Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 473: The Soldiers Of The King Warriors

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"It is a s.p.a.ce gap!" Ye Chen's heart was beating fast. His Void Shattering Finger Attack would need the s.p.a.ce mentality and the s.p.a.ce profound to activate, and learning the s.p.a.ce mentality would require the warrior to observe the s.p.a.ce power. Although the s.p.a.ce power from the s.p.a.ce gap was not as powerful as it was in the deep end, it should not be underestimated nevertheless.

Jing Aoxuan flicked her eyebrows, "Indeed, it is a s.p.a.ce gap. Let's go check it out!"

Everyone had an intrinsic sense of curiosity, especially for things that they had never seen before. The four extended their bodies, flying toward that black s.p.a.ce gap in the north-west.

It was humongous, as if the sky itself had been cracked open. All of the powerful warriors within ten miles radius could sense the strange vibration coming from the sky. Some of them hesitated and did not make a move, while others could not control their curiosity and also flew toward the source of that vibration. All of a sudden, people were rus.h.i.+ng toward that s.p.a.ce gap from all over the place.

It looked as if it was somewhere not far away from the Thunder city, but it was actually located one hundred miles away. But, because of the mysterious effect of the s.p.a.ce power, it looked rather close.

"There are actually a lot of people!"

By the time the four arrived close to the s.p.a.ce gap, it had already been crowded. The low chattering acc.u.mulated together as if there were millions of bees flying together.

Ye Chen looked up at the black crack hanging in the center of the sky. It was extremely wide and huge to a shocking extent— it had the width of ten miles and an unfathomable height from where he was standing. There seemed to be a lot more of the pure s.p.a.ce power within the crack, along with a scary black qi.

"The s.p.a.ce power is very pure. But, this black qi does not seem simple. It is not only slightly oppressing our Zhen yuan, but also has a significant defense against mental and soul power, in case someone intended to scour for information."

Astral Reaching Realm warriors would have used their mental power to detect first before doing anything once they encountered something unknown. Ye Chen had one more option than the rest of them, as he could use his soul power. But, it could also only go in for a few miles deep, which was also completely pitch dark and filled with that dark vibe. Nothing could be detected even by him.

Standing next to him, Li Xiaoyun said, "The surreal s.p.a.ce gap would not crack open for no reason. Having this s.p.a.ce gap here normally would be due to a huge s.p.a.ce breakdown, which would destroy the whole area and turn it all into a huge, endless black hole. But, this s.p.a.ce gap appeared out of nowhere and did not seem to have caused any kind of impact. Therefore, this s.p.a.ce gap had nothing to do with a s.p.a.ce breakdown."

Jing Aoxuan added, "It might be from the breakdown of some parallel s.p.a.ce that was hidden in the deep end of the surreal s.p.a.ce and ended up lining with our world."

"Parallel Breakdown!" Ye Chen frowned. The formation of a parallel s.p.a.ce would have two possibilities: manually shattering the s.p.a.ce, or using the s.p.a.ce power to create it. If the parallel s.p.a.ce had been broken down, then that messed up s.p.a.ce power would naturally tear down the surreal world and create uneven s.p.a.ce cracks.

Shoo! Shoo!

By now, some of the Sea of Souls Realm warriors had arrived as well, all standing on the tall mountains nearby.

"Such a huge s.p.a.ce crack! It should not be from a surreal s.p.a.ce breakdown. It should be some parallel s.p.a.ce that is about to shatter."

"Parallel s.p.a.ce? I think only the ancient era powerful warriors were able to create them out of nowhere. Perhaps, there would be a lot of valuable things hidden in there."

"Do not get blinded by your greed. Besides people who know everything that there is to know and are able to enter there whenever they want, who else would dare to go in there? Not to mention the danger there could be, even the parallel s.p.a.ce breakdown itself would be quite worrisome. Once it happens, neither you or I would make it out. Not even Sea of Souls Realm masters can handle that power and avoid getting torn into pieces."

"Hehe… I was just saying it. Without ninety percent of confidence, I would not risk it at all."

As the time pa.s.sed, more and more Sea of Souls Realm warriors arrived. Some of them were lone travelers while some others came here as a group. They all continued to project their soul power inside, hoping that they would find something useful.

"Eh? Something seems about to come out!"

Some of the Sea of Souls Realm warriors had their eyes opened wide, staring at that s.p.a.ce gap without looking away. It was pitch dark and filled with s.p.a.ce power. But, one dot of light was slowly enlarging at a speed that human eyes could track.


After a short while, that bright light blossomed fully, shooting out a burning red ruler covered in an ancient pattern, which cut the nearby mountain in half.

That powerful vibration of the great weapon had brightened everyone's eyes.

"It is a top rank attacking weapon! Let's get it!"

No one knew who started it, but when the others realized what was going on, they all started to jump in and try to acquire that weapon.

In a short moment, it was an absolute chaos outside the s.p.a.ce crack.

Ye Chen shook his head without moving an inch. Li Xiaoyun and Jing Aoxuan did not join the fight either, as one top rank attacking weapon was not enough to make them join a meaningless fight.

Chu Zhongtian made a face, "They are wis.h.i.+ng for death."

Having a top rank attacking weapon would definitely be a big deal, especially for an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior, who could become an unbeatable symbol within the Astral Reaching Realm with it. A normal Sea of Souls Realm warrior could increase their power right to the next level with the help of the right top rank attacking weapon. But, everything would need the rightful power to justify the acquisition. Without the required power, it would basically be looking for one's own death, which would be very stupid.

