Doctor, My Bottom Half is Wet Again Chapter 13

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Long after returning from Hawaii, An He still reveled in his happiness. He clung to Zhao Kaiming even more than before, and even voluntarily played the part of a "gentle wife." All of the housework was done neatly and efficiently, and he requested that Zhao Kaiming report to him whenever the other did anything. Zhao Kaiming was willing to favor him and replied to all of his demands. Regrettably, it was busy at the hospital lately. Zhao Kaiming didn’t have time to rest, not to mention comforting the lonely An He.

Right now, An He was squatting on the floor, facing a floor length mirror. Reflected in the mirror was An He's image, wearing a maid outfit. The bottom half comprised of a short miniskirt that could not hide the two perky buttocks at all. On top, he wore a tiny white lace apron that wasn’t effective in covering anything.

A wave of pleasure washed over, making An He uncomfortably lift his ass up high, exposing half of an electric vibrator that was making "bzt bzt" noises. The computer to the side was showing the scene of two men making love. An He pinched and massaged his nipples over the cloth, one hand was messing around and being licked in his mouth. He was imagining that he was kissing Zhao Kaiming.

However, that still wasn't enough, especially the vibrator that was running on the highest frequency in his little hole. It couldn’t compare to Zhao Kaiming's meat rod. Even if An He purposefully chose the one that was the most similar in proportion to Zhao Kaiming's, it didn't have the power nor frequency that Zhao Kaiming used.

The lustful cries coming from the computer irritated An He. He reached out and grabbed the vibrator, pushing and pulling it with more force. An He kneeled with both legs on the floor, his upper half lay on the bed as he moaned: “Ah, hubby’s big dick, is hitting so deep, ah~. Such a big p.e.n.i.s, ah~. No good, hubby, quickly pierce me and make me come…”

An He closed his eyes and increased the pace of his hands, working with the sounds and images from the computer to finally attain climax. White, opaque semen flew onto the black skirt and the bed sheets. An He used a finger to swipe a bit up before sticking it into his back hole and stirring it up with the small intestinal fluid, then stuck it into his mouth and said: “Hubby’s semen tastes so good…”

As soon as Zhao Kaiming came home, he saw this scene. His baby was wearing a s.e.xy uniform and leaning on the bedside, body covered with the smell of passion, and buttocks revealing a twitching pink chrysanthemum. Zhao Kaiming silently undressed and snuck up on An He, holding him down and saying: “Don’t move, this is a robbery[1].”

An He was shocked and horrified, but his reaction was quick and he knew that Zhao Kaiming had returned. He stopped struggling and weakly said: “Sir, please spare me. I’m already married. If my husband were to know, he’d be very angry.”

“Is that true, hun? Your husband sure is useless. Who would leave such a slutty little bitch at home to masturbate alone? Why don’t you come with me, and I’ll give you a taste of my big cock?” Zhao Kaiming pulled one of An He’s hands and pressed it on his still limp p.e.n.i.s. An He’s hand was covered in bodily fluids and it quickly made the meat rod hard and erect.

An He swallowed his saliva and considered whether his chastity or the large male object in front of him was more important. He dizzily muttered a sentence: “I still want my hubby’s big dick.”

Zhao Kaiming was in high spirits, although he himself didn’t know why. He hugged An He into his arms and continuously kissed downwards: “You really are your husband’s treasure. Recently, I’ve been too busy to pay attention to you, I’m so sorry, baby.”

An He wasn’t available to answer. He indulged in a long, hot French kiss and his hands climbed up Zhao Kaiming’s shoulders. The wide chest attracted him forward and he unconsciously wanted to rub against it. The swollen nipples that An He himself stroked and kneaded stood up straight and gravitated towards Zhao Kaiming’s muscular chest, occasionally coincidentally rubbing against Zhao Kaiming’s nipples.

An He lifted a leg and rubbed it back and forth against Zhao Kaiming’s side, the little hole that was prepared by the vibrator was screaming and crying for something to fill it once more.

