Doom Lord Chapter 133

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Doom Lord

Chapter 133 – Adventure

Cheng Yang and Liu Xiyue swept the area east of Luo Feng Village. They didn't return to the village until around 10 at night. After a night of killing, Liu Xiyue’s power value increased by nearly 900 points, while Cheng Yang earned about 7,000 points.

At this point, the total amount of power value in Cheng Yang's account has reached 1.22 million points. The reason why there were so many power value was because he took some time in the evening to make a trip back to Luo Feng Village, and used 100,000 points of power value to purchase the remaining 100 City Return Stones from the store. Afterwards, he sent them all to the pub.

Now that all the auctions for the City Return Stones had finished, the power value he earned also made Cheng Yang's a.s.sets increased by 11 folds.

At this moment, Cheng Yang really wanted to shout loud a sentence: “Let the money rain harder!"

However, Cheng Yang knew that even though selling these City Return Stones would bring lots of profits, the sudden windfall like today might not occurred again.

Cheng Yang immediately transferred over 100,000 points of power value to Liu Xiyue for her to use for tonight's cultivation. As the only member of Cheng Yang's created guard team, Cheng Yang made sure to give her plenty of care.

After Liu Xiyue went to cultivate, Cheng Yang began refining today’s potions.

This was his daily compulsory course. He wasn't making them only to seek power value from Zhao Yi either. What's more important was to upgrade his craft skill. Now his pharmaceutical skill was about to rise to level 3. Once it was upgraded to level 3, he could refine True Magic Potion. Cheng Yang had great antic.i.p.ation for the role of this item.

With the conclusion of his potion refinement, Cheng Yang happened to see Lee Wanshan returning to the village with his team.

“Old Lee, how was it? Did everything went okay?" Cheng Yang asked after Lee Wanshan approaches.

Lee Wanshan replied, “Everything seems normal. There's no powerful enchanted beast group within 1-2 kilometers of the place. Perhaps, the enchanted beasts are also afraid of the Bone Devouring Ants. Maybe that's why they won't come near it. Now it's  Zhao Chuan's turn to take care of the nest. At noon tomorrow, we will s.h.i.+ft back with them."

Cheng Yang nodded his head and said, “Okay, you can go ahead and cultivate now…wait a minute. Let me first lend you 100,000 points of power value, so that you can open eight times cultivation speed. In the future, this will also be one of the welfare for commander rank personnel. However, you still need to figure out how to solve the consumption for your own cultivation yourself. It can't be deducted from these 100,000 points of power value."

Lee Wanshan was pleasantly surprised. After opening up eight times cultivation speed, he only needs to consume around 500 points of power value. For him, this cost was entirely bearable.

“How about team leader Liu and the …” Li Wanshan seems to hesitate for a moment, and then asked.

Cheng Yang chuckled and said, "You don't need to worry about them. Tomorrow, I will also give each of them 100,000 points of power value. As for whether you use it on yourself or lend them to your subordinates, this is entirely up to you. However, you need to make sure these matters are done as soon as possible. My guess is that this kind of lending to unlock higher cultivation speed will be restricted soon."

Lee Wanshan was stunned, he quickly asked: "That's unlikely, right? Isn't this behavior within G.o.d's rules?"

Cheng Yang laughed bitterly, "Since you know that the G.o.ds made these rules, don't tell me that the G.o.ds can't also make changes to these rules? The revision to some the rules in the main city today has caused many people to find a place to cry. From this, we can infer that the G.o.ds may have been watching the world. They might not notice some small petty tricks. And even if it's discovered, they might not care. However, don't you think that since we can think of exchanging power value to improve the cultivation speed that other people in the main city won't be able to think of the same method?

Lee Wanshan immediately stopped arguing.

Cheng Yang transferred the power value to Lee Wanshan, and then let him leave first. Afterwards, Cheng Yang went to the Alchemy Shop and handed over the potions he made today to the owner.

On this night, Cheng Yang relied on 1 million points of power value in his account to achieve 10 times cultivation speed. It felt really good to increase the cultivation progress by 4.3% in a single night.

Now the time required for Cheng Yang to breakthrough from the peak of the apprentice rank to the scholar rank was less than the average person's breakthrough with normal cultivation speed. Of course, most people wouldn't start cultivation without opening two times cultivation speed at this stage. But to open up four times cultivation speed, a normal profession would basically need few months before turning it on. After all, the further back the harder it was to open higher cultivation speed.

The next day, Cheng Yang cleared the nightmare difficulty level again. After so many days of bad luck, he finally got his own silver-grade equipment.

Actually in the past few days, there were a few defensive equipment that was suitable for him, but he gave them to others. For his current self, defensive equipment was of little value. His own defense has reached 12 points and coupled with ice s.h.i.+eld, there weren't really that many enchanted beasts that could inflict him much harm. Instead of wearing such equipment on himself, he might as well give it to someone who needs it more.

This silver-grade gear was a ring that adds 4 points of magic attack to the user.

