Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1764

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Chapter 1764: The Lady in Red

Jian Chen could not help but shake his head when he saw how Tong Tian had basically fled in terror. He smiled bitterly. The feeling that Tong Tian gave him was that he seemed to fear nothing, yet he seemed to have encountered his crux just now. The lady hurrying over had actually frightened him to the point where he fled without even taking his delicacies with him, and he had also left behind the valuable table made from precious materials.

Jian Chen could not help but look at the lady who shot over. He felt rather curious about her. Just what kind of person was she to scare Tong Tian away like that?

The lady burned with fire under Jian Chen's gaze. She descended towards Jian Chen's location as she gave off a terrifying heat. She did not land and looked down on him from above instead.

She was an alluring beauty who only seemed to be in her twenties. Cold light flickered in her perfect eyes, while her longer face seemed like a painstakingly-crafted sculpture. She possessed a natural type of beauty, where it was impossible to find any flaws. Her cherry lips were bright red. She was the type that people would slaver over and approach unconsciously.

Without a single doubt, she was an alluring beauty. Her fire-red hair fluttered in the wind as she stood in the sky, while the fitting, red robes sculpted out a curvy figure. She also wore a pair of red shoes. As the fire burned around her, she seemed like a G.o.ddess of fire.

"Who are you?" The lady did not pursue Tong Tian. Instead, she asked Jian Chen coldly in the face while her beautiful face darkened.

Jian Chen stood on the ground. He did not mind the lady's tone at all. He smiled indifferently and said, "I'm Jian Chen, just a person not worth mentioning. May I ask for your name?"

The lady's face remained just as cold as before. She glared at Jian Chen and said, "You have no right to learn who I am. I saw you with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Tong Tian earlier. Tell me honestly, how are you related to him? I will never spare you if you hide even the slightest of details."

Jian Chen's face remained the same as before. From Tong Tian's previous words, he already understood that the lady in red was probably engaged to Tong Tian, except Tong Tian broke off the engagement himself, which was why the lady had come hunting for him.

"Young master Tong Tian saved my life. He's a good friend of mine," replied Jian Chen.

However, the lady's gaze turned cold when she heard that Jian Chen was a good friend of Tong Tian. She bellowed out, "Anyone who can become a good friend of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is nothing good!" With that, the lady launched a palm strike towards Jian Chen. As she struck out, the flames around her immediately surged, condensing into a huge palm of fire that squashed towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen frowned. The lady in red was very unreasonable. She was just flat out rude.

With a thought, the Laws of the Sword in the surroundings immediately condensed into a giant sword Qi that shot towards the palm of fire.

The lady's palm of fire immediately dispersed with a boom, while Jian Chen's sword Qi remained. It shone with dazzling white light.

"An OverG.o.d!" The lady frowned as she stared at Jian Chen's sword Qi.

"Miss, haven't you gone overboard?" Jian Chen said calmly. The lady in red was a late G.o.d, so she really was stronger than Tong Tian.

Jian Chen would have been better off without saying that. The lady immediately became furious again, and she cried out, "So what if I've gone overboard? Do you really think I fear you just because you're an OverG.o.d?" With that, the flames around the lady suddenly disappeared. The next moment, arcs of electricity revolved around her, and a sword that sparked with blue electricity appeared in her hand.

"Laws of Lightning!" Jian Chen was surprised. The Laws of Lightning were also known to be one of the laws with the greatest offense, together with the Laws of the Sword, the Laws of Destruction, and so on.

Aside from the Laws of Fire, the lady in red had actually comprehended the Laws of Lightning as well.

At this moment, the lady swung her sword as she charged towards Jian Chen. After using the Laws of Lightning, she clearly moved much faster. Her sword sparked as she sent bolts of lightning in Jian Chen's direction.

Jian Chen condensed a strand of sword Qi on his finger as he engaged in a battle with the lady. He moved calmly, but he became more and more surprised inside. He discovered that even though the lady was only a late G.o.d, there were barely any other late G.o.ds that would be her opponent.

If his Laws of the Sword had not reached Sword Spirit, he probably would not have been the lady's opponent.

"Thunder!" At this moment, the lady called out. She pointed her sword towards the sky as she gave off a strange presence, fusing with the world.

The next moment, a bolt of lightning appeared from nothing. Coupled with a thunderous boom, it struck the lady's sparking sword with great accuracy, immediately causing it to s.h.i.+ne with dazzling light. It flickered constantly; then she pointed the sword at Jian Chen. The lightning was redirected towards Jian Chen immediately.

Jian Chen's eyes narrowed. He extended his finger calmly, and he sent out a powerful strand of sword Qi to collide with the lightning; the clash immediately produced resplendent sparks. The sword Qi and lightning actually dispersed together, with none of them gaining the upper hand. On the other hand, the mountain that Jian Chen stood on collapsed silently.

"What strength!" Jian Chen could not help but sigh in amazement. The lady really was just too powerful. She was clearly only a late G.o.d, yet her battle prowess had already surpa.s.sed the limits of late G.o.d.

"Thunderfire Strike!" The lady called out. This time, the Laws of Fire and Lightning revolved around her. They formed two chains that shot towards Jian Chen as they revolved around each other.

Jian Chen became slightly stern. He felt like he was facing an OverG.o.d from her attack.

The lady's Thunderfire Strike neared the might of an early OverG.o.d.

Jian Chen formed a seal and a golden strand of sword Qi condensed. It shot off as a golden streak of light, colliding with the chains formed from the Laws of Lightning and Fire.


The two chains dispersed at the same time, while Jian Chen's golden sword Qi continued onwards just like before. It shot towards the lady, except it was slightly dimmer than before.

The golden sword Qi simply moved too quickly. It had basically arrived before the lady in a single moment after smas.h.i.+ng through her chains.

The woman's expression remained the same. Suddenly, a fire-red armor appeared, enveloping her entire body.

The sword Qi struck the armor and knocked the lady far away. Her face paled slightly, but she did not become injured at all.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1764

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