Chaotic Sword God Chapter 719: Sorrow

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Chapter 719: Sorrow

“Mother! Father!” After a long while, two painful cries came from Jian Chen. Jian Chen slowly walked towards the group of people with trembling feet.

“It’s the fourth young master’s voice. The fourth young master has returned!”

“The fourth young master is back!”

The guards that gathered together discovered Jian Chen who had appeared at a moment unbeknownst to them. They all cried out, but their voices were not filled joy like before, but rather grief and sorrow.

A pathway immediately formed in front of Jian Chen. He walked forwards with shaking steps before finally arriving in front of Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba. Seeing parents on the ground, a deep feeling of sorrow filled Jian Chen’s soul.

“Mother! Father!” Jian Chen cried out sorrowfully. He wanted to cry his heart out. His eyes became blood-shot and blood-red tears welled up in his eyes, slowly flowing down his face. With his current strength, he naturally could feel that his parents were already dead. Even with the high grade Radiant Spirit Pills he possessed, he was unable to revive the two.

“Fourth young master, I am sorry. This old servant was useless, unable to properly protect the patriarch and the madam.” Uncle Chang arrived beside Jian Chen with his shaking body. His face was pale and filled with self-blame.

Jian Chen did not say anything. He stared lifelessly at his parent’s bodies while the tears of blood constantly flowed from his eyes. A while later, Jian Chen’s lifeless eyes finally regained some light and closely afterwards, his gaze was aghast. He asked with a deep voice, “Just what has happened? Who has killed by parents?” Jian Chen’s voice was not loud, but it was icy-cold. Even the surrounding temperature abruptly plummeted with what he said, becoming chilly.

The surrounding guards and elderly people immediately felt a cold intent envelope their bodies, causing them to s.h.i.+ver without any control. At that current moment, although Jian Chen did not give off any presence, he was like a death G.o.d to the surrounding people, unbelievably terrifying.

“Fourth young master, before, a few Saint Rulers came to our Changyang Manor and said that they were looking for you. The patriarch and the fourth madam were killed by them.” Uncle Chang said sorrowfully, his tone gloomy.

Jian Chen tightly clenched his fists and a great killing intent erupted from his body. It seemed to cause the surrounding s.p.a.ce to become sticky.

Just at that moment, Jian Chen suddenly raised his head and looked into the distance. He saw four blood-red figures heading over and around the four people, there was a powerful but concealed killing intent, orbiting slowly around the four of them. It was Baleful Yin Force, condensed using a special method after killing countless lifeforms.

Jian Chen immediately felt that the four people were Saint Rulers and jumped to the conclusion that they were the people who murdered his parents. His eyes became filled with the gleam of vengeance and his gaze became horrifying.

The chaotic neidan with Jian Chen’s dantian began to tremble violently. Strands of Chaotic Force flowed unrelentingly from the chaotic neiden, surging violently through Jian Chen’s body like wild horses. It filled every corner of Jian Chen’s body and at the same time, a rocketing presence exploded from Jian Chen. It surged into the sky, accompanied by powerful killing intent. It seemed to form a dark cloud in the sky.

“Argh!” Jian Chen gave out a long roar into the sky. His hair began to move even though there was no wind, dancing about madly. The Dragon Slaying Sword immediately appeared in his right hand, giving off a dark, beautiful glow.

Suddenly, Jian Chen surged into the sky. He shot towards the four red figures in the distance like a lightning bolt, wielding the Dragon Slaying Sword.

Seeing Jian Chen charge like a mad man at them, the four blood-red figures came to a screeching stop. They floated mid-air, each with furrowed eyebrows.

“Pay for my parent’s life!” Jian Chen roared at the sky and swung the Dragon Slaying Sword at the four people. A powerful sword Qi shot out of the sword, flying towards the four people carrying a presence of destruction with it. Wherever the sword Qi pa.s.sed by, it caused the s.p.a.ce to crack, creating long, thin, pitch-black cracks that would repair in the blink of an eye.

“What is this power? Such strength.” One of the red-clothed men exclaimed in surprise. Shortly afterwards, a long, blood-colored awl appeared in his hand. At the same time, a similar awl appeared in the hands of the other three people. They thrust out their awls simultaneously, which rushed at the sword Qi from Jian Chen with powerful Baleful Yin Force.

Boom! A loud sound of collision was created as the sword Qi came together with the four red awls. A powerful ripple of energy transformed into a violent wind, wreaking havoc in the surrounding.

The sword Qi was immediately dispersed by the four awls. However, the Baleful Yin Force surrounding the awls also grew much dimmer, before flying back into the four people’s hands simultaneously.

Jian Chen understood how strong the four people were, but he did not feel the slightest fear. He stared icily at the four people and a powerful and pure sword Qi erupted from his body. Within it, there was a dense killing intent.

“Stop, fourth young master, stop!” At this moment, an old and feeble voice sounded from below. The pale-faced uncle Chang used the energy of the world as he flew from the Changyang Manor in a tottering fas.h.i.+on. He had suffered a blow from a Saint Ruler. Even though it was just a casual strike, his injury was very heavy. After just flying a little, the world energy that allowed his levitate quickly disappeared and he began to fall from the sky.

The coldness in Jian Chen’s eyes quickly decreased slightly. Seeing uncle Chang fall from the sky, Jian Chen’s expression suddenly changed and images of his childhood immediately floated through his head. Shortly afterwards, he ignored the four red-clothed men, fusing with the surrounding s.p.a.ce to approach and catch uncle Chang.

A mouthful of blood sprayed from uncle Chang’s mouth, which dyed his old face blood-red. With a slight thought, a few Radiant Spirit Pills immediately flew out from Jian Chen’s s.p.a.ce Ring, entering uncle Chang’s mouth.

With the Radiant Spirit Pills, uncle Chang’s condition stopped worsening and slowly regained stability. He looked at Jian Chen with a dull gaze and said powerlessly, “Fourth young master, it’s not them, it’s not them who killed the patriarch and the fourth madam. If it were not for their sudden appearance which chased away the murderers, perhaps our Changyang clan will no longer have anyone alive.”

Hearing that, Jian Chen raised his head and looked at the four red-clothed men. The icy-cold killing intent in his eyes slowly dispersed, and even the presence he gave off was slowly withdrawn. Without a single word, he carried uncle Chang’s body into the manor.

At dusk, a lot of people had already gathered outside the manor. All the respected patriarchs within Lore City had all gone to the manor to express sympathy, and even some people of great clans of neighboring cities had come. However, all of them were kept outside. Under the fourth young master’s orders, the entire manor was in a lock-down, refusing to receive any guests.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 719: Sorrow

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