Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1193: Sealing The Changyang Clan (Two)

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Chapter 1193: Sealing the Changyang Clan (Two)

The nine stalks of Dragon’s Saliva hovered in the air in a formation outside the Changyang clan’s World Gate. The vast amounts of vital energy within them had all been activated, causing every stalk of gra.s.s to glow with a dazzling golden light as tremendous energy surged within.

Rui Jin formed hand seals sternly and rapidly changed between them at different rates. He seemed to have established an extremely obscure and mysteries connection with the nine

Hong Lian, Jian Chen, and You Yue all stood sternly as they devoted all their attention to the s.p.a.ce up ahead.

The s.p.a.ce the three of them were examining began to violently twist and then suddenly rippled open. A hundred-meter-tall s.p.a.ce Gate formed.

This was the World Gate of the protector Changyang clan, the only pa.s.sageway connecting it to the outside world. The World Gate’s size could be changed accordingly, but a hundred meters tall was its absolute limit.

A landscape could be seen clearly through the World Gate. It seemed rather similar to the outside world, but it was completely different. Beautiful mountains and clear rivers stood and flowed in there. The landscape was so beautiful that it could not be compared to the outside world, and the dense energy of the world was much different. It was several times more abundant compared to the outside world.

Cultivation would definitely be much easier and be a more efficient process in there.

A tremendous presence appeared from within the World Gate with an unhideable fury. With Changyang Qing Yun as the leader, a total of several dozen experts stood within the World Gate. Their presences fused together and surged out from inside like a primordial beast.

Changyang Qing Yun glanced coldly at Jian Chen and the others before returning to Jian Chen. He growled, “Jian Chen, speak your intentions.”

Jian Chen, Hong Lian, and You Yue looked at each other. As if they could read each others’ minds, they charged into the World Gate at the same time.

Hong Lian ran at the front. Red flames flickered on her body, making her look like a G.o.ddess of flames. Before she had even approached the World Gate, a large swathe of flames drifted from her and shot toward the group of people with lightning-like speed.

The five great elders immediately beamed inside when they saw that Hong Lian and the others actually wanted to blindly charge into the miniature world. They all sneered in disdain. They knew Hong Lian’s strength. She was a Saint King at Great Perfection, and her original form was a Scorching Divine Phoenix. Together with her two powerful origin energy treasures, she had the power to challenge Saint Emperors, and she would not suffer defeat even if she faced them. If it was any other place, the five great elders would not be able to do anything to her, but it was a whole different story if it was within the protector clan.

The five great elders and the several dozen Saint Rulers behind them retreated in unison. They did not stop Hong Lian, nor did they resist the sea of fire that drifted over. They just watched the terrifyingly-hot fire enter the clan.

The lips of the five great elders all curled into a deep smile, as if they were welcoming Hong Lian, You Yue, and Jian Chen’s entry. Although a battle in the miniature world would result in ma.s.s destruction, they also possessed an absolute advantage in the miniature world.

Hong Lian and Jian Chen charged into the miniature world one after another while the Bright Moon Divine Hall under You Yue’s control shrank a little. She followed behind them.

“Close the World Gate!” Changyang Qing Yun used a communication technique to give a command to the Saint Rulers behind him. Immediately, a tremendous, surging energy leaked from their bodies, completely enshrouding them. The energy began to shrink rapidly in size, condensing a suit of armor around them very quickly.

The four other great elders all condensed a suit of armor as well to increase their defenses. Afterward, Changyang Qing Yun and Changyang Yuan Wuji, who was only slightly weaker, faced off against Hong Lian while Changyang Qing Yunfeng and Changyang Qing Jueri dealt with Jian Chen. Changyang Yuan Zhenghua faced You Yue in the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

Hong Lian and Jian Chen’s battles were very intense. The surroundings were filled with flames and criss-crossed by sword Qi. Terrifying ripples of energy surged out as shockwaves, causing the s.p.a.ce to violently tremble and mountains to collapse. Even the floating piece of land in the distance shook, as if an earthquake had occurred.

The commotion from You Yue’s battle was far smaller on the other hand. You Yue stood at the entrance of the divine hall with the Moon G.o.d Sceptre in her hands. A hazy layer of moonlight fell from the door sill and protected her. Her opponent, Changyang Yuan Zhenghua, knew that the fragile-looking girl right before him possessed unimaginable strength and that she could even heavily injure Changyang Qing Yun. As a result, he dared not to get too close and instead sent powerful strands of sword Qi toward her from afar. However, the sword Qi would shatter as soon as they came in contact with the moonlight in front of her. The sword Qi could not even shake the thin-looking barrier.

You Yue stood silently at the entrance as she looked in the direction of Jian Chen. She did not pay any attention to Changyang Yuan Zhenghua, who constantly tried to harm her using his sword Qi.

Changyang Yuan Zhenghua was pale while his face darkened more and more. He was a great elder of the Changyang clan and a powerful Saint King, yet he was being ignored by a girl he could completely look down upon. At the same time, his sword Qi could not harm her at all, which filled him with anger. He used everything he had, yet he could not do anything to her.

The Saint Rulers who did not partic.i.p.ate in the battle used a secret technique to close the World Gate in attempt to trap them inside.

The huge World Gate slowly began to close, but the moment it started to close, the Bright Moon Divine Hall began to fly toward it. It lodged itself in the World Gate, preventing it from closing.

The Saint Rulers’ expressions at the back all changed. The Bright Moon Divine Hall was extremely tough. Although the World Gate possessed a very great power when closing, it could do nothing to the Bright Moon Divine Hall. At that moment, everything that could happen between the World Gate and the divine hall happened. The World Gate could not be closed and the Bright Moon Divine Hall could not be moved.

“Awaken the Emperor Armament,” an older Saint Ruler instructed before leading a few Saint Rulers toward the forbidden grounds.

Jian Chen and Hong Lian were embroiled in extremely tough battles between the four great elders. Every time they clashed, devastating power would be created, causing the entire miniature world to violently tremble. Pitch black cracks appeared in s.p.a.ce time and time again, showing signs of collapsing.

The figures of eighteen divine halls appeared in the sky, holding the place firm and causing the s.p.a.ce of the realm to rapidly stabilize. 

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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1193: Sealing The Changyang Clan (Two)

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