Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1752

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Chapter 1752: A Foot Planted in the Primordial Realm

Jian Chen also became doubtful inside when he saw all their expressions. Although he had never heard of the Empyrean Demon Cult before, he could tell from their reactions that it was probably a powerful organisation.

For a moment, the surroundings descended into a strange silence. All the OverG.o.ds stared at the words before G.o.dking Duanmu, and the light in their eyes flickered uneasily.

Further away were some G.o.ds. They had entered the place before the OverG.o.ds, but they had been forced far away ever since the OverG.o.ds entered because they were only G.o.ds. They did not dare to get any closer.

A long while later, an OverG.o.d finally sighed gently, "I never thought that G.o.dking Duanmu had actually died to the hands of the vice leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult, Huai An, and that you'd have to swear to the world to become enemies with him in the future to inherit G.o.dking Duanmu's legacy…"

Another OverG.o.d also shook his head and said gently, "With that being the case, obtaining G.o.dking Duanmu's legacy will lead to the Empyrean Demon Cult hunting you down. Is there still anyone who wants the legacy?"

"I'd rather turn down the legacy than become enemies with the Empyrean Demon Cult because it will only lead to death."

"The Empyrean Demon Cult is just too terrifying. We cannot afford to offend them."

The OverG.o.ds all sighed regretfully. All of them feared the Empyrean Demon Cult dearly, which prevented them from accepting G.o.dking Duanmu's legacy.

"Can you only obtain G.o.dking Duanmu's legacy by becoming enemies with the Empyrean Demon Cult? G.o.dking Duanmu is dead, yet we can't even obtain a legacy from someone who's no longer alive even with our strength,?" An energetic voice rang out. The speaker was a middle-aged man in red robes. Clearly, he wanted to break the rules that G.o.dking Duanmu had set down before he had died and forcefully take the legacy.

Uncertainty immediately flickered through the eyes of many OverG.o.ds when they heard that. Clearly, they were wavering.

"I do in fact admire G.o.dking Duanmu, except the rules he set are just too tough. Basically, no one would accept them. Why leave the legacy here when we can take it out with us and allow your glory to continue within the Saints' World? You never know, there really might be a day when we can avenge you," said an old man. With that, he took out a low quality saint artifact from his s.p.a.ce Ring. He bowed politely towards G.o.dking Duanmu's corpse and said with a gruff voice, "Apologies, G.o.dking Duanmu!" With that, he sent the flying sword out.


The flying sword turned into a silver streak of light that flew directly towards G.o.dking Duanmu's corpse.

The eyes of all the OverG.o.ds present shone brightly. They stared at the flying sword as they gathered their power secretly in the meantime. Once they confirmed there were no dangers, they would charge over as quickly as possible.

The flying sword moved extremely quickly, reaching three meters away from G.o.dking Duanmu in a single instance. However, at this moment, the terrifying power of laws suddenly appeared, enveloping G.o.dking Duanmu's corpse as a huge light screen.

When the flying sword collided with the power of laws, it was reduced to dust silently.

At the same time, G.o.dking Duanmu's corpse faded under the power of laws. His corpse also underwent a drastic change at that moment. The green-robed, middle-aged man vanished and a white, seated skeleton replaced it. The skeleton had a s.p.a.ce Ring on its finger, and there was a bead the size of a pigeon's egg in its head. It shone with a faint, golden light.

G.o.dking Duanmu had already been dead for several hundred thousand years, so his flesh had already rotted away. He only used a technique before his death to maintain his image. Once the technique was removed, his true remains would naturally be exposed.

The power of laws that had suddenly appeared clearly destroyed G.o.dking Duanmu's image.

"It's a golden core of laws. It's a golden core of laws!"

The expressions of all the OverG.o.ds changed the moment they saw the bead. They cried out uncontrollably as they were now extremely shocked. No one paid any attention to the s.p.a.ce Ring, as they had been expecting it.

"It's said that once you comprehend the laws of the world to an extremely profound level,  you will be able to condense a golden core of laws. At the same time, the golden core of laws represents a Primordial realm expert…"

"I never thought that G.o.dking Duanmu would have actually condensed a golden core of laws. Doesn't that mean he broke through G.o.dking and reached the Primordial realm…"

Some of the OverG.o.ds said. They were unable to remain composed.

"No. G.o.dking Duanmu's golden core of laws is rather different. It's said that a Primordial realm expert's golden core of laws s.h.i.+nes with extremely bright light, while G.o.dking Duanmu's golden core of laws is dull and without the l.u.s.tre of gold. He was clearly in the process of going from G.o.dking to the Primordial realm. He only had a foot planted in the Primordial realm while the other foot was still planted at G.o.dking," said Yang Kai.

All the OverG.o.ds were perturbed. None of them had thought that G.o.dking Duanmu already had a foot planted in the Primordial realm. He just needed to overcome this transition. When his golden core of laws had been completely condensed, he would become a true Primordial realm expert.

However, everyone soon became deeply attracted by G.o.dking Duanmu's legacy once again. They all began to attack the power of laws that protected G.o.dking Duanmu's remains. It did not matter if he had a foot planted in the Primordial realm. He was already dead, reduced to a skeleton.

The power of laws was very powerful, and it was enough to turn a low quality saint artifact to dust in a single moment. However, as long as they did not approach the power of laws, it would not be able to harm them, so they could tell that the power of laws only acted as protection and could not actively attack them.

The OverG.o.ds all stood far away as they sent sword Qi or beams of energy towards the power of laws. They wanted to waste it away bit by bit.

For a while, terrifying shockwaves of energy rolled through the surroundings as booms constantly rang out. The OverG.o.ds did not hold back as they attempted to smash through the protective power of laws.

"Fairy Hao Yue, is there what you need here?" Jian Chen did not attack the power of laws and spoke to fairy Hao Yue instead.

"I never thought that Duanmu had already broken through and condensed a golden core of laws. That has me taken aback. What I need is Duanmu's s.p.a.ce Ring. As a supreme G.o.dking, it's impossible for his s.p.a.ce Ring to not contain supreme grade divine crystals. There might even be five-colored divine crystals. Aside from that, there's some energy that still hasn't dispersed from the remains, which will be helpful for me. Jian Chen, I need you to buy time for me so that I can approach his remains," replied fairy Hao Yue.

At this moment, there was a flash of golden light. It pierced through the forehead of an OverG.o.d instantly, killing the early OverG.o.d on the spot.

The golden streak of light continued towards a second early OverG.o.d after killing the first one.

However, the death of the first early OverG.o.d had already made everyone cautious. The second OverG.o.d immediately roared out, and the power of laws surged from him. He directly swung his axe towards the golden streak of light.


The early OverG.o.d immediately vomited blood and was blown backwards while the golden streak of light had stopped as well. It was actually a flying sword that glimmered with golden light.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1752

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