Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1841

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Chapter 1841: Refinement Adamantine

"Who is in that viewing box? He's unwilling to step down even for the famed Thunder family from the Divine Kingdom of Aethercloud. Moreover, seeing how calmly he spoke, he possesses great confidence. Clearly, he doesn't fear the Thunder family…"

"None of us can afford to offend the Thunder family, nor can we offend that existence who does not even fear the Thunder family. Whatever. We won't take part in the bidding war for the Soul-drawing Lotus…"

"We can't afford to offend either of them, so we must never state a price. If we do state a price, they'll probably bear grudges with us even if one of them do obtain it in the end…"

All the people from the OverG.o.d organisations made up their minds. They were all extremely fearful of the Thunder family.

Over ninety percent of the people with the bloodline of the Thunder family would comprehend the Laws of Lightning once they reached G.o.dhood, which was one of the laws with the greatest offensive power. The special bloodline of the clan shocked everyone, and it also filled them with fear towards it.

Combined with the existence of two OverG.o.ds, with one having reached late OverG.o.d in particular, the Thunder family could be crowned as the greatest clan in the region without any dispute. Only the royal families of the divine kingdoms would be able to keep them at bay.

Moreover, a G.o.dking had even appeared in the clan a hundred thousand years ago. Although he had vanished mysteriously, there was no news of his death. If the missing G.o.dking was included, then even the royal families would fear the Thunder family.

Jian Chen's bid made the four brothers reveal rather ugly expressions. The Soul-drawing Lotus was just too important to them, as it was directly connected to their grand elder's life.

"Greetings from the Lightning Brothers. However, we are in desperate need of the Soul-drawing Lotus, so we must obtain it no matter what. I hope you can stand down. We will be filled with grat.i.tude if you do that," one of the four brothers said. Although he spoke calmly, his voice was filled with a sense of forcefulness, and it was like a threat.

They had to obtain this item no matter what. That was more than enough for Jian Chen to understand that even if he truly managed to buy the Soul-drawing Lotus, the four brothers would probably use everything they had to claim the lotus. That naturally included theft.

"I'm also trying to save the life of a friend by buying this lotus. As a result, I can't let you have it. Moreover, I too have made up my mind, just like you four brothers," Jian Chen responded firmly. He did not leave them any grounds for discussion.

Everyone immediately became astounded when they heard Jian Chen's words. Even the people from other OverG.o.d clans looked towards Jian Chen's viewing box. They also wondered whether Jian Chen really possessed the strength where there was no need for him to fear the Thunder family since he spoke like that, or was it because he had no idea about the power of the Thunder family.

The four brothers fell silent. Currently, their faces had become terrifyingly sunken. At the same time, they experienced some resentment, questioning why the ancestor did not place more importance on the grand elder and was only willing to spend three blocks of high grade divine crystals to save him. Otherwise, they would not end up in such an awkward situation.

"We will pay three million and five hundred thousand high grade divine crystals. That's all the wealth on the four of us. Sir, do you still plan on contending? Please think it through before you say anything," one of the four brothers said coldly. The extra five hundred thousand high grade divine crystals came from all the savings of the four brothers.

"Three million and six hundred thousand!" Jian Chen bid without any hesitation. At the same time, he let out a breath of relief. He only possessed five blocks of high grade divine crystal in total right now, so he really was worried that the four brothers would bid higher than what he could afford.

After all, the Thunder family was an established and glorious clan. After they had acc.u.mulated wealth for so many years, it was impossible for the Tian Yuan clan to rival them.

"Three million and six hundred thousand going once…" The hostess smiled brightly on the stage.

"Three million and six hundred thousand going twice…"

"Three million and six hundred thousand going three times. I declare that the Soul-drawing Lotus has been purchased by the esteemed guest in viewing box number ninety-eight…"

Jian Chen successfully obtained the Soul-drawing Lotus, while the Lightning Brothers said nothing else.

However, everyone at the auction understood that the Lightning Brothers would not just let the matter end like this.

Jian Chen's feelings fluctuated as he held the Soul-drawing Lotus. He experienced joy and eagerness. Kai Ya had been unconscious for simply far too long, and it was to the point where even he could do nothing about it. Finally, there was a shred of hope now.

However, Jian Chen did not leave. He remained at the auction centre to see if anything else useful for him would appear.

Afterwards, Jian Chen bid for a few more items. He purchased some things for his good friends that had come up from the Tian Yuan Continent. In this way, he spent all the remaining divine crystals he had on him.

"I've spent all five blocks of high grade divine crystals now. The ancestor of the Mo family in the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang owes me things as well. Looks like I need to find some time to pay him a visit." Jian Chen felt helpless as he stared at the loose divine crystals in his s.p.a.ce Ring. Now, he had returned to the life of being penniless. He probably could not even afford to stay on the top floor of the Perched Phoenix Inn.

In all likelihood, no one would believe him that a mighty OverG.o.d could become so poor.

"The item for auction next is a supreme grade material for forging weapons, the Scarlet Gold Ore." Ou Di took out another item. It was a special piece of metal that was the size of a head. It shone with a wondrous l.u.s.tre and possessed strands of the Laws of Metal.

Originally, Jian Chen did not care for any materials, as quite a few materials had already appeared during the auction this time. Unfortunately, none of them were of any use to him.

However, when he glanced at the Scarlet Gold Ore out of habit, his eyes narrowed suddenly.

"Master, that is the Refinement Adamantine. It's a material for forging the twin swords." At this moment, the voices of the sword spirits rang out. The Scarlet Gold Ore was also the Refinement Adamantine. It was just that different names were used in the Saints' World and the Immortals' World.

Jian Chen immediately frowned as bitterness filled his face. The Refinement Adamantine just had to appear after he had spent all his divine crystals. Life was making things tough for him.

Currently in Xi Yu and Mo Yan's viewing box, Xi Yu paid complete attention to the Refinement Adamantine. She was stern as she studied all the characteristics of the metal with great diligence.

Very soon, her eyes lit up, as she had confirmed that this item was one of the materials their patriarch had ordered the clan to find.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1841

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