Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1718

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Chapter 1718: Urgency

Poison G.o.d Datura swore out loud. Even though she had personally taken Lu Tian's life, her hatred for Lu Tian still lingered in her heart as he had forced her to such a state.

At this moment, she no longer held back. She used her full strength, basically barraging the formation that blocked her path wildly. She used various secret techniques and battle skills constantly, causing the surroundings to rumble and the air to be filled with intense poison.

Suddenly, her face changed abruptly. She cried out, "Oh no, that person has actually caught up to Ando Fu. W- what is this terrifying speed! Even my soul can only capture a blur." Datura was extremely shocked. She had kept her soul expanded, so she obviously saw Jian Chen catch up to Ando Fu.

"No wonder that person called Jian Chen didn't pursue me. I had thought he was going to let me off, but from the looks of the current situation, he was simply not worried at all that I would flee with his terrifying speed. In addition, Lu Tian's formation has sealed up this s.p.a.ce, so I can't escape even when I want to," Datura thought quickly. She gritted her teeth and determination flooded her eyes. She threw out her wooden staff painfully and formed a seal with both hands. She called out, "Explode!"

After she said that, the wooden staff immediately exploded loudly. The formation up ahead immediately cracked when the vicious shockwave of energy struck it.

Datura's eyes lit up. Without any hesitation, she used a secret technique and burned her own vital essence to become a blur and flee through the crack. She did not dare to pause for even a single moment afterwards, continuing to flee into the distance as quickly as she had ever moved.

"The G.o.d invited by Lu Tian has actually fled. Ando Fu, does she know about G.o.dking Duanmu's jade?" Mo Ling asked as he stared in the direction which Datura had fled in.

Ando Fu had already surrendered, so he was basically a prisoner now. He replied, "That woman doesn't know about G.o.dking Duanmu's jade. In fact, she had some grievances with Lu Tian a few years ago. Lu Tian asked her to come this time because he wanted to use the Mo clan to eliminate her."

Jian Chen glanced in the direction which Datura had fled off into and did not mind the matter too much. He said to Mo Ling, "Brother Mo Ling, let's go back. Although we don't know whether Lu Tian has made any arrangements, I do believe that he was prepared to leak the information regarding G.o.dking Duanmu's jade."

"As you wish," Mo Ling clasped his fist towards Jian Chen. After he witnessed Jian Chen's terrifying strength, he could not help but treat Jian Chen politely as if he was his master.

Jian Chen and Mo Ling immediately left, flying off towards the Mo clan. Ando Fu followed beside the two of them with a haggard face.

When Jian Chen and Mo Ling returned to the Mo clan, the Mo clan had already calmed down. Although the protective barrier was still activated, the people of the two clans who attacked the Mo clan before had left long ago. Clearly, they had all fled when they saw that their G.o.ds were defeated.

The patriarch of the Mo clan watched Mo Ling and Jian Chen return. He immediately became extremely ecstatic, immediately flying out of the barrier, "Ancestor, you've finally returned. How's the situation?" He glanced past the disheveled Ando Fu as he spoke. A strange light flashed through his eyes.

With his perceptiveness, he could naturally tell many things from Ando Fu's expression, which made him extremely excited.

"Xingfeng, send the orders to get everyone in the Mo clan to hunt down the remaining people of the Lu family. Lu Tian has sealed up a region of a million kilometers, so the people of the Lu family can't escape," Mo Ling said coldly.

"Yes, ancestor!" The patriarch was overjoyed. He immediately went off to organise the hunt.

Afterwards, Mo Ling said to Ando Fu, "Ando Fu, leave the people of your Ando clan to me. There's no need for you to pa.s.s on any commands you need to pa.s.s."

Mo Ling naturally handled the clean-up after the battle. Jian Chen directly made his way before the bloodied Shen Jian. After checking his wounds, he immediately carried Shen Jian to the seventh hall.

Along the way, everyone in the Mo clan, whether it was the elders, the members of the upper echelon, or the guards, bowed towards Jian Chen and Shen Jian politely.

In particular, the elders gazed at Jian Chen with many mixed emotions. The absolute strength that Jian Chen had displayed today shocked them all.

Xi Yu became especially conflicted. She had objected to Mo Yan saving the two of them in the past. After Jian Chen woke up in the Mo clan, she had even asked them to leave personally. If it were not for Mo Yan pleading for them to stay, they probably would have left the Mo clan long ago.

Last time, when she broke through to late Deity, she had responded to Jian Chen's congratulations without any particular enthusiasm, as she believed that he was an Origin realm cultivator. As such, there was obviously no need for her to pay any particular attention to him. However, only now did she discover in shock that Jian Chen was actually so powerful. Lu Tian, someone who was the ancestor of quite a large organisation and an early G.o.d, could not even fight back against him. Xi Yu was completely taken aback by this.

Jian Chen's posture back then, where his white clothes and hair fluttered in the wind while he wielded the Flying Snow sword, had become permanently embedded in her mind.

"Since you're so powerful, why do you act like no one special? You don't possess the bearing or dignity of an expert at all. Even when the Origin realm guards looked down on you, you did not become angered at all. Did you really not mind it?" Xi Yu gazed at the seventh hall as her feelings became extremely mixed.

"Even when early G.o.ds stand before you, they can only die when you want them to, and it doesn't take any effort at all. With your strength, even wiping out the Mo clan would be a piece of cake. It's impossible for the ancestor to be your opponent. You are so great, so is there any reason for you to share similar thoughts as the ant-like people in the clan? You don't care at all."

Shen Jian consumed the medicine that Mo Ling had delivered as he sat on his jade bed to heal in the seventh hall.

After learning the situation in detail, Shen Jian also became grim. He said, "Lu Tian's an old fox. He's sly and cunning. He actually invited a G.o.d to block your Profound Sword Qi. How is it possible for someone like him to not be prepared? He must have made the same preparations as the Mo clan and the Ando clan. People of the Lu family have probably already leaked the news about G.o.dking Duanmu's jade with his death."

"That's what I was thinking as well. I'll immediately visit the Lu family while we still have the time and take all their wealth. Once I get all the wealth of the Lu family and the Ando clan, we'll use the three pieces of jade to open G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling," said Jian Chen.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1718

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