once. After that, he broke Zhang Tie's iron-blood sword qi of "arrogant moons in the air" as he instantly dodged away from another sword qi. However, he failed to dodge away from Zhang Tie's autumn-frost gold sword, which flew too fast to be blocked.

As a result, the sharp autumn-frost gold sword penetrated through that bodyguard's half-body metal armor like breaking a piece of paper, causing him to spurt out a mouth of fresh blood.

Before the fresh blood sprayed on the ground, Zhang Tie had already appeared in front of him like a lightning bolt and struck him with a fierce iron-blood punch, splitting that guy's half-body metal armor into pieces together with his body at once...

Panting, Zhang Tie stood still while supporting his sword on the floor. He then looked around the study and found it was messy all over——shattered desks, sofa, bookshelves and 4 corpse's parts.

Although it was a transient battle, it was extremely fierce. In over 10 seconds, Zhang Tie had already exerted his full efforts to kill all the 4 people.

After hearing such a loud noise, the other people in this villa were shocked while dense footsteps drifted from the aisle outside the room. They soon arrived at the door.

"Stay out there. n.o.body is allowed in without my consent..." Zhang Tie shouted in the tone of the [dead] Leeb. It was the simplest imitating ability. As long as Zhang Tie had heard some voice, he could imitate it vividly.

Narrowing his eyes, Zhang Tie watched the door. As long as the door was pushed open from the outside, he would only kill all of them outside the door. At this moment, a whim occurred to Zhang Tie's mind. He wanted to have a try whether it would succeed or not.

Zhang Tie uttered while all the footsteps on the aisle stopped. It seemed that Leeb was too brutal to his subordinates that his subordinates dared not disobey his order at all.

"Young master, are you okay?" A voice sounded from the outside in a timid way.

"It's okay. I will come out soon. n.o.body is allowed in without my consent. All of you could leave now, except for the steward!"

"Yes, sir!"

"The dense footsteps started to leave orderly, except one who was standing reverently outside the room...

Zhang Tie let out a sigh at once...

Castle of Black Iron Chapter 693

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