Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1905

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Chapter 1905: End of the Crisis

"Jian Chen!" Protector Gong roared out furiously. His eyes had become completely bloodshot. He would need quite a long time to recover his arms now that Jian Chen had completely destroyed them. It would even end up damaging his vitality.

Moreover, even though he was a late OverG.o.d, protector Gong was incapacitated now that he had lost both of his arms.

The Laws of Fire that had condensed around him had already dispersed, while he, who had transformed into a sun due to the laws, reappeared. His body was covered with vicious and terrifying slashes. He was bloodied and in a horrible condition while his face was sheet-white, giving off a sense of weakness.

Today, both protector Gong and protector Wu had become heavily injured and reduced to a horrible shape.

They were not like Jian Chen, who possessed the tough Chaotic Body. As a result, their battle prowess had been greatly reduced after being injured. They were nowhere near close to their peak condition.

However, Jian Chen did not plan to let them off just yet. He swung the Startling Rainbow sword and produced two huge chains created from sword Qi. He attacked the two protectors again, forcing them to vomit blood. At the same time, their wounds worsened. They were completely incapacitated now.

"Senior Gong and senior Wu have actually been defeated. They actually can't beat the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan even when working together. They even failed to injure him. H- how is this possible? It's impossible," in the distance, the two early OverG.o.ds and the only other protector who did not take part in the battle struggled to accept this outcome. They were in disbelief.

In their eyes, even among all the OverG.o.ds of the Earth Spirit sect, protector Gong and protector Wu ranked towards the very top. They were extremely close to G.o.dking, and they only required a final step.

However, what happened before them today had completely overturned their understandings. Working together, the powerful protectors had actually lost to an OverG.o.d from a backwater city.

In the provincial city, Shen Jian wielded his dark sword as sword Qi surged from him. His intense battle with Feng Xia had already risen from the original alt.i.tude of a few hundred meters to ten thousand meters.

Even though Feng Xia was a mid OverG.o.d, making her cultivation greater than Shen Jian, who was only an early OverG.o.d, Shen Jian suppressed her firmly when they actually clashed.

"Who is this person? How is he so powerful? Is he the prodigy of some great sect?" Feng Xia was extremely shocked inside. Pitted against Shen Jian's lightning swift attacks, she had already used her full strength, without holding back anything at all. However, even with that being the case, she only just managed to keep him at bay. She was reduced to just dealing with whatever he threw at her, completely losing the upper hand.

Below, the woman with the fan wanted to kill Kai Ya, but she was entangled with Chanlong. She was extremely annoyed and had attacked Chanlong without any hesitation at all.

However, master Chanlong was a famed formations master. He possessed extremely great mastery over the Laws of Formations, so just a single defensive formation from him could nullify all the attacks from the woman with ease.

Master Chanlong and Kai Ya stood within the formation. Master Chanlong had his hands behind his back as he stared at the woman outside leisurely. He allowed her to attack the formation exhaustively with a pale face and did not fight back at all.

"With my support, even if you attack this formation for ten thousand years straight, you won't be able to get through it. I only want to protect my friend. I don't want to become enemies with your Earth Spirit sect, so you better stop it now," master Chanlong said plainly.

The woman's eyes turned cold when she heard that. She said frigidly, "There's nothing I can do about your formation, but you should know that our Earth Spirit sect is filled with talents and experts. Let alone OverG.o.ds, but we even have quite a few G.o.dkings as well. If you continue to get in our way, our Earth Spirit sect will not spare you."

Master Chanlong ignored the woman's threats. He said indifferently, "Although I don't want to become enemies with your Earth Spirit sect, that doesn't mean I fear your Earth Spirit sect. If you want to keep going, I can only cast down a formation and keep you trapped."

"You…" The woman's chest heaved with anger. She was a mighty protector of the Earth Spirit sect. In a backwater kingdom like this, she would receive only respect wherever she went. She had never become so furious before.

However, when she saw how fearless master Chanlong was, she understood that this old man was not joking with her. She immediately glanced at him with resentment before turning around and flying towards the Tian Yuan clan.

