Cold Palace's Abandoned Consort Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Torture Amidst the Cold Palace

I looked up, seeing her troubled expression, I lightly laughed. "It's nothing, I'm just a bit tired, let's go to bed early."

Yu Er nodded and proceeded to make the bed together with me. The two of us didn't utter a single word and just got into bed, and after a while, the sound of her even breathing travelled to my ears. This girl was straightforward, without even the need to think, she could head straight for wonderland but as for me, tonight, I couldn't even sleep a wink. My eyes were wide open staring at the black roof.

Several figures flashed through my mind, at first it was Yu Er's deeply concerned look,  later on, it was the Crown Prince's courteous smile, a moment later, it was Ning Yan’s ferocious expression, but in the endl, a face morphed.

Stunning, cold and an unrivaled arrogance.

Fear crept up, I tenaciously closed my eyes and pulled the blankets over me. That silhouette was like a nightmare that I could never escape from…

Unexpectedly, in the next following days, the palace remained serene.

The thing that I'm most worried about didn't occur. With that, my burning heart was finally able to get a moment of peace.

One day, I brought some things and quietly went to the Cold Palace, it has been 11 months, withered leaves on the floor haven't been swept and was blown by the autumn wind to the corner, producing a rustling sound and accentuating the desolate silence in the already lonely and quiet Cold Palace.

Looking at this scene, my heart turned gloom. Just as I sighed, I heard someone being scolded. I quickly went over to take a look, and saw that in the courtyard where Ning Yan lived, a powerful and strong Mama (Elderly lady) was gripping her ear and slapping her on the face, she was cursing while she hit her. "You little lazy and greedy wench, do you think you're still the person that the prince doted on? That I can't slap you?"

Her plump palm landed on Ning Yan's cheek which immediately swelled red. Her hair was in a mess, tears were streaming down, but she stubbornly did not seem to beg for forgiveness but instead a pair of eyes continued to glare at her.

"You still dare to glare at me, you!"

When I saw her raising her hand to strike her again, my heart panicked. I hurriedly shouted.  "Hold it!"

Mama froze. She flicked her head back and saw me, a look of disdain spread across her face. "Well well, aren't the two of you such good sisters, did you come to visit her again?"

I quickly hurried over, smiling apologetically. "Mama, if there's anything that Ning Yan did wrong, please be generous, don't hit her."

"She needs to be disciplined! She still thinks she’s one of His Majesty's people. I ordered her to do a job, but she stayed there motionless and unwilling, do you think the Cold Palace is a place that feeds these kinds of lazy people?"

"Mama, you are a magnanimous person. I'll compensate you on her behalf."

I pulled out some money while I was talking and stuffed it in her hands. Mama kneaded it in her hands. The corner of her mouths curved up without restrain and once again gave a look to Ning Yan. "Consider yourself lucky that you have such a good sister. Hmph!" She said, as she waddled off.

Looking back, Ning Yan was lying at the floor, her head of hair tangled and her elegant face full of tear stains. She looked like a sorry figure, I quickly pulled her up and gently said. "Ning Yan, why did you anger Mama?"

Ning Yan's whole face was stained with tears and with an incredulous voice, said. "She wanted me to wash the chamber pot[1]. Is that something a normal person should do? She clearly wanted to bully me."

[1] Chamber pot: Their form of toilet in the olden days.

Cold Palace's Abandoned Consort Chapter 10

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