City Of Slumber Chapter 4

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First plan to peep at BL

We’re camping near a fire created with magic.
I'm grilling the herbs gathered around here on a campfire.
Near me, Miriam is crying in her sleep, repeatedly murmuring Henry's and Armand's names.
The flames illuminate her rosy cheeks.
… She's sound asleep.

The two who were swept away, should be at the entrance of the floor below.
Perhaps perhaps perhaps.
If I secretly go there, I wonder if I can witness BL…?
'It's cold'
'We can't make fire with magic'
'I feel like I'm catching a cold…"
'Take off your clothes, Henry'
'… Armand?'
Armand is taking his clothes off.
'I will warm you with my body'
What a thing what a thing what a thing (nosebleed)
I left sleeping Miriam behind, and while concealing my footsteps I headed for the entrance of the floor below.

I headed towards the last boss's place, I know the dungeon thoroughly!!
If I choose the north path where the apple tree grows and hug the wall, there should be stairs leading downwards.
Even if it's dark, it's easy!!
As I was slowly walking, I heard Miriam's voice calling me.
"Alice-chan? Alice-chan, where are you? Don't leave me alone!! I don't want to be alone. Sob, sob."

Annoying woman.
I hid from Miriam's sight by lowering my body.
"Alice-chan? Alice-chan?"
Then, she let out a voice.
"Alice-chan? Higya!!"
"Guga guga!!"
When she got up, Miriam was surrounded by ten Smiles, the lowest level cla.s.s of monsters.
It's a weird creature that's a yellow sphere lightly floating in the air.
With Armand's quick cutting, Henry's whip attacks, or Alice's black magic, they can be defeated in three turns, but Miriam can only strike them with her mace one by one, suffering attacks for ten turns.
Serves her right.

"Is that okay is that okay?"
The father, who appeared on the save menu, showed up again.
"What is?"
"At this rate, Miriam will die."
"When she dies, don't I return to my original world?"
"No one has said that?"
"If Miriam or you die, it's a bad end. You disappear from both words."
Father showed a cold smile.
… This guy, isn't he a G.o.d of death!!
"I haven't heard of that!!"
"Because you haven't asked. Incidentally, Henry's and Armand's deaths are irrelevant to your survival. The partner Miriam gets close to can change."
"I haven't asked for such a thing!"
Henry or Armand dying?
I don't want that!!
"Then, do your best at the game"
With those words, the save menu closed.

I returned to the scene of Miriam being attacked by Smiles.
… I appeared das.h.i.+ngly before Miriam who suffered a few turns of being bitten by Smiles.
Then I used a multi-target flame spell on page 3.
"Alice… chan… ?"
Clasping her mace, with disheveled hair, covered with blood, Miriam looked at me clingily.
"What are you doing? You shouldn't leave the camp, right?
"Because, because, Alice-chan wasn't there!!"
c.r.a.p. What should I say…

"… I can't sleep without herbal tea. I just went out for a bit to pick herbs, so don't make a fuss!!”
"I, I am sorry"
Smiles are burning up in my flames.
Then, Miriam's stomach growled.
"I wonder if they're edible?"
Miriam is gazing at Smiles.
What an idiot.
"Impossible. They'll wreck your stomach. Armand carried dried meat, so I think it all spoiled"
"Is that soo"
"I only have little dry bread left…"
"At any rate, let's go back to the camp"
"Hey, hey, Alice-chan. I know where the herbs grow!!"
"Is that so?"
"Yup. I used to grow them in the past. If we search the waterside, I think we'll find peppermint."
Following Miriam, I found wild growing peppermint. Because soil is carried here from the surface, other herbs also grow in this area.
"Thank you. Now I can drink the herbal tea."
Miriam is scratching her head blus.h.i.+ng.
"I also want some herbal tea. I wonder if I could have a nice dream?"
"That would be nice"
"My hometown has become like this so…"
Suddenly Miriam began shamelessly weeping.
She reminded me of a child, so I stroked her hair just as I'd stroke a dog.
First plan to peep at BL was a failure.

City Of Slumber Chapter 4

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