"Tian Yuan clan, it's all because of you. If I swear I will destroy you today." Killing intent filled the woman's eyes. Even though she had taken a strike from Jian Chen and was injured, she was a mid OverG.o.d after all. Wiping out a clan without an OverG.o.d would require no effort at all.

However, at this moment, a streak of light shot over the horizon, arriving with lightning speed. It moved extremely quickly, piercing through her chest before she could even react.


Blood sprayed into the air, and the woman grunted. The Startling Rainbow sword had pierced her entire body.

Jian Chen gripped the sword with a single hand as he stared coldly at the woman with killing intent. As he pushed out with his right hand, the sword flew off with the woman, directly stabbing into the damaged city walls in the end. It pinned her there firmly.

Seeing how Jian Chen had already dealt with his opponents, Shen Jian went serious. He used his full strength and the Cloudstream sword suddenly shook. A visible ripple spread out from it.

This ripple contained a devastating power. Once the ripple hit Feng Xia, her clothes were immediately reduced to tatters, revealing her slender figure. However, her body was already covered in blood, and even her bones were shaken to dust by the ripple.

Now, the battle had finally ended. Six of the seven protectors had been heavily injured, only leaving behind a single mid OverG.o.d who did not take part in the battle. He was already utterly stunned and pale by now, and he no longer possessed the courage to keep on fighting.

"How did this happen? How…"

The two protectors that Jian Chen had beheaded opened their eyes as well. They stared at the injured protector Gong and protector Wu as well as the woman who struggled painfully as she was pinned to the wall. They became so frightened that they trembled.

They, the seven protectors of the Earth Spirit sect, had actually all been defeated by an OverG.o.d clan from a backwater place like the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. They took it very hard.

At this moment, a tremendous presence suddenly soared into the sky from the Wayner clan within the city. It enveloped the entire provincial city.

Wayner Yan had finally emerged from seclusion after all these years of cultivation. He had also successfully broken through to mid OverG.o.d.

However, just when Wayner Yan's presence appeared, it froze all of a sudden. The black-robed Wayner Yan charged out of the clan in a hurry. He hovered in the sky as he observed everything in shock. Disbelief filled his face.

Clearly, he had completely stopped paying attention to the outside world when he broke through. He had no idea what had happened in the provincial city.

"Senior Gong, senior Wu, senior Feng, senior Chen, y- you all…" Wayner Yan cried out as he struggled to believe what he was seeing. Wayner Yan's eyes had become completely bloodshot when he saw the woman who had been pinned against the city walls by Jian Chen's Startling Rainbow sword. He became utterly enraged.

"Jian Chen, so it's you. You injured my seniors!" Wayner Yan's eyes locked onto Jian Chen very soon, and he roared out furiously. His presence surged, and the Laws of Strength wove into his body as he charged towards Jian Chen aggressively.

Jian Chen frowned. With a gentle wave of his sleeve, the laws around him formed a sword. It exploded with sword intent and took off as a streak of light, shooting towards Wayner Yan.

Wayner Yan had just become a mid OverG.o.d. Compared to before, his strength had increased drastically. He struck out as hard as he could, dealing his strongest strike, but it was not enough to stop the sword Qi that Jian Chen had sent out casually.


Blood spurted from Wayner Yan's mouth as he was blown back. The Laws of Strength dispersed into the surroundings.

His breakthrough had failed to close the gap between him and Jian Chen. Instead, the gap had grown even wider.

"No, how did this happen? Impossible! This is impossible!" Wayner Yan murmured in low spirits as he half-knelt on the ground while blood oozed from the corner of his lips.

He was confident that he could put up a fight against Jian Chen after breaking through. He was even confident that he could defeat Jian Chen, suppress the Tian Yuan clan, and rule over the Dong'an province.

However, in a single clash, he discovered that Jian Chen had become even more powerful, powerful to the point where he struggled to believe it. This had affected him greatly.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1905

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