Chairman Husband, Too Boorish Chapter 2

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"How is the matter going?"

A woman with a delicate look crafted by makeup cautiously looked all around her. She clutched the purse in her hand. Lowering her voice, she asked the sleazy young man in front of her, "Were you able to get her in?"

The man across from her rubbed his chin. He leered, "Naturally, Miss Liang, what you personally command, I will absolutely follow to the letter. By now she should've been......heh heh."

"Shut up!" The woman sternly cut him off. Her expression was stiff. "This matter, I didn't do! If you bring up my name in the future, don't even think about getting a single cent!"

" Yesyesyes. I was careless. This entire matter doesn't involve Miss L..entirely doesn't involve you. She, herself, drank too much. I absolutely won't leak a single word," The man fawned, caring only about money. "About that money......haha."

Liang Jing Shan took a checkbook and pen out from her bag. She opened the checkbook and wrote down a number. Ripping it off, she shoved it toward the man across from her, "Take it. For now lay low. Return later. This matter can't have any mishaps. You ought to know the Liang's family status in A City. If you let anyone else know, you'll face the consequences!"

"I understand. I understand. Relax, Miss Liang. I am very professional."

"Hurry up and leave!" Liang Jing Shan make a loathing face and waved her hand. She froze and suddenly thought of something, "Wait."

"Does Miss Liang have another order?"

"Who did she get in bed with tonight?"

The man laughed vulgarly. He folded the check and very carefully put in his pocket. Finally he spoke, "Relax, Miss Liang. Since you want to defile her, naturally I didn't plan to give her anything good. Just a random person, that's all."

Liang Jing Shan's complexion slightly changed. Her delicate eyebrows furrowed together. In the end she didn't add anything, "Go. If I don't ask you to return, you don't come back. The money it enough for you to live three to five years abroad."


Bai Yan Liang woke up from her nightmare with a start.

Suddenly opening her eyes with a start, she struggled to sit up. Her lower body had a burst of pain. Sticky white mixed with blood spilled out between her legs. It was a cruel reminder what she previously experienced wasn't a nightmare but real!

What exactly is going on? Why is she lying here completely naked?

Did she really do....that? But as far as the eye can see, where is there another person in the room? If it wasn't for the difference in her body reminding her, she would've thought it was all a dream. Yet now it all seemed like sleep paralysis......

What exactly happened?

After receiving two blows to her heart, was she so stricken and drunk she lost her chast.i.ty?

It's hard to say what state of mind she's in right now. It felt like something was blocking her chest; breathing was very difficult. What image is slowly appearing in her mind's eye?


"Jing Shan, what is this?"

"Yan Liang, I'm sorry. I......I already with Jing Yuan.......I'm pregnant with his child......"

"What did you say?"

"I'm sorry. Yan Liang, I didn't purposely hide it. It's just......I really love him a lot. He also loves me. I'm begging you. Please let us be together!"

"Why would you to hide it from me? You are my best friend. You clearly knew, haha.......If you two really love each other, then I'll let you two be."


That distinct conversation repeated again and again in her mind. A dull pain once again hit her heart. She covered her face with her hands.

Her boyfriend and her best friend had an affair and even a child. She nevertheless was the last to know.  She generously let the two be together. Ultimately, she went to a bar and got soddenly drunk. Then somehow mysteriously spend a night of pa.s.sion with a complete stranger.

How melodramatic can her life be?

Chairman Husband, Too Boorish Chapter 2

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