Crazy Detective Chapter 351: One More Thing

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Zhao Yu could hear someone knocking on the door. He realized that the back up team had arrived! He wanted to get up to open the door, but he couldn't move an inch.

Although he wasn't pa.s.sed out and was technically conscious, Zhao Yu felt worn out; all his bones felt weak, and his entire body was not under the control of his brain. Even keeping his eyes open required a lot of effort.


He groaned in pain, then he finally saw something. It was Chen Hao, whose shoulders had both been broken by Zhao Yu. His back was against the staircase, and he was falling into deep coma.

There was still a knocking noise that could be heard from above the staircase, and there was dust all over the place. Suddenly the knocking noise stopped, and he could hear someone shouting excitedly, "It's open! Hurry up!" 

Then, there were more than ten fully armed police detectives that rushed down from above. When they saw the situation in the warehouse, they were dumbstruck!

"My goodness… This… What is going on?"

"There's someone, look!"

"Zhao… Zhao Yu!!"

Zhao Yu heard Miao Ying's voice and knew he could finally relax and close his eyes to rest.

"Zhao Yu! Hey, Zhao Yu! You … How are you feeling?" Miao Ying was the first to reach Zhao Yu. She carried him in her arms.

"Zhao Yu… Zhao Yu… Wake up! Wake up!" Miao Ying sounded worried. Her voice was trembling.

Zhao Yu hadn't been planning to pretend to be pa.s.sed out, but once he was in Miao Ying's embrace, he could not find the strength to even open his eyes.

Miao Ying looked over Zhao Yu's body to see whether he had any vital wounds. At the same time, she approached Zhao Yu's nose to see if he was breathing.

Zhao Yu's breathing was weak, so Miao Ying had to put her ear against his chest to listen to his heartbeat. During the fight earlier, Zhao Yu had taken his s.h.i.+rt off. When Miao Ying put her face against his chest, Zhao Yu felt happy as he smelled Miao Ying's distinctive fragrance he was so familiar with.

He suddenly thought to himself, If I were to hold my breath, would Ms. Miao give me CPR?

"Zhao Yu… What happened to Team Leader Zhao? Is he alive?" Lan Bo came over and asked anxiously.

"Quick! Call an ambulance! Call a few!" Miao Ying gave an order immediately.

"Okay! Okay! Mm, I've called!" Lan Bo was at loss for what to do.

"Oh G.o.d, what is the situation?" Zhang Jingfeng clenched his gun when he looked at the situation before his eyes. His minds was a mess.

"Lao Zhang! I think…" Xiao Liu said beside him, "These people wearing camouflage suits were most likely Zhao Qing's comrades! Zhao Yu must have been here to solve Team Leader Qu Ping's case, but not to ruin the place! Look at all these power cables; How professional. They even have guns!"

"Zhang Yaohui, Xiao Liu, hurry up and handcuff them all, regardless of if they're dead or alive!" Miao Ying ordered, then turned around to look at Zhao Yu.

"Zhao Yu, don't scare me. Wake up,; open your eyes, okay?" Miao Ying was worried. She touched Zhao Yu's cheek, but his face was covered with blood.

"Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu, hold on; you must hold on!" Miao Ying saw Zhao Yu was not responding, so she was panicking. She quickly moved her lips closer to Zhao Yu's cheeks, wanting to give him CPR.

Zhao Yu couldn't see, but he could smell Miao Ying. He was already expecting the CPR. He was thrilled!

Who could have guessed that at the crucial moment, Chen Hao would say, "Oh! Aiya, don't touch me! I admit, I'll confess to everything, mm…"

Chen Hao finally realized that it was no one but policemen here and changed his confession. "Aiya, Com… Comrades, I… I'm one of you! special task force, specifically to investigate these criminals! Quick! Arrest them all! Police Officer Zhao and I investigated and found that these are all Zhao Qing's comrades!"


Zhao Yu panicked when he heard that. Using newfound strength, he suddenly sat straight up from Miao Ying's embrace and pointed at Chen Hao.

"F*ck you motherf*cker! Say that one more time!"

Zhao Yu held onto Chen Hao's ankle as he continued cursing.

"Ah!" Chen Hao had already seen what Zhao Yu could do, so he was frightened. He swung both of his broken arms as he screamed, "I'm bad! I'm wrong! I am the double agent; I was bought over by Yu Fusheng! I am the double agent, don't, don't let him touch me, okay? Woo…"

Chen Hao wailed and whined as he broke down…

Hoo…Hoo… Zhao Yu panted and shouted at the detectives next to him, "Hurry up, handcuff him! He is the double agent in the police team!"

Then, Zhao Yu quickly turned around to tell Miao Ying, "Team Leader Miao, Liao Jingxian is innocent! Team Leader Qu Ping was killed by Zhao Qing! But it was Yu Fusheng's plan to hire these SWAT members! And… And…"

Zhao Yu suddenly felt out of breath. He fell to his knees. Miao Ying was quick to respond; she immediately held Zhao Yu in her embrace.

"Zhao Yu, don't get too excited. We need to go to the hospital first, then you can tell us slowly…" Miao Ying held Zhao Yu tightly as she comforted him. However, seeing that Zhao Yu was fine, she relaxed too.

"One more thing…" Zhao Yu raised one of his fingers and asked, "Team Leader Miao, can you still perform CPR on me? I can't breathe…"

Although Zhao Yu was speaking mischievously, Miao Ying smiled sincerely…

After going through a lot of trouble, a normal person would have a lot of stubborn ideas. G.o.d knows how long it had been before Zhao Yu finally woke up, but he was still thinking about the unfinished business between him and Miao Ying.

That moment, Zhao Yu felt a graceful body next to him, so he brought her into his embrace and said,

"Team Leader Miao, come on, where is my CPR? Give it to me!"

"Hey, hey, hey… What are you trying to do? Are you okay?"

Suddenly, Zhao Yu heard a foreign female voice from his arms.

Zhao Yu quickly opened his eyes and saw that it was a nurse he was hugging. The nurse had a syringe needle for infusion in her hands.

"Oh… Amitabha…" Zhao Yu quickly released his hands.

"Hey, are you ok?" The nurse pouted as she complained, "I'm here to take out the needle. I think you got the wrong person."

"No… I'm sorry!" Zhao Yu realized then that he was in a private ward. But the nurse was not unfamiliar; it seemed as though he had seen her somewhere before.

"What is it? What happened?" Hearing noises in the ward, a lady dressed in a pink nurse's uniform ran in. When she saw Zhao Yu was awake, she immediately ask gently, "Police Officer Zhao, you're awake?"

Zhao Yu looked up and saw that the nurse was no other than Yao Jia!

Crazy Detective Chapter 351: One More Thing

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