“Pretty miss maid, don’t be in such a rush.” Zhao Kaiming smiled, kissed the other man’s thigh, and glanced at the full length window in the room. Tonight, the light of the moon was beautiful and bright, perhaps they should change the location of their lovemaking.

In the bedroom, there was a balcony that An He decorated with a goat fur carpet and a small table. Usually, An He would read and rest there. Zhao Kaiming transferred the small table into the room, spread out a thin mattress on top of the carpet, and set An He on top. All of the lights in the room were all turned off. Only the light of the moon covered them like a layer of white silk. An He looked up at his master, his eyes were opened wide and brimming with tears, not in fear, but overflowing love.

An He took the initiative, bringing his legs in front of his chest, shyly turning his head away, and gently saying: “Please come in, my Master.”

Zhao Kaiming easily slid his dick in. He undid the knot on the apron and used it to tie up An He’s p.e.n.i.s: “You’re only allowed to come when your master gives you permission. If you dirty the carpet, you have to wash it yourself, my little maid.”

An He’s p.e.n.i.s jumped up, but he still obediently replied: “Yes, my Master.”

Zhao Kaiming powerfully twisted his lower body, but his gaze moved to the opposite side. A ray of light flashed by and disappeared, returning the surrounding objects to darkness, but in that split second, Zhao Kaiming was able to catch sight of a person’s shadow behind the telescope in the window. This wasn’t the first time Zhao Kaiming discovered the telescope, but today, the position was very beneficial for the person on the other side to peep.

Zhao Kaiming didn’t mind at all. He leaned down and whispered in An He’s ear: “Look, that person appeared again. He definitely sees us through the telescope.”

Someone was watching! Learning that detail, An He’s body became even more excited. An He imagined that the tenant across from them was watching him open his legs wide so that Zhao Kaiming could have his way with his body, even pointing the telescope directly at the place they were connected, watching the meat rod repeatedly press into the compact chrysanthemum. Perhaps they could even see the intestinal fluid and the bright red meat at the entrance being pulled out[2]. The most secretive place on his body was being seen by another person and his private affairs were being exposed under another person’s eyes. This was not Hawaii’s exhibitionist beach. They were in their private home, yet there was a pair of eyes staring at them. The other person might have even seen the scene of his masturbation in the room just now. It really made him feel quite embarrassed!

“So excited? You really are restless s.e.x maniac. In that case, let him have a good look at your performance.” Zhao Kaiming held An He’s body and stood up to lean against the window. At his waist, there was a rail that wasn’t very wide, but it could be used as support. Zhao Kaiming was very satisfied with the way the terrace was designed. Perhaps when An He remodeled it, he already anticipated using it for a purpose like today’s.

The burning body made contact with the cool surface of the glass and woke An He up a bit. His ass that was full of dick was resting against the glass. An He rested his arms on the rail and allowed the meat rod to slowly push into his deepest, most sensitive area. The two sensations of cool and hot took turns torturing him. Underneath the moonlight, An He saw a malicious glint in Zhao Kaiming’s eyes.

“He turned on the light. It’s an old man wearing nothing and watching us fornicate.”

Whatever Zhao Kaiming saw, he immediately told An He: “I estimate that his dick isn’t as big or as enduring as mine. Perhaps he’ll even come before you.”

“Ah, don’t speak any more.”

An He held Zhao Kaiming’s head and kissed it, saying: “You should look at me, his dick doesn’t have anything to do with us.”

“You’re right, baby. It doesn’t have anything to do with us.”

Zhao Kaiming increased the rate of his penetration. After a long time without making love, the accumulated semen could not help but overflow. An He was fucked so comfortably, he moaned loader and louder. Zhao Kaiming knew that this was the prelude to climax and knew that he didn’t have to hold back any longer. In any case, the night was long, they could continue to do it a few more times.

