Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1648

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Chapter 1648: Prior to the Negotiations (Two)

Shangguan Mu'er frowned after learning about Jian Chen's latent problem. She became worried, "This is very severe. We have to deal with it as soon as possible. If you suddenly lose control in this world, it'll be just like facing the crisis of the world again. If we can't stop it, the entire world will face destruction."

Jian Chen also became rather stern. He had already thought of the consequences, but he could do nothing about it.

"I plan on settling the matters in this world as soon as possible before moving onto the Saints' World. If I remain here with my current strength, I won't progress at all. Only the Saints' World can provide me with what I need for my Chaotic Body to grow. I believe that I'll be able to eliminate the problem with my soul once I grow stronger," Jian Chen said with a heavy heart. He was actually thinking of something else as well, which was going to the Immortals' World.

This was because the twin swords originated from the Immortals' World. They were the sect treasures of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens, the chief sect of the nine great sects of the Immortals' World. During the intense battle in the past, the Immortals' World had suffered heavy casualties. Their so-called greatest expert, the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt, had died, while the old master of the twin swords pa.s.sed away after suffering the intense backlash caused by the fusion of the two swords. At the same time, the twin swords that were known to be one of the ten great G.o.d artifacts in the Immortals' World shattered, leading to their sword spirits to fall to a lower world and them accepting him as their master.

Jian Chen knew extremely well that the help he had received from the twin swords was the reason for his current achievements. Although the sword spirits rarely brought up the matters of the past during the days Jian Chen spent with them, he knew extremely well that the sword spirits wanted to return to the Immortals' World very much. At the same time, they still had attachments to their old master because it was he who had forged them. He was like their father.

Aside from that, both the Azulet Swords Law Jian Chen had cultivated in the past and his current Chaotic Body originated from the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens. From a certain aspect, he had become a disciple of the sect, so it was extremely important for him to go to the Immortals' World.

The Saints' World was the path to the Immortals' World. If he wanted to go to the Immortals' World, he had to go through the Saints' World, as there was no direct path to the Immortals' World from the Tian Yuan Continent.

The sword spirits had also become completely lost exactly because they had taken his soul to the Tian Yuan Continent in the past.

Shangguan Mu'er fell silent when she heard Jian Chen's words. She only responded after quite a while, "Your problem lies in the soul. Why don't you let me try and see if my music can help you."

After a moment of deliberation, Jian Chen agreed.

Afterwards, Shangguan Mu'er attempted to influence Jian Chen's soul with her music, but there were no effects at all even after many attempts. Her music had basically become useless before Jian Chen, unable to influence his soul at all. The only thing she could manage to do was to calm him down through music.

As she played, Jian Chen watched Shangguan Mu'er on with quite some interest. When she stopped, he asked, "Mu'er, your zither has a total of thirty-six strings, but why do I only ever see you use the first half. You never touch the latter half."

Shangguan Mu'er looked at her zither and said, "The Zither of the Demonic Cry has thirty-six strings, and there's a requirement for corresponding strength to play each one. My current strength is nowhere near enough to play all of its strings."

A sliver of surprise appeared in Jian Chen's eyes. He could not help but examine the zither carefully, "This zither is actually so profound, where you even need the corresponding strength to play each string. You're at mid Reciprocity, yet you can only play a portion of the strings. Looks like this zither has quite an extraordinary origin."

"The Zither of the Demonic Cry really does have quite an extraordinary origin. Many people on the Tian Yuan Continent believe that I condensed this zither from Saint Force, but that's not the case because I found it outside when I was young," the Heavenly Enchantress said calmly.

"You found it," Jian Chen became stunned as his expression turned strange.

"That's right, I found the Zither of the Demonic Cry. I just never told anyone about this. You're the first." Shangguan Mu'er stared deeply at Jian Chen and continued, "When I found this zither, it was buried in soil. I had only discovered it because a tiny corner of it was revealed. I had uncovered it with tremendous effort, and it was so heavy that I could not even budge it with my power from before. Then I accidentally cut my hand on the strings. When a droplet of my blood fell on it, I discovered that I had actually formed a slight connection with the zither. It was also through this connection that I learnt the zither's name. I also gained a cultivation method in my head. I used that cultivation method to make my way to where I am today."

"I see. Looks like this zither is a pretty good treasure. The original owner probably died, which is why it ended up here through an accident," Jian Chen understood. He had already seen something like this before. The Anatta Tower had also ended up in this world because its original owner had pa.s.sed away. It was now in his hands.

"Father, you've finally emerged from cultivation." At this moment, a surprised and joyful voice rang out. Shangguan Aojian ran over from the place where he cultivated delightfully.

Jian Chen stood up and leapt off the rock gently. He smiled at Shangguan Aojian. He was extremely satisfied with this son of his because he could not see any arrogance on his son at all. Both his personality and morals satisfied Jian Chen.

Afterwards, the two of them began to talk about everything. Jian Chen told Shangguan Aojian about matters regarding cultivation, while Shangguan Aojian told him about a few interesting things he had experienced throughout the years.

"Father, you have no idea. My younger brother Changyang Xu has challenged me constantly in the past years, but I've reduced him to a horrible condition every time. He runs away every time," Shangguan Aojian could not help but laugh aloud when he mentioned Changyang Xu.

Jian Chen also broke into laughter when he heard that. He said, "Changyang Xu's not even a Saint King right now, yet you're no weaker than a Saint Emperor. There are even many Saint Emperors who aren't your opponent. Aren't you just bullying your younger brother? Though, Xiao Bao, I still haven't taken you to see your grandfather and grandmother yet. It's time for them to know your other ident.i.ty."

Shangguan Aojian could not help but become slightly eager when he heard his father's words. He had seen his grandfather and grandmother before, but they had never learned that he was actually Jian Chen's son, and they always treated him as the young island master of Three Saint Island. Internally, he desired their recognition as their grandson.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1648

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