Indeed, the Astral Reaching Realm warriors who joined the fight did not even have the time to be jealous before they were causally yet brutally killed by a Sea of Souls Realm warrior. Once the number of dying people had reached a certain figure, the rest of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors finally realized the truth and backed out with all their power. The top rank weapon was indeed a powerful thing to have, but Seas of Souls Realm warriors would be the partic.i.p.ants in the battle to vie for it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sea of Souls Realm warriors who did not possess a top rank weapon were numerous, so they all jumped at the great opportunity with their bloodshot eyes. They killed and killed unceasingly; whoever blocked their way to success would be killed without even blinking an eye.

Eventually, that red ruler ended up in a spirit warrior's hands, who was one of the most powerful warriors among the Sea of Souls Realm warriors present. His speed was fast, and he had a couple of friends who helped him along the way.

"Red Wood, what do you think of this ruler?"

One of his friends asked curiously.

"Haha… It is a weapon from the ancient era, so its power would be one level more powerful than normal ranked weapons from this era. Furthermore, its element is very suitable for my profound martial arts. With it, my battling power would at least increase by ten to twenty percent." He left a soul mark on the weapon and said with a peppy mood.

Some of the other warriors were slightly intrigued, since the warrior who was speaking had already gotten a top rank attacking weapon, which meant he did not have many flaws. Furthermore, no one had expected that his battling power could be increased by ten to twenty percent with this top rank weapon. The gap would be more than just a little to cover for other warriors.

"You guys don't have to worry. I will give you all my old top rank weapon. What you guys want to do with it would be your call." He was actually quite good at treating friends, so he threw his old weapon at them.

Nearby, those Seas of Souls Realm warriors who had been eyeing the weapon all this while knew clearly how valuable that ruler was, since it came from the ancient era. Even if it were the worst ever, it would be still way better than the great weapons from the current times. It was something that everyone knew.

If it were not for that guy's power, they would have already tried to steal it.

"Something else is coming1"

Right then, another dark yellow iron stick shot out from within. Just like the red ruler, it was also a top rank attacking weapon.

With last time's experience, there were more Sea of Souls Realm warriors in the battles of fighting for that weapon, especially those high-level warriors who still did not have a top rank attacking weapon.


At this moment, a huge palm landed out of the blue, blowing at least ten Seas of Souls Realm warriors away. The weapon then landed in the hands of a yellow-clothed, middle-aged man.

"It is a Sea of Souls Realm master warrior!"

Everyone was shocked at what they had seen while they hurried to increase the distance between them.

The spirit warrior level and the master level were completely different levels. A normal master level warrior without a rightful weapon would still be able to kill a spirit warrior effortlessly.

The middle-aged man in yellow waved his new weapon in the air, causing all of the huge mountains around to shatter completely while the remaining power still continued to travel further.

"Hehe… The things from the ancient era are indeed nice."

The s.p.a.ce crack was just like a leaking treasure factory as one or two great weapons were thrown out from time to time. Furthermore, seven out of ten ended up being top rank great weapons.

Two or three out of the seven of them would be defensive great weapons. Some of the Sea of Souls Realm warriors were not interested in the attacking great weapons, but once a top rank defensive weapon appeared, they seemed to go totally crazy.

Normally, a defensive great weapon would be worth two attacking ones. Moreover, the higher its ranking, the more valuable it would be. No one would not want their defense to be more powerful after all.

The middle-aged man in yellow wanted to fight for that top rank defensive weapon as well. But, he was not very lucky, because a master level warrior who was at the same cultivation as him had arrived. The two of them battled for the longest time without backing out, and eventually, that defensive weapon was stolen by a third master level warrior.

"d.a.m.n! Unlucky!"

The middle-aged man in yellow was unhappy about what had happened.

"Oh my G.o.d! What kind of high ranking this coming weapon is? Such powerful vibrations! It is like even the s.p.a.ce power backed out for it."

Along with that booming noise, a small hill sized axe flew out. It carried a shockingly powerful vibration, such that even the s.p.a.ce crack seemed to have expanded a little. Eventually, that axe shone with bright light and turned dozens of huge mountains into ashes, cracking the ground to create a huge hole that went almost all the way to the core of the earth.

Ye Chen could sense the instability of the ground as he yelled out, "Extreme Rank Great Weapon!"

The extreme rank great weapons had the t.i.tle of being a king warriors' weapons. After all, only Life and Death Realm warriors would be able to bring out its highest power. In the hands of Sea of Souls Realm warriors, it would actually be able to drain their Zhen yuan within seconds. Although it was just a difference of one rank between the top and extreme rank great weapons, the gap between the two categories was not just that of one or two times; it was a power gap of more than ten times.

Its existence was just like the Life and Death Realm warriors among the rest of the weapons; it was the king of all weapons, and its power seemed to be endless.

However, contrary to everyone's expectations, no one seemed to want to fight for that mountain like axe. They were all just standing there and looking at the deep crack without moving even an inch.

"Back out! This axe will belong to the s.h.i.+ning King from our s.h.i.+ning Martial School!"

"What are you joking about? It belongs to the Beast King!"

"Huh! This place is so close to the Thunder city. It should belong to the Black Thunder King of the Thunder city regardless. Do not create trouble for your own martial school!"

Besides Life and Death Realm warriors, no one seemed to want to touch that extreme rank weapon. It was just like how Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not dare to take out top rank weapons in public. Moreover, this was a hundred times worse than that; this extreme rank weapon was a forbidden topic amongst them. Only Life and Death Realm warriors who came here personally would be able to take it with them. Other people could not even do it for them.

"This place is about to go down."

Ye Chen did not know where the Life and Death Realm warriors from the Thunder city had been, but without a doubt, they would definitely fight for the axe when they showed up, and the other arriving Life and Death Realm warriors would not just do nothing either. So, some serious battles were doomed to happen soon.

Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 473: The Soldiers Of The King Warriors

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