Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1827

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Chapter 1827: Knocking on the Door

"This person paid a huge price to obtain that high quality saint artifact. He must be treating it like a treasure. Taking it from him probably won't be an easy feat," the G.o.d from the Yang family said. He frowned slightly as he sensed an ill omen in regards toYang Tie's intentions.

Before Yang Tie could follow up, the elder continued, "Moreover, this person definitely isn't simple since he possesses such great wealth. Since he's bold enough to buy a high quality saint artifact, he might actually possess the strength to protect it and prevent himself from being robbed right after the purchase.

"As a result, I can conclude that this person is either very powerful, or he comes from a clan or organisation with an OverG.o.d. I just wonder which clan he is from."

"Young master, high quality saint artifacts are valuable, but it's just not a smart choice to offend a clan with an OverG.o.d over something like this."

The elder of the Yang family a.n.a.lysed sternly. He did all that he could to persuade Yang Tie to not make trouble with Jian Chen.

This was because he understood that the only people who were bold enough to buy a high quality saint artifact before the eyes of the public either suffered from mental issues or possessed great confidence.

The elder directly ignored the possibility of the person being a powerful expert because six million high grade divine crystals was not something that any person could take out, particularly without the backing of a powerful clan.

However, Yang Tie paid no attention to the elder's attempts at persuasion at all. He insisted on the same thing, speaking arrogantly, "I don't know whether that person is from a clan with an OverG.o.d. You're only guessing as well. What if you've guessed incorrectly and that person not only lacks any particular background, but he lacks strength as well? That he was just lucky, finding the dwelling of a person somewhere and receiving some treasures and wealth from there? Moreover, the brat severed the arms of my guards in such a fearless manner. Hmph, my Yang family is a large clan within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian after all. I have to redeem us. So what if he comes from a clan with an OverG.o.d? We're the Yang family, don't forget!"

Yang Tie could not help but become proud when he mentioned the Yang family. The Yang family really did possess an extremely great status in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian due to the existence of their ancestor. All the clans with OverG.o.ds in the divine kingdom possessed some fear towards the Yang family.

This was all because the ancestor of the clan was a late OverG.o.d, possessing status only second to the divine king and the Grand Imperial Protector.

Afterwards, Yang Tie immediately pa.s.sed down orders to search for Jian Chen. With the power of the Yang family in the royal capital, finding a person was naturally nothing difficult. They found the inn where Jian Chen had settled down in temporarily very soon.

The entire room on the highest floor of the Perched Phoenix Inn, labelled 'Heaven', was covered by a formation. Jian Chen currently sat on the bed in that room as he refined the Startling Rainbow sword. He did not even consider that the young master of the Yang family might become interested in the saint artifact he had just purchased.

However, even if he knew, he would not feel afraid at all. The ancestor of the Yang family, Yang Kai, was very powerful, having reached late OverG.o.d. However, he had also reached late OverG.o.d in terms of comprehension. All he lacked was cultivation.

As a result, there was no reason from him to fear Yang Kai of the Yang family.

At this moment, Yang Tie had already surrounded the Perched Phoenix Inn with over a hundred experts from the Yang family. Not only were there many Deities among them, but Yang Tie had even managed to bring a few G.o.d elders.

Although Yang Tie's status as the young master would have never been enough to directly order the elders around, he still deserved some respect as a young master. Not to mention the fact that this matter was connected to a high quality saint artifact.

If they really could hand a high quality saint artifact to their ancestor, it would be a matter of merit, and they would be rewarded handsomely.

In regards to any problems that could be created, just how many people were willing to offend the Yang family with their current status?

"The person who bought the high quality saint artifact severed the limbs of our guards. It was he who caused trouble first. We have a reason to make trouble. It's completely reasonable for us to take his high quality saint artifact," one of the elders who hurried over later said seriously.

"Even though I haven't personally seen the OverG.o.ds of the neighbouring divine kingdoms, I have heard of them, so I possess some understanding towards them. There's only the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan that I don't really know, since he has only broken through recently. However, there's no one who matches the person who bought the high quality saint artifact amongst all the OverG.o.ds I know. As a result, I'm certain that this person isn't an OverG.o.d. Even if he's a G.o.d, he probably isn't from our kingdom because I basically possess information on all the G.o.ds in our kingdom," said a middle-aged man. He wore white robes and seemed like a scholar.

Yang Tie immediately became overjoyed when he heard these words from the elder. He said, "Elders, let's go and find that person right now."

The elders of the Yang family nodded happily and followed Yang Tie directly into the inn.

Only the elder who tried to persuade Yang Tie earlier sensed that something was off, but now that the situation had developed to this point, he had run out of choices. He could only sigh to himself and follow them into the inn.

As one of the most luxurious inns in the royal capital, the Perched Phoenix Inn naturally possessed some background. However, when the manager saw that these people were elders of the Yang family, he could only turn a blind eye. He did not dare to speak up.

Even though the inn was the business of a clan with an OverG.o.d in the royal capital, there was nothing he could do. There really were very few people who dared to offend the Yang family, particularly over small matters like this.

"It's here. That person is staying here." Yang Tie brought the elders before Jian Chen's room, and his voice was filled with some excitement. Without any hesitation, he immediately touched the formation.

Jian Chen sat within the room with his eyes closed as the Startling Rainbow sword shone with resplendent light as the sword hovered before him. It emitted the invisible, sharp sword Qi of a high quality saint artifact, filling the entire room.

However, at this moment, the light that had always surrounded the sword suddenly vanished, revealing the sword itself.

It was also at this moment that Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly. He stared at the Startling Rainbow Sword before him calmly. After studying it closely, he could not help but show a sliver of delight. He murmured, "You'll be accompanying me in the future, Startling Rainbow sword." As he said that, Jian Chen's right hand touched the sword. At that moment, the sword just vanished all of a sudden, disappearing into Jian Chen's body.

Suddenly, a ripple appeared in the defensive formation outside the room. Jian Chen's eyes narrowed. As soon as he put the sword away, he turned towards the entrance. His plain eyes gradually sharpened.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1827

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