Daily Life Of A Wealthy Woof Chapter 24 Part1

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Shooting a movie wasn't as interesting as he'd imagined at all. Compared to the news he'd heard about in the past, this was simply dry, dull, and awkward. However, it was quite nice that he only needed to quietly pose, being a beautiful little boy was enough. Things like shooting location were entirely other people's work. The most crucial point was that if he NGed, he wouldn't be scolded and instead, a group of people would laugh. Compared to those actors who were bitterly and easily scolded like there was dog's blood being poured onto them, Zuo Ning was much happier.

The difficulty in filming with a dog was that dogs are unable to understand humans so many angles required people's cooperation. Furthermore, because dogs had no way to put on a fake performance, they also needed to go back and edit the scene later. Many of those scenes were also of those actors putting on a skillful performance facing an empty area without anything in front of them which made the people watching feel very embarra.s.sed.

Originally, the director had already expected for the situation to be terrible, but when he was shooting, he discovered that there were things even worse, such as: "f.u.c.k you! Where are you looking? Don't you know how to act! Even the dog's acting is better than yours! You're vying for the inheritance, not going to find the killer of your father to take revenge! Do you need to learn what something called acting is from Little Pudding?!"

The person who was scolded continuously apologized. He could only endure being scolded for being worse than a dog. In any case, he wasn't the only one to be scolded like this. However, taking a count, the one with the least NGs out of everyone present was certainly Little Pudding. Nowadays, even the acting of dogs was top quality. How could they still muddle along? Alas…

Because they were shooting in Nei Peng, there were many people and many machines, so it felt a bit stuffy. As a result, Zuo Ning was sitting on his special cus.h.i.+on and on the side, there was a small fan blowing towards him at an angle. The butler is holding a bowl of sliced apples and feeding them. Seeing the director flipping out, he was rather satisfied.

Although autumn has begun, a dog's body temperature is higher than that of a human's. In addition, Samoyeds were dogs from a snowy area so they were resistant to cold but not resistant to heat. Fans and timely water replenishment were very necessary. For this reason, the butler also specially consulted the veterinarian Wen Ting

and many things to take note of were filed on his laptop.

After a scene was finished being filmed, during his break, Chu Hang sat directly by Little Pudding's side. Seeing the steward who was feeding him apples at the time, he courteously asked: "h.e.l.lo, may I ask if it would be okay for me to try to feed it?"

Although the eldest young master hadn't brought Chu Hang back to the Lu family, the steward still knew the matter of him being the eldest young master's lover nowadays. Regardless of the future, at the very least, this person certainly had some weight in eldest young master's heart. Thus, as the Lu family's steward, even though he was serving the second grandfather's family, he still needed to be respectful and attach importance to him.

He handed the bowl over to Chu Hang's hands and the butler warned: “Little Pudding eats very slowly. Feed it a slice, then wait until it is finished before picking up the second slice. Otherwise it will rush to swallow the food in its mouth to be able to eat the next slice."

Chu Hang nodded. In his heart, he said that sure enough, this was the dog raised by a rich person. They were so particular, even about feeding it things. However, after shooting a few scenes, he liked Little Pudding more and more so when he had the opportunity, he would naturally want to get close to it and build a good relations.h.i.+p.

Above all, it was really his first time seeing a dog like Little Pudding. He felt that it was particularly gentlemanly. Every movement seemed like it carried an air of n.o.bility. During filming, no matter how people teased it, it never frisked about or made a disturbance. At times, the expression in its eyes even made it seem like it was able to understand what people were saying.

Just as Chu Hang was feeding it an apple while also stealing a touch of its paw, a three star celebrity walked over. With a delighted expression across their entire face, they crouched down in front of Zuo Ning with a brilliant smile on his face: "Elder brother Chu Hang, can I feed it? Little Pudding is so cute! I love dogs the most." Right away, they took out a piece of apple from the bowl Chu Hang was holding and put it by Little Pudding's mouth.

Although the steward who was on the side was expressionless just like before, a trace of displeasure was already showing in his eyes.

Chu Hang was even more discontent in his heart but it wasn't good for him to reproach them in front of everyone.

Daily Life Of A Wealthy Woof Chapter 24 Part1

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