Commanding Wind and Cloud Chapter 302

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Pam Honzi looked at Pam Monyun for a few seconds, then his thick eyebrows raised as a smile appeared on his face. "This Qian Jin is interesting. This is a new way to recommend talent to me."

Pam Monyun was stunned. "Qian Jin? Recommend? When?"

"I have heard about it." Pam Honzi knocked the chair he was sitting on with his knuckles as he said, "When you met Qian Jin, you had a strange feeling and weren’t rude to him, right?"

Pam Monyun nodded. "Was the leader close by then? Even so, how can he know my thoughts?"

"You, have great intuition." Pan Honzi smiled. "Qian Jin, a descendant of the Elf King Bloodline Family. He failed his awakening three years ago and went missing after that. He recently showed in Qian City and defeated three Elf King Bloodline Warriors consecutively in front of the Qian Family’s gate. One of them was Qian Wuqing who activated his Bloodline Battleform and had level 7 Demon Capturer strength still lost to Qian Jin who had no bloodline powers."


Liam, Pam Monyun and Pam Honqi along with the other three young warriors gasped.

"Qian Wuqing who was a level 7 Demon Capturer lost to Qian Jin with Bloodline Battleform activated?" Pam Honqi felt like his ears were mishearing. The Elf King Bloodline was one of the three ultimate bloodlines! Although Elf King Bloodline Warriors who hadn’t had the ultimate awakening weren’t guaranteed to be stronger than a Hydra Bloodline Warrior, the bloodline was still one of the best.

"Lost to an ordinary warrior of the same age?" Pam Honqi shook his head. But since the leader of the Pam Family said it, it couldn’t be wrong.

"In the same day, Qian Jin disappeared into Ancient Desert Sea." Pam Honzi looked around and said slowly, "And he appeared here today strangely."

Pam Honzi was desperate. He couldn’t imagine how an ordinary warrior could have such a magical experience. Especially since Qian Jin was from the Qian Family and he defeated their bloodline warriors, Hydra Bloodline Warriors would like him since the Qian Family would be embarrassed by this.

"Duren Burg, the Hydra Bloodline Warrior who never wanted to come back" Pam Honzi continued. "He had been with Qian Jin since they met, and they became great friends."

Pam Honqi completely gave up on this point. He didn’t know that Duren Burg would be so close to Qian Jin. Many people in the Pam Family didn’t know much about Duren Burg. The only thing most of them knew was that he naturally woke up his bloodline but none of them knew what happened during the natural awakening.

The appearance of All Nine Shadows! Pam Honqi looked at Pam Honxuan with a begging expression. This elder brother of his was the only one who could save him.

"You're looking at me? Now?" Pam Honxuan’s eyes were cold. "Our elder brother is sitting here. You should know that people who had all nine shadows of the Hydra showing during awakening all achieved at least Heavenly Awakening."

Pam Honqi’s faced looked grey as if he was almost dead. That was right. When his eldest brother Pam Honzi had his primary awakening, all nine shadows of the Hydra also appeared.

A Hydra Bloodline Warrior wasn’t too valuable to the family, but a Hydra Bloodline Warrior with all nine shadows showing meant that this warrior had the potential to achieve Heavenly Awakening, just a level below Ultimate Awakening! The difference between them was huge!

It was because of this that the Pam Family sent people to the Duren Family and asked Duren Burg to return to the main family. However, that request was declined by Duren Burg himself.

According to the records in the Pam Family, Hydra Bloodline Warriors who had all nine shadows showing all had one thing in common, they rarely had friends.

The Pam Family had studied Duren Burg in detail and they concluded that this young man who declined Pam Family’s offer was very prideful and he would probably never make a friend in his lifetime.

However, he had a friend now.

Pam Honqi collapsed. The Pam Family had never lost sight of Duren Burg. They wanted to see Duren Burg experience the real world more before giving him more resources and try to get him back into the Family in the future.

Under this strategy, the Pam Family was more likely to try to get on the good side of Duren Burg’s friend. Pam Honqi knew he was done for. Even if Qian Jin didn’t have a way to help members of the Pam Family who failed to wake up their bloodline to activate them, the Pam Family would befriend to him just because he was Duren Burg’s friend...

Now, Pam Honqi knew that his usual manners and treatment of people made him offend an ultra-rare stranger that he should never offend.

