Dragon Maken War Chapter 140

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Chapter 140 – Second Coming of a Legend (3)

“If I remember correctly, you were the only one in the Dragon Demon king’s army that wanted to observe such etiquettes.”

Azell mocked Reygus as he attacked.  However, Reygus reacted swiftly.  Even after its magical energy doubled, it continued to increase.  Reygus was quickly becoming stronger.

Reygus reacted with surprising speed as it defended against Azell’s fierce attacks.  The force didn’t need to be loaded onto its muscles, and it wasn’t constrained by the need to breathe.  Even Azell was having trouble dealing with Reygus at high speed.


However, at some point, fire erupted from Reygus’ side.  Azell had bypassed its defense to hit it with a solid attack.  

“Your techniques aren’t as good as before.  I don’t know how long you’ve been an Undead, but it seems you aren’t completely used to being one!”

It was just the beginning.  Flame erupted from various parts of Reygus’ body.  Since a Dragon Arts practitioner had lost Dragon Demon magic, it was understandable to see it struggle to use techniques.  Azell looked for these openings, and he used his mental waves to confuse Reygus’ sense.

In a flash, Reygus lifted its soul hammer in a heroic fashion. As if Azell had been waiting for this move, he let out an an attack.  When the Dragon Maken was planted within the empty body of Reygus, an explosive sound rang out.


However, in the next moment, Azell was sent flying as blood sprayed into the air.   Reygus shrugged off Azell’s stab as if it was nothing, and Reygus counterattacked.  Reygus was already dead, so it was nonplussed as it decided to fight in such a manner.

“You rotten brained bastard!”

Azell grinded his teeth.  It wasn’t as if he hadn’t predicted Reygus would try such a move.  However, he was able to pierce it squarely with his Dragon Maken, so he judged that it would be enough to be able to interrupt Reygus’ movement.

The only thing that occurred was a portion of its armor and ribs breaking.  Reygus had already been sturdy like a fortress, but his defense had strengthened considerably with the rapid increase of its magical energy.  

At that moment, someone used whispering to talk to Azell.

-Sir Azell.  No…  Oh, hero Azell Karzark.

It was Balseru.

-What?  I’m busy right now.  Can we talk later?

-There is something I have to speak to you about right now.

-What is it?

-I want us to switch opponents.


It was an unexpected suggestion, so Azell furrowed his brows.  Balseru continued to speak.

-We will engage Reygus.

-I thought you guys didn’t fare well against Reygus earlier.

-It is so, but we didn’t lose either.


-We can’t win, but at the very least, we can keep it occupied.  Wouldn’t it be better for you to take care of the others while we do so?  We have to get out of here before their reinforcements arrive.  I believe getting rid of everyone except Reygus would secure the safety of our comrades.  I believe that will be the better option.

-I don’t know where that confidence is coming from, but….   All right.  I do have other worries, and I accept that your judgement is correct.  I’ll let you handle it for now.  We’ll move at the count of three.

-I understand.,

After a count of three, Azell created his clones, and they attacked Reygus.  Its broken body parts and armor had been recovered.  It raised its hammer in heroic fashion as it parried the attack.  However, at that moment, the Dragon Maken held within the clone’s hand turned into a thunderbolt as it exploded.


He used this opportunity to switch places with Balseru and his group.

Reygus was a bit late in realizing this fact, and it was furious.

“Why don’t you speak more reasonably? If you want a fair one on one fight with me, you shouldn’t have brought your posse with you.  You should come at me alone next time.”

Balseru and two Undead stepped forward to face Reygus.

Reygus noticed it at that moment.

It wasn’t running with the same force as before.  It was still fast, but it was noticeably slower than before.


The Undead Rho blocked the soul hammer.  After Reygus’ massive increase in magical energy, it was on a different level in regards to power and speed.  However, Rho was able to block it thanks to Balseru’s power.

Reygus expressed its annoyance.  An outside power was restricting its magical energy.  If it was a simple trick used by magicians, Reygus could have unravelled it with a snort.  However, it had no idea what method was being used.

The only thing it was sure about was that this phenomenon originated from Balseru’s eyes.  Just looking at them gave Reygus chills.

Reygus roared as it ran towards Balseru.  Rho tried to get in the way, but it was useless. When Rho was about to swing its axe, Reygus accelerated a beat faster to ram its body into Rho.

It was as if Rho was hit by a runaway train.  It was sent flying.  Phi, the fire Undead magician, had been ready to attack when an opportunity was created through Rho’s attack.  It was taken aback.  It was going to attack with magic when Rho stopped Reygus’ charge, but the result hadn’t occurred in a manner it expected!

Reygus maintained his momentum as it sent the Guardian Shadows protecting Balseru flying.  It was so fast that Balseru standing in an awkward posture as if he was having a hard time reacting to what was going on.

However, Reygus knew it had made the wrong decision when its hammer was about to come down.

Balseru rushed forward to swing his sword.  Did he really want to receive the blow of the hammer with such a thin sword?  He was begging to be crushed.

In the next moment, a pure white light washed over them.

