Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

A medicinal herb with a little silver starlight s.h.i.+ned in the sun.

(She finished making her medicine and I guess this is how it looks like of course without the ring^^) - s...o...b..ll

"Is this brainwas.h.i.+ng?"

"It's amazing!"

"Pills really make people more beautiful."

"Jubaoge is Jubaoge." In the crowd, bursts of amazed sighs rang through the air.

   "Please do not be fooled by her, this princess can guarantee on her life, that this simply not Fengyun Dan pulp was.h.i.+ng dan." ninth Princess suddenly exclaimed, her eyes full of persistence.

   " According to the records of Shen Dan Gu Dan Fang, the marrow wash needs to be tempered by the inner fire for at least ten hours before it can become a Dan. After refining, the Dan body is blue, pure and without impurities.”

The ninth princess paused and stepped forward, her face full of arrogance.

   "The pedigree of the fluorescing girl, although exquisite, ignores the essence of the medicinal herbs. Yulian is not malicious, but my G.o.d Dan Valley has never seen anyone squandering and smear the sacredness of medicine."

   "You mean, can you represent G.o.d Dan Valley?" Feng Xingying swept the ninth princess a look, and the corners of her eyes evoked a beautiful arc. Only this one eye is a hundred percent charming and charming beyond, and even more people can't help but think about it. The true content under her mask must be amazing.

   "I, I don't mean this." The ninth princess did not dare to take this risk, but plainly, they felt that it lowered the momentum.

   "If you can't, manage your mouth and your dog.” Feng Xingying replied with a smirk.

The nine princess was so angry that she was blocked that couldn't speak.

   Feng Xingying simply didn't bother to entangle with her. She was even to lazy to look at her again.

“You should not have let me down right?” she asked Mei Mei.

"Girl  rest a.s.sured!"

   Mei Mei’s work was highly efficient, and a moment before, she had quickly invited four appraisers to identify the pill. Among them, two of them are Dan Pharmacists in Shendan Valley.

   The people around them stared at the four appraisers nervously and curiously.

   After all, the Ninth Princess has been named one of the most talented women in the Jia Country. She learned alchemy at a young age. Moreover, her status is honourable and her character has always been calm and won the hearts of the people.

What she said before had quite a bit of an impact on the onlookers. The most distinguished princess of the country, would not lie?

   The alchemy technique and the confident look of Feng Xingying gave off the appearance of a mysterious world's superiors, not to mention the fact that she now represents the Jubao Pavilion. Although the Jubao Pavilion is expensive, it has always been reputable.

   "Ninth sister, are you really sure?" Prince Nangong Chu brows slightly picked up, and a handsome white face reveals a trace of doubt.

   "Of course! I am a disciple of G.o.d Dangu!" Nine princesses raised their heads confidently.

   "But she is not lying." Prince Nangong Chu was stunned and stared at Feng Xingying who said that.

   Her temperamental eyes reminded him of the person in memory.

   When the phoenix sword came out, Wanshan burned, what kind of heroic posture, but unfortunately, he was born ten years later.


Couple minutes later the two Shendan Valley appraisers had arrived. They were very old to the point where their eyebrows had turned all white.

However, regardless of their ident.i.ty, facing such status people fell down to wors.h.i.+p ︰

"master please take me as a disciple."

"You get up first, This matter allows me to think about it again later." the old men replied to the young man’s pleads. Paying their full attention at Feng Xing Ying.

Feng Xingying felt self-conscious and not flattered.

   Feng Xingying did not expect the Shendan Valley alchemy teacher, who has always been known for his pride, to be so modest. It’s nothing to collect a few disciples, but when his strength is still weak, Feng Xingying does not want to expose his ident.i.ty so quickly.

The so-called master is a teacher, regardless of age.

Even in her previous life, there were many old people who were several times her age under her door asking for her to accept them.

Perhaps like this Feng Xingying ?- s...o...b..ll

Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 14

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