Commanding Wind and Cloud Chapter 341

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After the shout, Pam Honzi himself laughed. It did feel nice to stay with these young people who reminded him of his youth years.

"The springtime of youth..."Pam Honzi looked up at the sky and uttered a sigh: "It was really a prime time when I felt unrestrained in doing everything. Now with the increase of my age, there comes the decrease of my ball size."

"You are turning into a coward? Haha…the Snake Emperor rushed to our Qian Region screaming to destroy our houses. How could this be called a shrinking of b.a.l.l.s? Oh, right. I remember when you were young, you even dared punch the Emperor, who was the crown prince then"

Qian Zhanxuan's loud voice echoed in the entire Qian dwelling place and then infiltrated the streets outside.

As the front gate of the Qian Family was slowly opened, Qian Zhanxuan, who was cloaked in a delicate silky Elf-king Warrior garb, strode over the threshold with hands placed at his back.

Qian Jin looked at this Snake Emperor standing by his side in great surprise. On no occasion had he imagined there to be such a dauntless man who dared punch the emperor of the Zence Empire.

Punch the emperor? Few people had the guts to punch an emperor even if when the emperor was the crown prince.

"I was aggressive when I was young." Pam Honzi felt excited at the sight of Qian Jin's surprise. After being shocked by this boy for long, today he had eventually paid it back.

"Dear uncle, you are so powerful." Duren Burg thumbed up. "To have punched our emperor."

"It was a kick, a kick." Pam Honzi looked at Duren Burg with a smile. "Are you interested in coming back to the Pam Family now? I can create an opportunity for you to kick the crown prince… no, the t.i.tle crown prince hasn't been appointed. Then which prince do you want to kick? I can offer you such an opportunity."

"Nevermind." Duren Burg shrunk like an eggplant and looked at Pam Honzi lazily. "If possible, I will do it by myself. The return to the Pam Family makes no sense to me. Let's forget about it."

Pam Honzi smiled and didn't say anything else. During the past few days he spent with Duren Burg, he had developed a rough understanding of this young boy's character. As a person with a strong sense of pride, he couldn't be coerced or forced to do the things against his will. The only way to win over him was to touch his heart. It was said that he fully accepted Qian Jin as a bosom friend after the latter rescued him at the risk of his own life.

Take it easy. Take it slow. Pam Honzi wore a faint smile. As he happened to hold a nice feeling toward this young man, establis.h.i.+ng emotional ties with him would be no hard task.

"There is no need to mention such trivia." Pam Honzi laughed and said in a higher voice. "Brother Zhanxuan, you are truly compelling. Even the Demon King who was hailed as the strongest man by all warriors lost all his glamour in front of you on the battlefront. It was said that his beard was cut off and his armor was discarded when fleeing away."

Lucifer Lucy's smiling face turned dark all of a sudden as what they were talking about was a taboo subject in the Lucifer Empire. The year the Demon King fought with Qian Zhanxuan, he hadn't awakened his second bloodline power as his awakening came a little late. Therefore, he was nearly killed by Qian Zhanxuan on the battlefront. Until today, the descendants of the Lucifer Royal deemed it as a huge shame.

Sometime later, with the increase of the Demon King's strength, he desired to have another battle with Qian Zhanxuan. However, as they had both become military commanders of high status by that time, they were thus stopped from doing so, unless the rulers of both empires consented to an ultimate battle that would leave one empire destroyed

Lucifer Lucy straightened up fiercely and looked at Qian Zhanxuan in hostility, thinking to herself that she would sooner or later chop down this person's head.

"The Demon King? He is now the strongest person in the world. I admire him greatly."

Yet no signs of admiration for the Demon King, the so-called strongest man of the times, could be heard in Qian Zhanxuan’s tone. Instead, each of his utterances was filled with scorn.

Looking at the two bloodline warrior family leaders who carried commanding power in the Zence Empire, Qian Chenfeng screwed his eyebrows slightly. It was not proper for him to ask why Snake Emperor was with Qian Jin, but the other people on spot excluding the family leader of Qian were all less qualified than him to do so

"It seems that you are in good mood to be with these youngsters." Qian Zhanxuan stood motionlessly on the staircase, showing no signs of walking down to approach Pam Honzi.

"Since we had all reached the heavenly awakening, why should I look up to you just because you managed that two years earlier than me?" Qian Zhanxuan put on a lofty expression as he laughed.

Pam Honzi smiled faintly. "Heavenly awakening? It was divided into different levels. I had broken through the threshold to the ultimate awakening. But now that you had posted the question to me, I don’t need to explain anything. Otherwise, it may sound like I’m fearing you Qian Family.

"I encountered these interesting guys halfway." Pam Honzi chuckled and said. "They said they were also coming here at the invitation of a fight with Brother Zhanxuan. Given that I was strolling around aimlessly, I finally decided to join them in coming here to beg for some delicacies from you."

