Chaotic Sword God Chapter 419 - Interference of the Qiangan Kingdom

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After the impact between Xiao Tian’s Heaven Tier Battle Skill and the eleven Heaven Saint Masters, the First Class City known as Benevolence City had several kilometers of their wall collapse. Not only were the casualties high, but if they did not spend several months rebuilding the wall, the city would be doomed for sure.

In this battle, the three Heaven Saint Masters from the Gesun Kingdom and Xiao Tian were all badly injured. But compared to the loss of the Blue Wind Kingdom, the Gesun Kingdom’s injuries were inconsequential. With seven Heaven Saint Masters dead and the remaining four fleeing from the city, the Blue Wind Kingdom’s army had no desire to stay behind as well. The loss weighed heavily on their morale, and without any Heaven Saint Masters to protect them, the army didn’t dare continue the invasion.

Benevolence City was a First Class City with the city lord’s mansion thirty kilometers away from any given entrance to the city. The commander of the army defending the city walls adopted the same methods from the western stronghold and transformed a nearby inn into a temporary strategy room.

Within the inn, the Gesun Kingdom’s Radiant Saint Masters were hurriedly trying to heal the four heavily injured Heaven Saint Masters.

Jian Chen’s status as an Imperial Protector was very high rank, therefore the general treated Jian Chen extremely well along with the commander of the army.

After a brief conversation with them, Jian Chen understood the current situation of the eastern stronghold. At times, he inquired about the Changyang clan but to his disappointment, instead of coming to the eastern stronghold, they were at another stronghold. Thus, Jian Chen’s attempt at seeing his family was fruitless once more.

At this moment, Jian Chen had a serious look on his face, “General Liu, how many Heaven Saint Masters does the Blue Wind Kingdom even have? There were eleven Heaven Saint Masters at the eastern stronghold, does that mean they sent every single one of them to attack?” General Liu was the highest ranking official of the eastern stronghold.

General Liu sighed for a moment before revealing a concerned look, “Honored Imperial Protector, this is an answer I do not have. From the eleven Heaven Saint Masters you saw, five of them were from the Qiangan Kingdom.”

“Qiangan Kingdom!” Jian Chen growled with a dangerous glint as he spoke, “Could it be that the Qiangan Kingdom has decided to throw their lot into this war?”

General Liu nodded grimly at Jian Chen, “That may be true. Although the Qiangan Kingdom has sent no army over, five of the Heaven Saint Masters you saw today were indeed from their kingdom.”

With this answer, Jian Chen went silent for a moment as he began to think. Occasionally, the glint in his eyes flashed ominously.

“General Liu, do you think you can tell me how many experts the Qiangan and Blue Wind Kingdom have and which ones were killed today?” Jian Chen’s voice was oddly monotonous.

Nodding, general Liu replied, “Honored Imperial Protector, after inspecting their clothes, we have determined that three of them are from the Qiangan Kingdom while the remaining four are from the Blue Wind Kingdom. The Blue Wind Kingdom should have eight Heaven Saint Masters, meaning there should theoretically be four left. The Qiangan Kingdom also has eight Heaven Saint Masters, meaning there should be five left.”

Jian Chen nodded his head as he pondered, “You needn’t worry about those Heaven Saint masters then. I will take care of them. General Liu, if there is nothing left to discuss, feel free to head out first.”

Without any hint of disappointment on his face, the general stood up from the table and bowed to Jian Chen. “Yes, honored Imperial Protector. If the Imperial Protector needs anything, please call upon Liu Mou.” With that, general Liu walked out of the room.


Just as general Liu was about to leave the room, the door swung back open before falling off its hinges. In the next moment, a white blur shot into the room and onto Jian Chen’s chest.

For a moment, Jian Chen was stunned, but a rare smile greeted his face as he began to caress the white figure that was buried against his chest.

The sudden white figure that had appeared in the room was the white tiger cub he had nearly forgotten about by the edge of the Qiangan Kingdom.

Seeing how Jian Chen was familiar with the white tiger cub, the initial anger that was on general Liu’s face instantly disappeared. He had seen Xiao Tian bring the cub, so he was not unfamiliar with it.

“Honored Imperial Protector, seeing how the door is broken, I shall send someone over to fix it straight away.” General Liu spoke before leaving the room.

“Mrrrrrowrr…” The tiger cub had tears in its eyes as it looked at Jian Chen with a look of sorrow. Both of its claws sank into Jian Chen’s clothes, rendering the clothes nearly useless; both actions were a sign of its dissatisfaction with Jian Chen.

Continuing to pet the head of the tiger cub affectionately, Jian Chen spoke a word of apology to it softly. Then, as if to console the cub, he took out several thousand year ginseng for the tiger cub to eat.

The tiger cub was confused momentarily before brightening up. As if forgetting about its unhappiness, it gobbled up the ginseng with a happy purr before yawning when it was finished. In a few moments, it fell asleep on Jian Chen’s lap.

Seeing the tiger cub in such a cute fashion, Jian Chen couldn’t help but smile fondly. It had only been now that he had realized just how deep the tiger cub had come to like him.

In a flash, three days went by. During three days, Jian Chen continued to feed the tiger cub several heavenly resources in hopes that it would mature even faster. Jian Chen had not forgotten elder Xiu’s words and tried to hasten its growth as soon as possible.

Jian Chen knew that elder Xiu was not a person of empty words. Perhaps in the near future, there would definitely be some trouble for the tiger cub.

After three days, Xiao Tian and the three other Heaven Saint Masters were fully recovered from their wounds. Upon seeing Jian Chen, the three Heaven Saint Masters from the Gesun Kingdom naturally gave him their heartfelt gratitude.

“Imperial Protector, it is a good thing you came at the time you did. Otherwise, my life would have been ended here.” Xiao Tian laughed without any lingering fear in his voice.

“Xiao Tian, in such a situation, even if you could not beat your enemies, I have full faith that you would at least be able to run away.” Jian Chen laughed. Being an Imperial Advisor of the Qinhuang Kingdom was completely different than being an Imperial Protector of any regular kingdom. They were carefully selected and were worlds beyond those of the other kingdoms. It was only if they were up against an entity of unbelievable power that they would die easily.

Jian Chen knew that Xiao Tian was several hundred years old and was a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. His talent could only be described as terrifying and was virtually close to breaking through to the Saint Ruler realm. Jian Chen didn’t believe that Xiao Tian didn’t have some sort of life saving trump card since not a single Imperial Advisor would die that easily.

After speaking with the other men for a while, Jian Chen arrived at the crux of the problem. “By now, the Gesun Kingdom has been attacked by the Qiangan Kingdom as well. With the two sides combined, they have nine Heaven Saint Masters which is a major problem to the Gesun Kingdom as a whole. Xiao Tian, defend the eastern stronghold for the next few days in case they try for another invasion.”

“Honored Imperial Protector, are you going to be leaving?” Xiao Tian spoke with a slightly hesitant voice.

Jian Chen nodded, “I will personally go to the Qiangan Kingdom. Now that they have meddled in our war, we cannot let them off easily.” Jian Chen’s eyes flashed with a bright glow of killing intent. If he was not in this fight, Chang Bai would be in danger.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 419 - Interference of the Qiangan Kingdom

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