Din no Monshou Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part1

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Chapter 1 Eight Years Later (1 of 4)


{The Human Union was Created by The Evil G.o.d}

Author, Alexandria.

[[- 500 years ago, the evil G.o.d followed by demons, attacked the continent.

The evil spirit swallowed northern countries one by one, they fought with the empire which which said holds the greatest power in the continent.



At that time, Countries on the continent had divided in to 16 countries.

These country united together in order to fight against the evil G.o.d.


The death of the empire which hold the greatest power in the continent, will also means the death of the continent.

Eventually, the foundation of human rule collapses from its root.

Each country mobilized magicians and soldiers they had without holding anything back.


—-There are four magicians at the time who fought at the front line.

We called those girls, "The Continent's Four virtue".

The original four who take the name has successfully fight against the apparation and captured the evil G.o.d.


The soldiers of both sides die one after another.

However, The Continent's Four virtue, together with all the knights in the continent, fight together regardless of their races.

.By the end of their fight, they succeeded in sealing the evil G.o.d.


However, the price was too great.

There are countries that ruined after the last battle with demons.

It forced them to repeatedly divide and integrated their own countries.


——then the human magician of the continent's four virtue become the founder of the most powerful country, located at the western part of the continent.

That person was also the person who start our current kingdom's monarch.


A few hundred of years has pa.s.sed since the last war, the current kingdom-empire has become strong after the two power has merge.


—–the other member of the continent's four virtue return to their respective country to fulfill their goal there. One of the people who return to their own country was the supreme magician, Alexandria.


The most talented and known by people, someone with the most magnificent appearance that could fascinated anyone, it’s moi.


Even right now I know there are still bunch of people that still looking at moi with a sn.o.b-like eyes.

it was hard to continue moy magic research in this kind of situation.

If those people know that this great moi was the only one left from the continent’s four virtue, I wonder how they will react.


Why did trouble always come at moi everyday?

Why didn’t those people just leave moi alone here.

This great moi just wanted to be live in peace and quiet

Even after hundred of years since that war ended, it seems it was clear that this moi was still the highest magician and to tier researcher without a doubt.

Well then, let moi tell you the story when this moi went to the empire—–]]





Then, I close the book I just read.

What a great morning we have here.

Din no Monshou Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part1

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