Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 8.0

The 8th chapter I am a b.i.t.c.h.

The nightmare gets worst for Feng Yuelu.. kinda sad the author didn't make her smarter. These two chapters are just not making her day. ( ′~‵) And honestly, I have been pretty depressed myself. stole my novel.. even after I sent people to there site for the first 4 chapters. Now I feel bad .. those were probably the original authors. If anyone knows the previous author's name please comment below (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Feng Yuelu’s pride took a big hit.

Waiting till FengYuelu is beaten sadly and unceasingly say that she was a b.i.t.c.h 35 times did she finally stop.

“I am a b.i.t.c.h. Eldest sister, I know I am wrong.

I am a b.i.t.c.h, I know I was wrong. I will never dare again to offend you. I was a b.i.t.c.h”. Feng Yuelu just wanted this to stop. It was embarra.s.sing and the whip was starting to form dark bruises and b.u.mps on her skin. It also didn't help that every time the whip came down towards her she would faceplant into the earth. Which caused her to eat a lot of dirt.

Feng Xingying, on the other hand, held the whip like a Queen on her throne. She didn't seem tired at all. She looked down at Feng Yuelu like she was p.o.o.p on her shoes. Feng Yuelu had the word ‘cheap’ written all over her. Graveling on the dirt like a dog trying to please her

her master. She looked nothing like the Feng family's fifth miss. Feng Xingying was very disappointed. And so was s...o...b..ll when she learns that her novel was taken by novelalls.

“My father is Feng family’s master. He is an offspring from his majesty’s pure and first-rate line. My mother came from a proper family and in those days when she still lived to protect Jia Country have done many meritorious deeds, earning her the t.i.tle of the second lady. I, Xingying was born n.o.ble. To be compared to be a dog, I only have 2 words. No way.

On the contrary, Feng Yuelu you? Simply cannot compare. You were born from a cheap Fang servant girl that seduced my father. Your mother climbed into his bed and pushed herself on

herself on to him. Taking advantage that he was drunk to climb up the ranks. Your just a mix breed b.i.t.c.h.  Like your mother, always causing so much trouble and so cheap.

When I think about how I was sisters with such a mix breed it really makes me sick. With you around, I feel like I am losing face.

Let me give you a few more whips so you will always remember this and the consequences of your actions. “

s...o...b..ll's effort.. 

Feng Xingying spoke while whipping Feng Yuelu. Feng Xingying sighed and shook her head.

Yunxiang had returned from the market somewhere during the 35 times Feng Yuelu said she was a b.i.t.c.h and was actually boldly counting the number of the number of times Feng Xingying whipped Feng Yuelu. The number had already climbed to 45 times!!

Every time Feng Xingying whipped Feng Yuelu, Yunxiang counted. Up and up the number went.

After a very long period of time, the rain like whipping stopped.

Feng Yuelu was so frightened that when it was finally over she scurried away from Feng Xingying. She stared at Feng Xingying with hatred but dared not to step forward, not even half a step.

The whip is still in Feng Xingying’s hand and can be drawn at any time.

Is Feng Xingying possessed? Not only was she quick but also had a lot of power. What happens to the timid and fragile vase of the past?

Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 8

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Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 8 summary

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