The hole in the back was overflowing with semen, but the p.e.n.i.s in front was tied down and he couldn’t release. An He curled his toes and raised his head, exposing his long, slender neck. He dug his nails into Zhao Kaiming’s flesh and whined uncomfortably because he couldn’t shoot his load. Zhao Kaiming untied the knot, but because his climax had already passed by, he wasn’t able to come any more. Zhao Kaiming was forced to bend down and take An He’s p.e.n.i.s into his mouth, licking and sucking to help An He cum in his mouth. However, the pleasure of release at this moment wasn’t as great as when he climaxed. An He was unsatisfied and urged Zhao Kaiming to go for another round.

Zhao Kaiming stood up and looked down from above, teasing: “Don’t forget your position. Don’t be presumptuous with your master.”

An He kneeled at Zhao Kaiming’s feet and kissed his feet. He forgot which movie he had seen such a scene in, but the servant was in a humble position, begging his master for gratification: “My master, please grant this unworthy servant your seed. I am willing to do anything for you.”

Zhao Kaiming enjoyed his power and shook his foot, saying: “But my dick isn’t hard for you, do you know what to do?”

An He lifted his head and swallowed the drooping p.e.n.i.s, using both his mouth and his hands, determined to make the meat rod stand erect again. Actually, An He didn’t need to work hard. Right as An He’s small mouth touched his meat, Zhao Kaiming couldn’t help but get hard. Even if he wanted to endure, he couldn’t go against his natural instinct. Zhao Kaiming was a little upset. An He’s power of seduction over him grew stronger over time. At this rate, as soon as he saw An He, he would go into heat. The roaming young master Zhao lost his way and was completely reduced to a man who could not control his dick. Zhao Kaiming didn’t know if that was good or bad, but facing a delicious An He, he was willing to lower himself and promise a lifetime together.

The waves of passion surged higher and higher between them. Neither cared for the pervert that was peeping at them from across the way. The small balcony became the peephole to the world of love. Sperm sprayed onto the carpet and created a beautiful painting. In the end, An He was unable to come any longer. He cried and begged Zhao Kaiming for forgiveness. He didn’t want to become unable to leave the bed for several days, because those days he would not be able to make love with his husband. An He was a smart boy, he never coveted the pleasures of the moment only to lose the opportunity in the future. Of course, the crazy night in Hawaii was an exception.

However, Zhao Kaiming would not allow An He to leave easily. While An He acted coy and pleaded for forgiveness all the way to the bedroom, Zhao Kaiming only changed the location of the battleground. Making love with An He was something that Zhao Kaiming was addicted to, especially after they “got married”. If he didn’t do it until An He passed out, he would not be satisfied. Basically, due to the recent decline in the amount of times they made love, Zhao Kaiming decided to make up for all the lost time in one go. Furthermore, Zhao Kaiming enjoyed it when An He acted spoiled with him. When he was fucked until he had no energy left, he would softly nestling in Zhao Kaiming’s arms, depending on him for every single thing.

Zhao Kaiming drunkenly kissed the unconscious An He’s lips. This person completely belonged to him, only slept deeply in his arms, lay underneath him, made love crazily with him. It really was an incredibly wonderful thing.

Translator’s Note:

Thanks to momoepon and dusty for the suggestions.

Yes, self comfort means masturbation. There were some things that made me pause… Like pause to bleach my brain.

I think I’ve said this before, but I combined the Vietnamese and Chinese versions after some idiot uploaded my carefree translation onto novel updates. It’s p.o.r.n though, so no matter which version, I took some liberties to make it… enjoyable. :^)

[1]…The phrase here is more like “This great man wants to rob your color (body) = rape you.” It sounds pretty weird, so I simplified it *shrug*.

[2]…Apparently this is a real thing that can happen, and quite frankly, if your intestines are falling out of your butt, I think you should head to the hospital;;;;

Doctor, My Bottom Half is Wet Again Chapter 13

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