Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1748

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Chapter 1748: Liquid Lime

Master Chanlong sighed and said sorrowfully, "I failed to sense that G.o.dking Duanmu had prepared something there. If I hadn't reacted in time, the sword Qi would have killed me as well. I am deeply sorry for what you've suffered."

"Master Chanlong, it looks like you wants us all to die so that you can enjoy G.o.dking Duanmu's legacy all by yourself," Yang Kai from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian said coldly. He was a late OverG.o.d and did not fear master Chanlong.

Master Chanlong said innocently, "You're mistaken. I never had such intentions. I did say before that I was only going ahead to check. I never said it would be safe. It was you who charged over."

The OverG.o.ds were speechless with that. Master Chanlong was telling the truth. They could only blame themselves.

However, everyone's att.i.tude towards master Chanlong changed slightly after this incident. They remained cautious about him, no longer trusting him like before.

Master Chanlong did not care about this at all. The items G.o.dking Duanmu left behind were just far too attractive. Compared to them, fame and prestige were nothing.

"Thank you, brother Jian Chen," Ling Hougong's grateful voice rang out in Jian Chen's head.

All the other OverG.o.ds from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian thanked Jian Chen secretly. If it were not for Jian Chen's warning, some of them probably would have died to the sword Qi as well.

"Brother Jian Chen, how did you know that there was danger ahead?" Yang Kai also asked secretly.

"Senior Yang Kai, you're overestimating me. How would I know whether there's danger or not? I just felt like these three stone huts are a little too simple," replied Jian Chen. The other OverG.o.ds had heard his words as well.

"Sigh, looks like brother Jian Chen is the calm one. We were too reckless earlier. None of us were able to resist G.o.dking Duanmu's treasures, so our desire clouded our vigilance," Bing Lou sighed gently.

They clearly understood what Jian Chen was trying to say. They had lost their usual calm due to their attraction to the treasure in the room and the provocation of the people around them.

Jian Chen said nothing more. Instead, he stared at where the sword Qi had swung down from before sternly. He was quite disturbed.

He had just witnessed eight OverG.o.ds being reduced to nothingness before a strand of sword Qi that was enough to cause everyone present to pale. They did not even leave behind their s.p.a.ce Rings.

The other OverG.o.ds only managed to survive because they were towards the edge of the attack. They had not received the full blow of the sword Qi, or they probably would not be alive either.

"Is this the strength of a G.o.dking? Even G.o.dking Duanmu, who failed to make the rankings of the G.o.dking's Throne, is so powerful. Just how terrifyingly powerful are Audriana and protector Shui then?" Jian Chen thought. He could not help but think of the two G.o.dkings he had encountered on the Tian Yuan Continent.

The two of them were experts who were ranked on the G.o.dking's Throne, making them much more powerful than Duanmu. Protector Shui, in particular, was even ranked ninth!

In the past, even though Jian Chen felt that Audriana and protector Shui were unfathomable, even though he knew they were G.o.dkings, he had no concept of a G.o.dking at all. Only after the sword Qi from G.o.dking Duanmu appeared did he gain a deeper understanding towards the terrifying power of Audriana and protector Shui.

In his eyes, OverG.o.ds were experts who could reign supreme over an entire region. A divine kingdom only possessed a little over a dozen OverG.o.ds, yet they were so weak before G.o.dking Duanmu's sword Qi.

They were not even as great as ants!

"Everyone, I will continue checking for dangers," master Chanlong said at this moment. The inscriptions on the disc in his hand flickered rapidly before hovering before him. Master Chanlong stared at the disc. He formed a seal with his hand, advancing towards the stone hut as if he had predicted anything.

Everyone no longer trusted master Chanlong as much after the previous punishment. As a result, they did not follow him when they saw him checking for dangers as they were afraid that they would fall for his tricks again.

After all, no one present was as great as master Chanlong at formations. If master Chanlong really did want to use the formations here against them, they would struggle to sense it.

Master Chanlong got closer and closer to the first hut under everyone's gazes. When he arrived at the position before, a strand of sword Qi did not appear from the s.p.a.ce there. Clearly, there was only that single strand of sword Qi from before.

In the end, master Chanlong arrived before the stone hut successfully. He pressed his hand against the stone door slowly and pushed it gently. The door immediately opened, and master Chanlong beamed, entering it in a flash.

"Did he just enter like that?"

The several dozen OverG.o.ds were all stunned when they saw how master Chanlong just disappeared into the stone hut. They found it rather difficult to believe that he had entered the hut so easily.

However, they all responded accordingly. Without any hesitation, they all charged into the stone hut as well.

This time, they did not come across any obstacles. Clearly, there was only that single strand of sword Qi from before.

Jian Chen, Ling Hougong and the other OverG.o.ds all entered the stone hut as well.

When Jian Chen stepped through the entrance, the landscape around him changed. He had arrived in an extremely large s.p.a.ce and around him were the several dozen OverG.o.ds who had entered before him.

The stone hut only seemed to be around ten square meters in size, but clearly, G.o.dking Duanmu had modified its interior with his Laws of s.p.a.ce, creating a miniature world.

"That's liquid lime!" Suddenly, someone cried out.

There was a basin-sized ditch near a few boulders. It was filled with a milky liquid that gave off a delightful fragrance.

"It really is liquid lime. Liquid lime is said to be able to cleanse G.o.dhood experts of impurities and can refine their origin energy. It can also suppress various poisons and remove any resistance developed from ingesting large numbers of heavenly resources. It's extremely valuable, where every drop is priceless…"

"That's not all to it. If the liquid lime is used on those below G.o.dhood, just a single drop will be enough to alter their const.i.tution and even strengthen their ability to comprehend, making comprehending the laws of the world much easier…"

"Liquid lime doesn't only increase the affinity to comprehend for those below Deity. Even for OverG.o.ds, it is effective. High quality liquid lime can even help G.o.dkings, making them invaluable. The only downside is that the increase in ability to comprehend is only temporarily. Once the effects subside, everything returns to normal…"

"That's a huge basin of liquid lime. That's at least a thousand drops. Look at it. G.o.dking Duanmu's a supreme G.o.dking after all, so how could he be shabby…"

The OverG.o.ds present all became filled with eagerness with the appearance of the basin of liquid lime. All of them charged over joyfully. Before they even arrived before it, they had already taken out various bottles, ready to store the liquid lime away.

Everyone wanted the liquid lime. At the same time, no one wished for someone else to be faster than them, so the person at the very front naturally became the target of attacks.

An OverG.o.d who had comprehended the Laws of Wind was at the forefront, so he drew in the attacks of several dozen OverG.o.ds. Several dozen terrifying attacks shot towards the late OverG.o.d with surging energy.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1748

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