Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1658

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Chapter 1658: Doubts About Jian Chen's Ident.i.ty

"Hmph," Shangguan Aojian snorted gently and turned around, no longer paying any more attention to Tie Ta. He knew that his parents would leave this world sooner or later and that day was approaching.

"Tie Ta, there are still a lot of things tying me down here. I want to stay a little longer in this world so that I can spend some more time with my parents before I leave. After all, who knows how long I'll be gone for. I don't even know if I'll be able to see the two of them when I do come back," Jian Chen said with a rather heavy heart because he had no idea whether he could return after going to the Saints' World.

He was not afraid of dying. However, he was still tied down. Even if he had to go, he could not leave in such a hurry.

"Okay, I'll wait for you in the Saints' World. Directly go to the G.o.dswirl Plane as soon as you get to the Saints' World. I have no idea where the G.o.dswirl Plane is; I just heard it from senior Audriana. Senior Audriana told me that our G.o.d clan is located on the G.o.dswirl Plane and as long as you make it there, you can find where the G.o.d clan is by asking anyone," Tie Ta said sincerely.

"Alright, I'll come looking for you on the G.o.dswirl Plane if I get the chance." Jian Chen paused with that and became stern, "But Tie Ta, I hope you can promise me something. Please do not tell anyone in the G.o.d clan about me. The more powerful they are and the more authority they possess, the more you cannot speak of me. Okay?"

"Why?" Tie Ta asked in confusion.

Jian Chen paused for a short moment before responding, "Don't ask me now. Anyway, just don't mention my existence randomly in the G.o.d clan. Please do not mention the two swords I possess to the upper echelon of your G.o.d clan in particular, and it's best if you keep it a secret from people who aren't a part of the G.o.d clan as well. You'll learn the reason in the future."

Tie Ta understood the significance of the matter when he saw Jian Chen's seriousness. He immediately nodded solemnly and guaranteed, "Ok, I agree. I won't speak of it randomly. I don't know the reason, but I believe you because you are my best brother."

Jian Chen sighed gently and pulled back his rod. He pulled out a sixty centimeters in length fish out of the water. Jian Chen removed the fish from the hook before throwing it into the basket, "And Ming Dong. Ming Dong was sent to the Saints' World several years ago. With his strength back then, it definitely would have been challenging for him to survive in the Saints' World. His life will be in danger if he shows any carelessness at all. It has been so many years, and I wonder how he has been. I worry about him the most. Tie Ta, since you have the G.o.d clan in the Saints' World, I hope you can look for him using the G.o.d clan once you go to the Saints' World if you can." Jian Chen became worried when he mentioned Ming Dong. However, he still had some hope that Ming Dong had not been stranded in some place and the Anatta Grand Prime's organisation had protected him instead. After all, Ming Dong had been sent away by one of the Anatta Grand Prime's treasures, the Fortune Jade Pedestal, in the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. The matter would surely involve the Anatta Grand Prime. It might have even been a way for the Anatta Grand Prime to choose a successor.

If that were the case, Ming Dong safety would have been guaranteed, but if it were not, it would be a horrible situation for Ming Dong to be stranded in a higher world.

"Don't worry. The matter has always been weighing on my mind. Ming Dong is also my friend, so I'll immediately get people to look for Ming Dong once I get back to the G.o.d clan, "Tie Ta slapped his chest and guaranteed.

Tie Ta and Jian Chen spoke for a very long time, only leaving when they knew it had become late; this was because both of them understood that this would be the last time they met in this world. Next time, they would see each other in the Saints' World.

With Tie Ta's departure, Jian Chen and Shangguan Aojian returned to Three Saint Island. Jian Chen's heart felt rather heavy. First, Ming Dong had been sucked away; then his sister was taken away without him even getting the chance to bid farewell. Now, Tie Ta was about to leave as well. He would lose one more close friend. Aside from this, what bothered Jian Chen the most was the ident.i.ties of Tie Ta and himself. He was a successor of the Immortals' World, a disciple of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens; this was an unshakeable fact. Ever since he cultivated the Azulet Swords Law, ever since he cultivated the Chaotic Body, ever since the sword spirits took him as his master, his ident.i.ty had changed.