Qian Zhanxuan blossomed a light smile. "What do you want to eat? I haven’t had lunch yet. If you are not hungry now, what about watching the younger generation display their combat abilities?"

"Watch a game? That’s great." Pam Honzi jumped off the horse without stamping on Qian Cheng's back. As the leader of the Pam Family, he was very clear that Qian Jin's father served as a humble groom and human pedal in the Qian Family. Thus it worked much better to do Qian Jin this favor than presenting him a gold mine.

Qian Jin walked toward Pam Honzi while slightly nodding his head. Then he reached his father Qian Cheng, knelt down, and helped him to stand up. For the past two months, his father’s health condition got worse, but his father was in much better spirits than last time.

"You have come back?" Qian Cheng took out his palms that were as coa.r.s.e as old barks and gently fondled Qian Jin’s face. "You've gotten bigger."

"Hi, uncle, do you still remember me?" Duren Burg also jumped off the horse like Qian Jin, knelt down by Qian Cheng’s side, and took out a bottle of wine from his inner pocket. "How about having a drink with me after you finish your work?"

"My father doesn’t drink…"

"Sounds good, young man." Qian Cheng waved his hand to stop Qian Jin and looked at Duren Burg caringly. "I remember you. You are Little Jin’s friend."

Lucifer Lucy watched Qian Jin kneel down towards this old man who seemed to be in his sixties when in fact he was just forty years old. She couldn’t believe that this man was Qian Jin’s father. "How come?" She thought.

"This is…" Qian Cheng suddenly raised his head up and looked at Lucifer Lucy with his gentle eyes mingled with bliss and surprise.

"I…" Lucifer Lucy suddenly knelt down in front of Qian Cheng, lowered her head softly, and whispered: "I am Yuan Kylie, Qian Jin’s wife. Best regards to you, my father-in-law."

What? Qian Jin stared at Lucifer Lucy with a blank face. What did this demon princess intend to do? She really lived up to her ident.i.ty of being a demon as she seized every opportunity to try bewildering other people.

Qian Cheng also looked at Lucifer Lucy in blankness, feeling more astonished. "You…you…you said you are Little Jin’s wife?" He asked.

"Em…"Lucifer Lucy further lowered her head. "We haven’t officially established a marriage relations.h.i.+p. As a humble countryside girl, I know I’m required to plead for your consent before…marrying into the Qian Family."

Qian Jin was nearly driven nuts, yet he didn’t know how to explain everything. Could he say that this girl called Yuan Kylie was, in fact, a princess of the Demons carrying the name of Lucifer Lucy?

If he did so, not only would Lucifer Lucy be met with misfortunes, he and his fellow friends would all be killed by Qian Zhanxuan.

This demon girl... Qian Jin cast a harsh glare at Lucifer Lucy. What a cunning demon girl she was, to have counted that Qian Jin was disallowed to confess the truth!

"Hehe, is that true? Okay, that’s fine" Qian Cheng looked at Lucifer Lucy happily and kept nodding his head. "What a nice girl you are. Alas. Has Little Jin told you that he has already gotten another girl? If you marry him, you can only be his second wife."

"Yes, he has…"Lucifer Lucy’s voice sounded as sweet as honey: "She is called Luna, right? I love Jin, and I don’t care how many wives he has, as long as he loves me."

Seeing Lucifer Lucy’s pretty smile, Qian Jin couldn’t help but curse secretly. "Only the dead will believe in you! No man allows another to approach his woman. The same goes for a woman. If it was not for Rollin and Uncle Fabreidis, I would…" He thought.

Duren Burg couldn’t stop smacking his lips to show his admiration and conjured some warrior power to pa.s.s his voice to Lucifer Lucy. "What a cla.s.sic storyline. Are you brought up in the traveling poets' illusionary world?"

Lucifer Lucy glared at Duren Burg and supported Qian Cheng in walking toward the other side. Right behind them walked Qian Jin, who was rubbing his forehead and feeling tempted to ask what on earth this demon princess was thinking about.

All the Qian family members were staring at them in great shock. "How could such a pretty girl…a girl who still exuded mesmerizing beauty even when she got only one eye marry Qian Jin? Had the girls turned blind nowadays? Aren’t the Elf-king Bloodline Warriors a lot better than this good-for-nothing man who was even unable to awaken the bloodline power?" They thought.

Qian Wuqing gazed at Qian Jin with a gravely sullen face. The special training in the Ancient Desert Sea not only improved his combat power but also honed his patience. He would have burst out in anger if it happened months before. But now, he was just standing by, watching the ongoing drama in peace.

"Are you guys done?" Qian Wuji made a long and loud sound, disturbing the silence of the Qian Family. Staring closely at Qian Jin, Qian Wuji felt increasingly resentful toward this person who turned him a joke among all family members for being defeated two months ago.

Commanding Wind and Cloud Chapter 341

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