Reygus was taken aback.

When they were about to clash, Reygus’ movements suddenly slowed, and Balseru’s movements accelerated.  It was as if time moved differently for the two of them.  Balseru’s attack came towards it before the hammer could be swung.  Reygus had no choice, but to avoid it in fright.

Reygus staggered backwards as it retreated.  It grinded its teeth.

Balseru used Instantaneous Movement to charge forward.  The thunder-like strike of the sword was blocked by the head of the hammer.


As the ground shook, something unbelievable happened. Reygus was being pushed backwards.


Balseru groaned.  He felt the force delivered by the clash.

His eyes had absolute power over the Undead.  He just had to look at an Undead.  No, if he was to be more precise, he could suppress any techniques that dealt with death.  This was the ability given to the one with the codename Alpha.  Undead beings were supposed to fall under him.  They weren’t supposed to be able to defy him.

However, Reygus was still displaying incredible battle capabilities.  Its power had only lessened by a little bit.  This was why he was confronted with a problem he had never worried about.

When he had his eyes closed, it meant his stored magical energy within his eyes had been expended.  He would need time to recharge his magical energy.

‘They are similar in some ways.’

Reygus was similar to the ‘Sleepless Guardians’, who guarded the Keepers of Prophecy.  It wasn’t just the fact that they were outstanding Undead.  The energy they were emitting was strikingly similar.

There must be a connection between the two.  However, he didn’t dwell on such matter right now.  He finally knew the true meaning behind destiny, so all he could do was fight with all his might against the enemy in front of him.

‘It is a matter of how long I can last.’

He knew he couldn’t win.  However, he was trying to come up with a plan that would allow him to stall Reygus.  He had to give Azell a little bit more time.

“…Dragon Demon general Reygus.”

A strange light was being emitted from his eyes as Balseru smiled.  He had an awkward smile as if he had never laughed before.  This was why It was a sickening smile.

“I want to thank you.”

“Thanks to you, I….  No, we finally realized what our origin and fate is.  I never imagined a time would come where I would have to express my thanks to a Dragon Demon king worshipper.”

A laughter tinged with madness flowed out of Balseru’s mouth.


Azell’s party was fighting well in conjunction with the Guardian Shadows.  However, there was one person, who was in danger.  She had been isolated from her party.

“Ha-ah, ha-ah…….”

It was Laura.

She looked disheveled as she tried to get her breathing under control.  In an one on one battle, she was able to dominate Dikal.  However, she was helpless against the relentless attacks by the Shadow’s Sword Belt.  

Even if Laura was a powerful magician, her opponents had all been candidates that had fought for the title to be heir.  Their achievements in the study of magic was a bit lacking, but all thirty of them were linked through Dragon Demon magic.  Moreover, they were under the control of Dikal, and they were being used effectively against her.  Of course, she would be on the losing side.

She was busy blocking endless magic spells coming from all sides that she hadn’t realized that she had been separated from her comrades.  She was 2 kilometers away from the main battlefield.

This was why she couldn’t expect help from her comrades.  Of course, this was what Dikal had been aiming for.

“It seems even the great Ms. Laura is showing signs of tiring?”

Dikal let out a nasty laughter.

There was no way he could win against her in an one on one battle.  However, he commanded the power of the disqualified candidates.  He felt an unsightly joy at cornering her.

Laura didn’t have the luxury to answer him.  The Shadow’s Sword Belt didn’t want her to catch her breath, so they kept sending spells towards her.

‘He plans on taking me alive.’

Dikal’s intent was clear.  If they had been aggressive in their attempt to kill Laura, she would already be dead by now.  However, they were trying to catch her alive at all costs.

They blocked Laura from contacting her allies, and they had slowly isolated her.  Then they kept chipping away at her stamina and magical energy.  In the process, Dikal felt a sadistic joy.

“Your fate is sealed, Laura.”

“The elders want to see the face of the traitor.  You already know what will happen next, right?  Even if you did betray us, you were an outstanding subject.  You might bear the children of the the next generation by receiving our seed or maybe you’ll just become a test subject.  It won’t matter which fate is chosen for you.  You’ll be in a hell appropriate for a traitor.”

The malice he displayed was hair-raising.  She would rather die than be caught by the Plain of Darkness.  They had the ability to make her experience hell.  In an attempt to appease the Aunsaurus family, Dikal would willingly throw Laura into hell.

“Let’s see…….”

As the encircling net backed off, Dikal stepped forward.  At the same time, a hole was punched through the wall of fire that Laura had been fighting against.



Laura let out a scream as she was pushed backwards.  Dikal had intentionally made this hole.  Laura was well aware of this fact.  In such a situation, she had to try something even if it was a longshot.

It was as if he had been waiting for her response.  He deflected Laura’s magic.  Then he overpowered her.

“Ha ha ha ha! Is that all  you got?  If you were going to end it like this, why did you trouble us so?”

Laura glared at him.   Dikal made an invidious remark.

“Hmmph.  That’s right, Laura.  You were right.  I did come here too early.”

Dragon Maken War Chapter 140

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