Meanwhile, Tie Ta was a part of the G.o.d clan from the Saints' World. The Saints' World and Immortals' World were hostile towards one another, so he really did not know whether his relations.h.i.+p with Tie Ta would remain the same once his ident.i.ty was revealed.

Aside from Tie Ta, there was also his sister Changyang Mingyue who worried for him and protected him since their youth.

Jian Chen felt that a huge boulder was weighing on his heart when he thought of these matters. He felt nervous from how suffocating it felt. Internally, he was even slightly afraid of facing all this.

In the War G.o.d Hall, Tie Ta sat on the throne boldly. His face was calm, but his eyes shone coldly and vigorously. He seemed dignified. The current him was no longer the country b.u.mpkin who was just born yesterday. Tie Ta had truly matured in the past few decades, whether it be his temperament or personality.

"Jian Chen asked me to keep the matters about him a secret from the upper echelon of the G.o.d clan, in particular, his two swords. I can't even mention it to outsiders. Why did he ask for something like that? Is there a secret that needs to be hidden?" Tie Ta thought about what Jian Chen had told him and became curious.

"Jian Chen doesn't want me to reveal this to other people. That means that it'll threaten his life if I do. Jian Chen is my best friend, and I won't allow anyone to harm him, even if it's the upper echelon of the G.o.d clan," Tie Ta murmured gently. Towards the end, his bright eyes shone with two rays of light.

"But if I want to protect Jian Chen, I have to know what he's fearing and deal with the source of the problem. But from Jian Chen's words, everything seems to be related to the two swords." After a moment of silence, Tie Ta stood up. He took a step and suddenly vanished from the divine hall.

The Elven G.o.dtree reached into the clouds within the forbidden ground of the elves. It radiated with a tremendous presence of life. The forbidden grounds were quiet, without anyone to be seen. Only the elven queen had the right to enter and leave as she pleased. Even the elven elders could not set foot in here so easily.

At this moment, there was suddenly a flash of golden light. A figure had appeared silently before the Elven G.o.dtree. He was several meters tall and extremely burly, while his skin was golden. He wore a cape and naturally radiated with a sense of supremacy.

"Audriana greets the war G.o.d!" Before the Elven G.o.dtree, an illusionary woman appeared. She bowed towards Tie Ta, who had suddenly appeared.

"Audriana, I want to ask you if you recognise the two swords used by my brother Jian Chen," Tie Ta questioned.

After a moment of hesitation, she shook her head and said, "War G.o.d, I do not recognise the two swords. However, the two swords are violet and azure and their sword Qi are unique. They do resemble a set of legendary treasures."

"What treasures?" Tie Ta's eyes narrowed, and he continued his questioning. He already realised that he might be able to find out what Jian Chen feared from Audriana.

Audriana recalled the past and said, "They're supreme treasures of the Immortals' World, the Azulet swords, also known as the twin swords of yin and yang. They are one of the ten great G.o.d artifacts of the Immortals' World. They are the sect treasures of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens, the chief sect of the nine great sects in the Immortals' World. It's said that the founding ancestor of the sect, Violet Heavens Immortal Exalt, personally forged the two swords. The Violet Heavens Immortal Exalt is a peak expert from the Immortals' World, one of their five Grand Exalts." Audriana's expression suddenly became rather complicated, and she said hesitantly, "Except that we're enemies with the Immortals World. If Jian Chen's swords are the twin swords, then…"

"If they are, then what?" Tie Ta asked in a deep voice.

"If they are, Jian Chen definitely won't be able to keep them, but that's given that he doesn't have any ties to the Immortals' World. If he does, he'll become the public enemy of the Saints' World and might even be hunted down by several Grand Primes. It's just that right now, Jian Chen's swords only resemble the twin swords from the Immortals' World. After all, their difference in power is just too extravagant," replied Audriana.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1658

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