Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1545

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Chapter 1545: Driven to the End of the Road

Jian Chen remained silent. He glared at Ouyang Yangwen and felt very heavy inside. He knew that Ouyang Yangwen was right. With his current injuries, it would not be difficult for Ouyang Yangwen to kill him. When he clashed with Ouyang Yangwen earlier, he was already using his full strength, hiding nothing at all while Ouyang Yangwen was just probing him.

If Ouyang Yangwen had used his full strength in the battle before, Jian Chen would probably not still be standing.

Ouyang Yangwen was just far too strong. Compared to Xiong Zhong, he was not just slightly stronger.

At this moment, a deafening roar materialized. The white tiger had shrunk and become three meters long. Its snow-white wings were completely unfurled. Some inscriptions flickered on them. Each line of inscription hid mysterious and great power while the powerful Force of Slaughter covered its claws. The white tiger swung them at Ouyang Yangwen with a devastating might.

The moment the white tiger attacked, Jian Chen moved as well. Even though he was extremely injured, his presence had not weakened at all. His face was cold as he charged toward Ouyang Yangwen like a powerful sword. He knew that the white tiger was not Ouyang Yangwen's opponent, so he needed to provide support.

Ouyang Yangwen remained composed while facing the pincer attack from Jian Chen and the white tiger. He said in surprise, "I never thought that there'd be two experts who've comprehended laws in this world. It's just a pity that your true strengths are just too low even though you've comprehended laws. If you had reached Returnance, tiger, even just early Returnance, I would not be your opponent. Even some experts who've reached Reciprocity won't be able to stand up to you, but it's a pity that you're at early Receival," Ouyang Yangwen shook his head in pity. He looked at the white tiger in shame. Comprehending laws at early Reciprocity revealed a talent that was extremely terrifying. At least in the World of Forsaken Saints, there had been countless Reciprocity experts who had appeared throughout history, quite a few had reached the peak of Reciprocity. Yet, the only one who had managed to comprehend any laws was the current Spiritking.

However, Ouyang Yangwen needed to kill prodigies with such great talent. They had become enemies already, so if he did not eliminate them now and they managed to mature successfully in the future, they would become a threat.

Ouyang Yangwen turned around and slashed out with lightning-like speed. His sword radiated with powerful killing intent. It darted out with a silver flash, moving toward the white tiger's claws.

There was the screeching of metal when the sword came in contact with the tiger's claws. When the Force of Slaughter on the claws came in contact with the sword, it rapidly vanished. It was the power of laws, but the difference in strength was just far too great. It was difficult for the power to pose any threats.

In the blink of an eye, the white tiger's Force of Slaughter was dispersed by Ouyang Yangwen. With a jolt, his sword immediately surged out with more sword Qi, landing on the white tiger's claws.


The white tiger's claws were extremely tough. When the sword Qi struck the claws, it failed to cut through them. Instead, it created sparks, causing residual sword Qi to shoot off in all directions..

The white tiger's body was not as tough as its claws. Its paws immediately became bloodied when the residual sword Qi reached the center of its paws. Every strand of sword Qi would punch a hole through its paws. Some of the sword Qi had even reached its body, immediately disappearing into the tiger.

The white tiger shook and growled painfully. Its wings suddenly began to glow brighter at that moment. Countless inscriptions flickered and flashed, radiating powerful pulses of energy. Under the light, the wings seemed to join together and sharpen, becoming something similar to curved blades. They let out a dazzling light and appeared like the sun. Strands of a profound formation revolved around the wings, and with a flip from the white tiger, the blade formed from the wings immediately shot toward Ouyang Yangwen with a terrifying force.

A mysterious power immediately expanded, trapping Ouyang Yangwen where he was.

Ouyang Yangwen's eyes narrowed. A smear of shock appeared on his face. Not only did he discover that he had been trapped by a mysterious power, but his comprehension of the mysteries of s.p.a.ce, along with his connection to the energy of the world, seemed to have all vanished the moment the blade shot toward him.

He could not sense the energy of the world at all. He had even lost control over Spatial Force. It had been forcefully severed away from him.

"What ability did this tiger use? It's so powerful. Is there anyone who can resist it if it's used against experts of the same level?" Ouyang Yangwen became stern. The gaze he used on the white tiger became filled with heavy killing intent at that moment as well. The more extraordinary the white tiger was, the more he needed to kill it, or he would not be its opponent once it grew some more.

With a tremor of his body, his power at late Returnance leaked out without any restraint. It immediately allowed him to break free of the mysterious power, allowing him to use his sword to receive the attack.


The white tiger was completely blown away. Its fused wings separated once again and the white light rapidly vanished. Its winged dulled and all the inscriptions vanished.

As the white tiger shot back, constantly vomiting blood. It became haggard and was filled with weakness.

Ouyang Yangwen's body shook a few times as well. He took one step back uncontrollably before stabbing out with his sword in a reverse grip, forcing Jian Chen away. Soon after that, he stabbed out a second time. His sword collided with the Zi Ying Sword and immediately knocked it away. With that, Ouyang Yangwen followed up with another stab. This time he stabbed at Jian Chen's forehead in an attempt to kill him off.

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen's eyes. In that crucial moment, the Qing Suo Sword flew over and blocked the attack targeting his forehead, allowing Jian Chen to rapidly retreat.

"Jian Chen, today will be the day you die. You will be the first expert I kill from this world. Once I end your life, I'll end the white tiger's life," Ouyang Yangwen said with a feminine tone. He stepped through the empty air and pursued Jian Chen.

A sliver of sorrow appeared in Jian Chen's eyes. He glanced at the Tian Yuan Continent below. They were suffering an utter defeat. Tie Ta, Changyang Mingyue, Xiao Jin, and Houston were all heavily injured. Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao and Feng Xiaotian had vanished from the battlefield. The Returnance expert, who had originally been fighting against Tie Ta, had left the battle the moment Tie Ta was heavily injured. He went to deal with Shangguan Mu'er. She was also heavily injured and covered in blood.

Aside from Xiao Ling who was fighting Gongxi Ming in outer s.p.a.ce, all the other Origin realm experts of the Tian Yuan Continent had been heavily injured.

"Have we truly been driven to the end of the road just like this?" Jian Chen sorrowfully murmured. His homeland was behind him. If he could not stop them on the front lines, his parents, his relatives, his good friends, and all the people he knew would probably die.

"No, there's still a way, a chance to save the Tian Yuan Continent. I still have my final trump card and can turn the situation around. Even if I die, I will make the World of Forsaken Saints pay a heavy price. Even though the outcome will remain the same with the existence of the Spiritking. I will at least earn some time for the Tian Yuan Continent." Determination flooded Jian Chen's eyes. With a thought, the Azulet swords flew over and hovered above his head. They glowed with ablinding light.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1545

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