Chaotic Sword God Chapter 474 Part1

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Chapter 474 “The Phoenix Lord’s Doting Behavior (p1)”

When seeing the carriages moving slowly up ahead, the members of the Da Xia entourage were all greatly refreshed in their mentality.

They’ve been on the road for several days now. Although they’re all martialists with a strong body, it’s still inevitable that they would be tired from all the toils of travel. This was especially true for Princess Qing Bi who was practically jumping with glee.

“Hold up, I want to buy your carriages.” With a flick of her horsewhip, the girl promptly rode up for the other group to only get an unexpected answer in return.

“Apologies, our carts aren’t up for sale. Dare I ask, is there someone by the name of Ye Ling Yue, Lan Caier, A’bone and Jin Wu Monster among your group?”

Naturally Qing Bi’s expression would sink at the news, What! This team of people are actually here to pick up Ye Ling Yue?

“Their party should still be behind our party.” Riding over also, Cong Lu urges the princess to continue on their way, which instantly rewarded him with a annoyed glare from the girl.

As frustrating as this was for Qing Bi, this girl knew she couldn’t do anything at the moment. It’s not like she’s going to start robbing others on the road now was she?

In this big settlement known as Frost Mountain City, one would expect there to be plenty of rooms in the biggest inn situated at this city. Sadly, upon inquiry with the shopkeeper, that’s when they were informed of the unfortunate news – the rooms were all taken and would only receive Ling Yue and her friends!

Of course, there’s no way Qing Bi would willingly take this indignation again. But before she could unleash her fury, Cong Lu had stopped her with a tug again, indicating Xia Hou Qi was still watching from the side with his eye signal.

As a result of this unexpected detour, the members of the Da Xia team could only relocate to another location after multiple detours.

Night time….

“What’s the meaning of this? The best inn, the best restaurant, even the best carriages have all been taken by someone else. They better not let me find out who’s behind all this, otherwise I will make them pay dearly for this.” Qing Bi never felt so wronged in her entire life that she could break out into tears by this point.

Likewise, Xia Hou Qi’s expression was also growing deeper by the minute.

If his speculations are correct, this would only be just the beginning because he’s not stupid. This was North Qing, there are plenty of rest stations along their planned route. For so many to be taken at every turn in their path, and of such high cla.s.s as well, there could only be one out there capable of arranging all this.

Naturally Cong Lu too could tell what was going on as well, It would seem the news of Ling Yue heading to North Qing has become known to Feng Shen already. To think the lad would become so overbearing in light of his gentle appearance. This is clearly his way of repaying Qing Bi’s rudeness against his woman. Oh Feng Shen ah Feng Shen, and here I was thinking you were a indifferently cold person, to think you would also show such a side like all of us!

To some extent, the girl herself was very pleased to be away from Xia Hou Qi and the others. This meant that she could freely explore the ancient forest that was A’bone’s home for so long during her youth and make claim to some of the secrets that lies within.

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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 474 Part1

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