City Of Slumber Chapter 16

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a.s.sault of Knight Armand who can't read the mood

A special menu ordered by Armand arrived. It's something only a connoisseur would order.
"It's a fried river fish skewer"
With a skewer stabbed through it, the fish has an eerie appearance, but when you think about, it's just a fried fis.h.!.+ There's still more food to come though.
But, Miriam screamed loudly and clung to me.
Henry also looked frightened.
They seemed fine with eating a wild yakitori, I don't understand what they're thinking.
With my empty stomach I'm dying for something to eat but having read the air I'm just waiting.
I feel that if I greedily eat it, Miriam will treat me as if I like eating strange food…?
Dimmed lighting.
Rock background music.
Please be careful if you have a weak heart!! … It's such a restaurant.
The river fish might also look like an eerie object in such a place.
Coincidentally, four fish, as many as us, are standing upright in the middle of the table.
Ah, they look tasty… I'm hungry…
"For drinks, mix the blue and red liquids, please add sugar to your liking"
s.h.i.+nigami-san placed suspicious blue and red bottles in front of us. Then lined up four…
By mixing them, you get lemon squash.
I'm thirsty.
Miriam, who's still clinging to me, stiffened.
Henry is completely looking away from the table…
"Miriam, will you mix them~?"
The only cheerful one is Armand.
Miriam shook her head in disagreement.
"Alice, how about you?"
"No thanks"
I'm just pretending though!!
"Alright. Then I'll do this!!"
Armand, in high spirits, poured red and blue liquids to the brim.
Shuwaa!! Eerie foam appeared.
Miriam and Henry clamored. I have no appet.i.te anymore…
Moreover, not noticing that, the macho knight who's unable to read the mood said excitedly.
"Ooh!! Wow!! Well, let's drink!!"
n.o.body responded.
But Armand chugged the lemon squash by himself.
He's like my uncle drinking alcohol at New Year's.
Should I pour more for him?
But, in such atmosphere It's impossible to say that.
Sister and Prince are trying to avoid the gaze of the man who drank this eerie liquid.
"It was delicious!! How about it, everyone?"
No response.
"Sorry, don't want it…"
Mages were too peaceful after erecting the barrier, so they made strange stores, haven't they.
"This also tastes good"
At the sight of Armand greedily devouring the river fish, Miriam hugged my arm and began crying.
"I… want to eat something more ordinary!!"
Even for me, eating in a restaurant with lovely antique tableware, where I'd wear a rental dress and a maid in ap.r.o.n dress waited on us, would be better!!
I wonder why we chose this place…
But, I can't put it into words. Love gauge would fall.
"It was disappointing…"
I said like an older sister.
When the river fish were finished, ordinary pasta and pizza ordered by Henry came.
Miriam took the pizza plate, Henry reached for pasta.
Miriam shared half of the pizza with me.
At the end, we received a ma.s.sive steak that was divided among the four of us.
"It's delicious. It would be good if it nourished Alice-chan's"
"Don't say it here…"
Certainly, since we came to Clair my b.r.e.a.s.t.s have been swelling.

City Of Slumber Chapter 16

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