Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Nine Yin Frozen Veins

Feng Xing Ying looked away from the man. She calmly cleaned off the blood on her face and pulled her wet clothes into place. After she had neatly arranged her smooth long black hair, she turned around and left, never once forgetting to put on proud airs.

In reality Feng Xing Ying was somewhat scared at this moment. It seems that when the man had shown his spirit powers, Feng Xing Ying had finally realized that everything that she had ever been familiar with was gone. However she calmed down the turbulence in her heart. God had given her something that probably so other human in history had received a second chance at life. Since she was alive now, she would live like a king.

This was not only for herself, but also for the dead Feng Xing Ying who had suffered her whole life.

Only, Feng Xing Ying was puzzled. According to the history of the Yun Xi continent, whenever a person is born, they can trigger the heavens and earths to form bonds with different spirit powers.

Spirit aptitude ranges from one star to nine stars, with one being the lowest and nine being the highest. For an ordinary person to be able to achieve five stars was already considered quite a good aptitude. Six stars are considered genius aptitude; seven stars are considered a genius of a generation. Eight stars and nine stars are considered legendary, granting a person the abilities to communicate with the strange abilities of the heavens and the earth.

Since the birth of Feng Xing Ying triggered strange phenomenon across the heaven and earth,  she should not be a waste.

Feng Xing Ying carefully touched her hand to examine her pulse.

With this touch, her heart was even more puzzled.

Her body turned out to be a legend alright, but it was a legend that cannot be treated with medicine. This body of hers was meant to live only till nine years of age because she possessed the Nine Yin Frozen Veins. These veins mean that a person suffers from bitter cold and destroyed meridians before they die at the age of nine.

The problem here was that Feng Xing Ying was already fifteen years old, and not only had she lived well, she also had not experienced the slightest bitter cold symptoms.

On the contrary, her body temperature was actually quite energetic and warm.

Interesting…really interesting.

Feng Xing Ying who was immersed with examining her body had ignored the man. At the moment his burning gaze was focused on her, his lips arched with a touch of obvious interest.

A little bonfire illuminated Feng Xing Ying's badly mangled face. She was merely sitting on the ground, her aura tranquil. Anyone who saw her couldn't help but compare her to a broken porcelain doll, arousing pity.

"I'm called Qin Mo Lin, what about you?" The man from the creek didn't know when but he had taken a seat beside Feng Xing Ying, his face was illuminated by the bonfire as well.

Qin Mo Lin sized up Feng Xing Ying's profile with a deep gaze.

Not unreasonable, really calm.

This woman was really interesting.

The pride and the complicated feelings that swam in her deep eyes reminded him once again of that feeling of familiarity.

Although the state of her face was quite appalling, it also provoked his interest in finding out what had happened to the girl.

This kind of woman with a wolf-like gaze, what happened to push her to such a state? The broken temple that reeked of blood and her were somehow related, right?

"Feng Xing Ying."

Feng Xing Ying answered out loud in a faint voice. Qin Mo Lin, this person, he had to be quiet powerful to always catch her off guard.

"Dali's most beautiful?"

"Hehe I believe that you can be considered Dali's most beautiful." Feng Xing Ying showed a self-depreciating smile as she thought. Now that her face looks like a ghost's, won't the beauties of the country use this chance to gain an edge?

Although she was the most beautiful woman in Dali, most people privately called her a vase. This was because she was only as good as a vase, utterly useless but nice to look at.

Feng Xing Ying had very stubborn nature; she turned around to answer with a verse:

"We're both the same, the same kind of killers. However I cannot compare to your majesty Cold King's feminine charms…"

He lightly pulled the corner of his mouth. Without speaking a word, Qin Mo Lin reached to pull Feng Xing Ying towards him, grasping her pulse.

As he grasped her wrist, his face took on a stunned expression.

Qin Mo Lin was also very curious. This person who had triggered the heavens and earth at birth just like him, why was she a waste?

"Nine Yin Frozen Veins?!" Qin Mo Lin was finally somewhat startled by her: "You actually lived this long?"

"And never felt cold." Feng Xing Ying shrugged. The cold night wind met her drenched body, yet she did not feel cold. On the contrary, she actually felt quite pleasant.

"I see…" Qin Mo Lin's eyes finally flashed with a mysterious light.

Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 3

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