"Monyun." Pam Honzi focused on Pam Monyun again. He asked, "Do you know how important this Qian Jin is to us?"

Pam Monyun nodded as his head was buzzing. He thought that Qian Jin only got the attention of the leader because of the potion, but there was more to it.

"Leader." Pam Monyun quickly replied: "When Qian Jin left, he said that Pam Monzi who is a guard at the gate would know his whereabouts."

"Pam Monzi?" A smile re-appeared on Pam Honzi’s face. "Looks like this Qian Jin is really fun. Did he want to use this way of recommending talent to me to showcase his unique perspective? Ok, Monyun, go get Monzi for me."

Liam who was witnessing all of this pinched himself in secret. He thought Qian Jin was just a young man who had some background, but facts about Qian Jin shocked him.

Pam Monzi stood in the hall while breathing heavily. He never imagined that he would get the chance to come here and meet the leader. He looked up at Pam Honzi and said, "Leader, those people told me that if people from the Pam Family looked for them, they would be at the most luxurious hotel at Limitless City."

"Interesting, really interesting." Pam Honzi looked at Pam Monzi with his head resting on his palm. "This young man knew what he had to do to meet me. Good, Honxuan, go invite Qian Jin with these young warriors."

The most powerful elder in the family! Gold Invitation Letter! Pam Honqi knew he was done for. Pam Honzi won’t kill him to show Qian Jin, the leader of the Pam Family didn’t need to flatter anyone.

However, the leader of the Pam Family did have the power to execute members who harmed the Family.

"Honqi." Pam Honzi looked at Pam Honqi who had collapsed onto the ground. "Pack up. Tomorrow, head to Human-Demon Battlefront and join the first Death Squad of Hydra Army. If you survive ten years, you can come back and regain your current position."

First Death Squad? Ten years? All the liveliness disappeared in Pam Honqi’s eyes. That squad had the highest death rate in the Hydra Army, no one had lived more than a year there. Ten years? It was no different than the death penalty.

"Older brother..."

"I’m your real brother..." Pam Honzi waved his hand as if he was trying to get rid of a fly, but some warmth appeared in his eyes. "But I’m also the leader of the Pam Family and I’m also a warrior. Go and do it."

Liveliness slowly restored in Pam Honqi’s eyes. He kneeled down and kowtowed three times and it sounded like someone smashed the ground with a hammer three times.

Without any warrior power protecting him, his forehead got bloodier and bloodier every time he did that.

After that was done, Pam Honqi’s expression looked like he was normal again. With a faint proudness, he placed his fist on his chest and said with some toughness that he didn’t have before. "When it’s our father’s death anniversary, help me to pay my respects."

Pam Honzi lowered his head and no one was able to see his expression. However, his usual deep voice sounded, "I will."

"Thank you, older brother." With the liveliness and power that were unseen before, he turned around and walked out. As a warrior, it was the highest honor to die on the battlefield.

There wasn’t a single coward in Hydra Family! Not a single coward who was afraid of death! Pam Honqi roared, "I, Pam Honqi, won’t bring shame to our great family!"

Liam looked at Pam Honqi’s figure and was stunned. This was the reason why Hydra Bloodline Warriors were powerful! Every single warrior had braveness and heroism in them. Although they might be buried and rot as time passes, they would reappear when the right time came.

"This..." Qian Jin turned around and looked at Pam Honqi who just walked by him. He was confused.

Pam Monyun got close to him and whispered, "He is an elder of the outer council, Pam Honqi."

"Pam Honqi?" Qian Jin frowned. "How can a warrior as such make the mistake of not seeing me? In my mind, he is just a dumb and arrogant elder."

"He..." Pam Honxuan shook his head and explained with a disappointed expression. "He was just blinded by the materialism and lost direction, now he has regained the direction."

Qian Jin nodded. A person can be proud in his bones and in his soul, but not arrogant. This elder who refused to see him had mixed the two together and he just realized where he was wrong. Unfortunately, he realized that too late.

After walking into the hall all of the hair on his body straightened. That pair of eyes seemed to see him through, didn’t matter how he tried to hide. He didn’t even feel like this when he was facing Qian Zhanxuan.

Commanding Wind and Cloud Chapter 302

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