Don’t Turn from Summer Don't Turn From Summer Chapter 62

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I don’t even know anymore, after all that turmoil Mo Chen put Han Xia through…


Chapter 62

Mu Han Xia had never expected that when the elevator door opened, she would see Lin Mo Chen.

In the long hallway of the hotel, she is at one end and he at the other.

Both of them are silent for a moment. Then, she steps out of the elevator and he looks straight at her as he strides over in large steps.

Mu Han Xia averts her eyes, her face remaining impa.s.sive and calm as she continues walking forward. In a split second, her arm is caught by him.

“Where are you going tonight?” He asks.

“Nowhere,” she replied, “Lin Mo Chen, I’m very tired, I want to go back to my room to rest.”

He stares at her for a few seconds, and his voice softly says, “I just got a phone call. There’s an investment company willing to invest in Feng Chen, 500 million dollar worth of capital. I’m going to sign the agreement now. You have a good rest in you room and wait for me to come back.”

Mu Han Xia stares blankly. The corner of her lip hooks up, her mood indistinguishable.

“Go then,” she said.

Lin Mo Chen holds her hand, unmoving, but then his phone suddenly rings. Still staring at her, he fishes out his phone and picks up. “h.e.l.lo, Sun Zhi. Okay, I’m coming down soon.”

After hanging up, he finally loosens his hold on her hand.

Mu Han Xia stares straight ahead and walks towards her bedroom.

Lin Mo Chen walks in to the elevator. In the instant before the elevator closes, he suddenly shoots out his arm to block it. But, all he sees is her in front of him, whose head never turned back as she had walked into her room, closing the door.

Three hours later.

Lin Mo Chen and several other managers of Feng Chen, as well as representatives of several investors, led by Jack, walk out of the meeting room at Feng Chen. Both parties looking satisfied as they smile, shaking hands.

At this point, Feng Chen and MK Investment company’s cooperation agreement has been formally signed. 80 million American dollars will be transferred to Feng Chen in two days, an immediate solution. At the same time, MK Company will be a part of the company’s equity, dividends and other investment expansions, enjoying a very generous position. In addition, relevant departments were also called to gain an understanding of the matter. Because it is a foreign investment, something the local government strongly respects, and also an economic construction project, the development of Feng Chen in Lin City goes smoothly as it is allowed to bend some policies and are constantly given the green light. It is really something.

After sending Jack and the others off, Lin Mo Chen turns around and sees Cheng Wei Wei still sitting in his office, waiting for him.

He walks inside and smiles slightly. “Thanks Vivian. I just heard Jack mention that this investment was completely you working to make it happen, using all of your power. I’m really surprised that you would do that for me. For this instance, I will remember it in my heart for the rest of my life. In the future, I will try my utmost to give you my help as well.”

To hear words like “remember it in my heart for the rest of my life” from his mouth is extremely rare. Also, to hear the commitment in the phrase “In the future, I will give you my help” makes Cheng Wei Wei’s heart even happier. But she is a little dazed. Because even after so many ups and downs, today simply is the complete reversal of his fortunes, yet the Lin Mo Chen before her doesn’t seem that happy. He was smiling, but his smile was unusually calm. That quiet permeated through from the depths of his eyes. It was from his very bones.

That woman was changing. He, was also changing.

This kind of feeling that they were a predestined couple and she, Cheng Wei Wei, is just an isolated bystander, makes her feel extremely uncomfortable.

She slowly siles and says, “Jason, what are you talking about, I’m happy to help. I’m not looking for anything in return.”

Lin Mo Chen quietly stares at her for a few seconds then reaches his hand out, shaking her hand. “We will be friends forever. Thank you very much.

Cheng Wei Wei continues to smile like before.

Lin Mo Chen turns and leaves.

This kind of lonely and elegant office once again quiets down. In his office, there are black porcelain cups on the table, neat pens, the clean and organized books on the shelves. There are traces of his style everywhere. Cheng Wei Wei looks up, quietly looking out at the blue sky which has finally emerged. She knows, this love, she has already completely failed and given up.

Honestly, she didn’t love him so much. However, she thinks, haha, Mu Han Xia, how good is this. He won’t be hers, not yours, nor mine.

He will never belong to only a single person.

On this day, Cheng Wei Wei takes a night flight and flies back to Jiang Cheng.

The oral agreement between Feng Chen and the Xue Investment company is invalid. Sun Zhi is representing Feng Chen as he is negotiating with Xue Investment’s representative about the agreement. Lin Mo Chen and Xue Ning are sitting in another room inside.

“Jason, sit.” Xue Ning smiles slightly and pours him a cup of tea herself. “This is the best Long Jing tea I can find in China, taste it.”

Lin Mo Chen takes a small sip and says, “Thank you.”

The interior of the room is brightly lit and the living room is decorated with elegant luxury. The two of them sit face to face on the red velvet couch, quietly tasting the tea. Neither of them have any of the fragility, impulsiveness or pa.s.sion from the night before.

Xue Ning had already been informed of Lin Mo Chen’s purpose for coming. So, in comparison to him, she is even more silent.

“Serena.” Lin Mo Chen’s hand rests in his lap as he opens his mouth and says, “Thank you for reaching out to me when I was in trouble. My heart is extremely grateful. I’m really sorry about last night. I apologize.”

Xue Ning smiles and says, “No need to apologize, I did it of my own accord.”

Both of them are silent for a moment, then Lin Mo Chen says, “You appeared when I needed it the most, and you brought me everything I need. Money, background, an opportunity for revenge, prestige… you and your family background. I really don’t think I could resist. But what you want is love, and a man like me. You gave me a trap, uh… I also gave it to you.”

Xue Ning laughed and slowly drinks her tea.

“I should be leaving now.” He stands up, smiles slightly. “I wish that Miss Xue, from today onwards, will live smoothly and meet her lover.”

“Wait a moment,” Xue Ning says softly as she looks up at him, “What if, I say what if, there wasn’t the investment from MK. Would you chose her, or choose me?”

Lin Mo Chen is quiet for a moment.

However Xue Ning never imagined, he said something that left her completely disappointed.

“Hypothesizing about the”what ifs” in life is meaningless. But when I saw her eyes, I knew I couldn’t lose her.”

Mu Han Xia walks up the stairs slowly. The sky is darkening but the porch light hasn’t been lit yet. It is dim all around.

She walks to the door of the room and pulls out a key card. This was a cheap, quick hotel. After meeting Lin Mo Chen in the original hotel that afternoon, she turned and moved out. She didn’t tell anyone.

The door let out a sound and she silently brushes by the door. Just when she is about to go in, she suddenly slowly turns around.

Next to the wall beside her is standing a person. A tall, dimly visible figure in a suit. In between his fingers is a red dot. Then he throws the cigarette to the ground and puts it out.

She doesn’t know how long he has been standing here. But Mu Han Xia immediately understands, after he had left the hotel that afternoon, he must’ve sent someone to watch her. His scheming was truly unchanging.

Mu Han Xia turns her face and tries to dodge as she rushes into the room. As soon as he reaches out a hand, he catches the door and follows her in. Before Mu Han Xia has the time to react at all, he has already pushed the door closed behind him and hugged her from behind.

Mu Han Xia only feels a hot presence on her body, and a cold one. In the dark room, she is locked in his arms, her entire body feels as if it is full of lead. She wants to move but she can’t. Difficult.

He only quietly opens his mouth, and what he says is the same as what he sent in the text message.

“Han Xia, come back to my side.”

Don’t Turn from Summer Don't Turn From Summer Chapter 62

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