At this point, Cheng Yang’s magical attack reached 77 points. If an ice puck was released, the damage would exceeded 100 points. Even the damage of ice thorns could deal more than 40 points of damage to monsters. This kind of damage could even spike first early-order enchanted beasts with relatively thick health.

After stepping out of the instance, Cheng Yang came to the profession statues. Three days ago, he came to the four main profession statues to upgrade the mana attribute. Now that the upgrade was completed, he could proceed to the next attribute.

The three attributes that has been upgraded were health, mana, and attack. All that remains now were the two defensive attributes. As soon these two attributed were upgraded, the profession statues would promote to level 5. At that time, Cheng Yang would start letting some people become mercenaries.

After selecting the physical defense attribute for the upgrade, Cheng Yang let people call over Liu Xiyue and Niu Bing.

Taking advantage of this time, Cheng Yang went to the grocery and brought all 200 City Return Stones that had just arrived today. Then he delivered them to the pub. However, this time Cheng Yang didn't hand over all the City Return Stones to the young waiter. He left three behind in his storage ring.

When the two people arrived in front of Cheng Yang,  he said, "Old Niu, go make arrangements for your team. Today your team need to be led by your two vice-captains. I need you to go with me to a place today."

Niu Bing said, "Okay, I'll go handle it right now." Having said that, Niu Bing turned and departed.

"Lord, where are we going today?” Liu Xiyue couldn't help but ask..

It's no wonder Liu Xiyue was curious, because since a few days ago, Cheng Yang had only taken her with him. Now that Cheng Yang has chosen to bring along Niu Bing, it must certainly be for a task.

Cheng Yang didn't directly answer her and mysteriously said, "You will know in a moment."

Liu Xiyue saw that she couldn't get a clear answer, so she decided to wait quietly on the side.

After a long time, Niu Bing came back with a wide grin on his face, "Lord, it's been done."

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “Let’s head out." After having said that, Cheng Yang walked to the front of the two, leading them towards the south side of Luo Feng Village.

After walking more than 10 kilometers, Cheng Yang still didn't show no signs of stopping. Niu Bing couldn't resist the urge and asked, "Yangzi, are you taking me to the uncharted area? This isn't necessary, right? I could just take my team and clear from the periphery."

Cheng Yang smilingly said, “It's true that we're going to the uncharted area, but this area can't be clear by your men."

New Bing stared at Cheng Yang, puzzled, "In the end, what exactly are we doing?"

Cheng Yang pointed to the front and said, “Do you know what direction is that?"

New Bing was slightly surprised by the sudden question, he said, "That's south. As for what's in that direction, I really have no clue. After the earthquake, everything has changed."

Cheng Yang said, “Over there is Yi Cheng. We haven't heard any news about Yi Cheng in the forum these days. We can see from this that they probably don't have a main city. Of course, this doesn't exclude the possibility that a main city has appeared, but humans can't enter it. In any case, the life of the refugees in Yi Cheng must now be very difficult."

Although Niu Bing was somewhat single-minded, he was definitely not an idiot. He immediately said, "Yangzi, you aren''t intending to save the people of Yi Cheng, right? And with just the three of us?"

Cheng Yang said, "That's right, It's only us three."

At this time, Liu Xiyue also couldn't bear to keep listening and spoke out, "Lord, how can we save people with just the three of us? Since Lord is here, we basically don't have to worry about the enchanted beasts, but how can we bring the rescued refugees back to Luo Feng Village? On this ten kilometers journey back, we might be attacked by enchanted beast's groups. Would we be capable of protecting them if the enchanted beast's groups attack?"

Cheng Yang said, “I'm not trying to bring them back with us. If there's a main city in Yi Cheng, we will help them kill the enchanted beasts surrounding it, and let them transfer to professions. Even if there is no main city in Yi Cheng, we can still look around to see if there are any field stations. If there is one, we can just occupy it and let some people transfer first."

Liu Xiyue and Niu Bing exchanged glances with each other. They were unable to refute Cheng Yang's argument. If they could provide the people of Yi Cheng with a platform to transfer, they might actually be able to help themselves.

In fact, what they didn't know was that those words Cheng Yang said were only half-truth. Cheng Yang had already known that Yi Cheng as a county doesn't have a main city. However, in the vicinity of Yi Cheng, there were indeed two field stations. These two field stations was the main purpose of Cheng Yang's trip.

Cheng Yang had considered occupying the two field stations of Yi Cheng for a while now. However, there were bound to be many obstacles and dangers along the way. He had thought it was too risky to venture out far so early. Bur after experiencing yesterday’s events, he felt that if he followed the current order of development, his final fate was perhaps not very optimistic.

The Bone Devouring Ant's nest that appeared yesterday gave Cheng Yang a wake-up call. Everything in this world wasn't fixed. The moment of his rebirth, he had already cause an impact on the world. Could he still expect the world to continue following the trajectory of his first life-time?

Since changes was bound to occur, Cheng Yang could no longer depend on his rebirth to deal with certain matters. What he must do now was to allow his force to become stronger as quick as possible, this was his foothold for the this world in the future.

Doom Lord Chapter 133

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