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Father and mother swallows got angry at Miriam

I'm soaking in a bathtub in the room with the clothes.
Following the ma.s.sage it's good to soak in water.
I'm thoroughly was.h.i.+ng my body.
When I took off my dress and underwear… the feeling of hopelessness welled up.
Being selfishly liked by a pervert like her, such a thing…!!
No more, I want to run away!!
Why did I have to possess the indecent Aliceee!!

"Alice's voice was amazing"
"What an indecent woman"
Both men cackled.
Arbitrarily treating people as their playthings, what horrible remarks.

"Hey!! Don't talk about Alice-chan like that!!"
"What's with that. Then, Miriam, what do you think of Alice?"
What's with that…?
"… She's cute? She was shaking and twitching like a rabbit the whole time"
"Besides, she was warm to touch"
"How nice!!"
She's also treating me as a plaything…

"That's good. How long will the message continue?"
"Until Alice-chan's chest grows bigger"
"Eeh, you were serious. I though it was a fictional setting to have fun"
"I thought so too"
Two men nodded to each other.
I'm p.i.s.sed off!!

"They'll really get bigger!! Even now they're maturing!!"
Even if you are serious, that's problematic…
Someone, can anyone put a stop to that!?
"I think her small b.r.e.a.s.t.s are fine as they're are. I want to eat something good"
"Ah. Prince sure says different things."
"Certainly, we haven't eaten anything satisfactory. I want Alice-chan to have something to eat"
"But, we have hardly any food left"
It seems water spoiled most of Henry's and Armand's food.
"Then, will Alice's b.r.e.a.s.t.s shrink? Was your hard work on the ma.s.sage pointless? But, I enjoyed her panting"
"You can't. If you say such a thing to Alice-chan. She'll run away."
"That's right. You won't know when that girl escapes. She's a woman from foreign country"
"If she hears you, it'll turn into an uproar!!"
I can hear you!!

"Alice, didn't your b.r.e.a.s.t.s get smaller?
What awaited me when I left the bath were Armand's merciless words.
"Eeeh!? Why did I receive the ma.s.sage!?"
"Wasn't the ma.s.sage for the purpose of making them bigger? However, when you move on an empty stomach, you consume energy…"
"They'll return to being small…"
Is Henry serious, I don't know if his reasoning is vulgar or not, but it's true my b.r.e.a.s.t.s got smaller.
"That's all the food we have"
Armand poked a can of crackers.
Certainly, if we go ahead, there's an area where people who immigrated here live, food and the likes can be obtained there.
But, to enter that area, the amulet is necessary.
Same as nearby rooms, that area is protected by sacred arts…
There is a town that leads survival life there.
They process what's available in this dungeon, securing their food supply.
And once we gather enough coins from monsters, we're supposed to be able to shop there.

When you pa.s.s through the entrance without the amulet, you'll be sent flying.
When encountering food problem, following choices appear.

A, Leave the dungeon briefly to search for food
B, Search for food on the third underground floor (where you're now)
C, Look for food a little ahead
D, Hurry up ahead without worrying about food

This is a simple choice whether the completion time will be longer or shorter.
A has the completion time 1.5 times the normal, D is half.
Although B or C don't change the completion time much, if B isn't chosen you will proceed without the amulet.
Wouldn't I remain hungry without my experience from reality!?

"Why don't we search for something to eat on this floor"
I proposed.
"You're right. There's also the waterside"
"Why don't we act in two groups?"
Oh!! Henry, that's a wonderful plan.
"Let's do that. I'll go with Miriam to search the forest"
"Then, I'll go with Armand to search the waterside"
Just like that, they headed for waterside waving their hands, then Miriam muttered to me.
"Is that what you wanted to see?"
"It hasn't yet begun. But, it starts from now~!! Their conversation on the waterside drenched in water, ufufu, ahaha, before long Armand pushes Henry down, then it begins"
"Is that so…?"
Miriam's eyes turned into dots.
It seems she doesn't understand.
"Mushrooms are growing over there"
"I wonder if they are edible"
"Henry is knowledgeable, I think I'll pick them all"
"Good idea. I'll climb the tree"
Miriam climbed the tree messing up the hem of the dress that was hindering her.
Now then, although the amulet is essential, only Henry can find it.
Regrettably, our team is a failure.
Anyway, we decided to gather something to eat.
Miriam dropped persimmon-like and acorn-like fruits from the tree tops.
Trees glow in the dungeon come together with waterside to create a marvelous sight, it seems to be the dragon's power.
I wonder what's going on.
Branches and leaves obstruct the view.
I picked up the fruits and stored them in my bag.
Of course, the mushrooms are in another cloth. It'd be a trouble if they were poisonous.
After I finished picking mushrooms and was searching for something else at my feet, it became noisy overhead.
"Pyaa! Pyaa!"
"Pyuu!! Pyuu!!"
"Gyaa!! Stooop!!"
"What's wrong? Miriam?"
I looked up at Miriam's screams.
Two swallows were flying around the tree, spreading their wings they're chirping threateningly and attacking.
No way…
"Miriam!? No way, did you touch swallow nest!?"
"Swallow nest means grilled chicks!! Doesn't it sound delicious?"
I'm amazed.
Grilled chicks…
"Stop!! These swallows are too pitiful!!"
"But, Alice-chan's meal!!"
"It's okay, come down!!"
"But, gyaaa!!"
Miriam fell down. She caught a branch, it broke, then she caught another.
She reached the ground doing so.
Although she landed on her feet, she clumsily fell backwards afterwards, completely exposing her yellow panties.
She cried ouch.
"What are you doing…"
"Swallows' nest for Alice-chan… Huh? It's not here?"
"I'm sorry for mother and father swallow!!"
Swallows chirped as if saying 'serves you right'.
"Hey, get up. Don't show your panties forever!!"
I grabbed the hem of Miriam's dress, and pulled it over her leg.
"Alice-chan sorry. Sorry… Alice-chan's meal is…"
The commotion made Miriam burst into tears.
I thought she's a weird child, but it suits her…
"It's fine. Let's go deeper to search some more"
I stroked her head.
Such a chest with a weak-minded little girl on the inside, what should I do with her…
I waited for Miriam to stop crying then resumed our search, but after all, we couldn't find much.

City Of Slumber Chapter 7

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