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The Heavy Cavalry of the 24th Regiment had lost more than half of their forces in the battle against the Sastanes. The Commander judged that the cavalry was not capable of carrying out operations at this time, and considered dismantling the unit but he could not.
The reason why the cavalry had to remain as a unit of the 24th Regiment, was due to being too good to abandon their reputation of defeating the Sastane Cavalry.
As such, he decided to recruit new personnel to the cavalry instead of dismantling it.

"The Royal Family had already sent notices to each of the various squads around the country. One or two, and if a lot, as many as one whole squad of veteran Riders will be sent over here. Since there is nothing to do until the unit is reorganized, the Commander wanted all of you to rest and enjoy your time."

It seems that the background contents behind the vacation, was the main reason why the duration is one month long.

"It's already obvious what kind of guys will be coming here. They'll probably send the troublemakers or the bullied ones who they want to get rid of. If we were to thoughtlessly rest during this vacation, we're going to have a lot of work once our unit is reorganized."

Clarke, as the true leader of the unit, was already worried about the characters and quality of the Riders who would be sent here.

"Is that a problem?"
"I don't think so. Since they are docile Riders from the start, where do we use them? It's not like our Cavalry is an ornament of the capital. Ah, are there any who we need to be worried about? Especially the ones that are going to be sent here?"

Frederik shook his head.

"Well, then there should be no problem. Since we have a competent person who could educate these new recruits like a madman."

Since there was a monster who'd beaten up the whole cavalry unit when drunk, they had no qualms even if there were prideful and stubborn new recruits which would come their way. All they had to do was make a time where Sunhyuk can drink with the new recruits, and leave timely before he could take care of them nicely.

"I'll let you be responsible if that problem were to arise."

After Frederik had finished all of his work, including informing them of his plan of heading to the capital for his triumphal celebration, he rose from his seat.

"Oh, I almost forgot. After this reorganization, you will have a name unique to your own unit. While on vacation, consider what kind of name your unit wants to be called by."

It was an extreme honor for mere privates, of a regular cavalry to have an official name for their unit; considering how they weren't even Knights. Obviously, Clarke was thrilled after hearing this. However, his face soon darkened realizing that it was up to them to decide the name.

"I'm not sure if these guys, who only use their heads when they put on their helmets – will be able to think of a worthy name."
"Since it will be an honorable time thinking about it, enjoy it while you can."

Seeing how Frederik was rarely joking after being promoted to an Advanced Knight, Clarke smiled once more.

"Then, I will see you in a months time."
"Captain, please enjoy your vacation as well."

"…and that is what the Captain said, so don't expect too much and have a nice rest."

Once Clarke finished, the cavalrymen were full of motivation. It was an extremely glorious thing to have a unique name for a unit, as everyone started to think of a possible name which would be chosen for the unit.

"I have a thought. How about Hansen Cavalry?"
"Stop spewing bulls.h.i.+t. How's Th.o.r.n.y Rose Cavalry? It's beautiful and strong."

Hansen and Jonathan were already causing a ruckus as they argued against one another."

"What do you think?"

Sunhyuk who had been concentrating on other thoughts, suddenly replied to the question thrown at him.

"Silver Arrow?"
"Ah. Never mind. I forgot that he's a guy who can't even name his horse properly."

They were too overly blatant in their att.i.tudes of belittling him.

"But what have you been thinking about all this time since yesterday? Is there a problem?"

Depressed, he was about to retort before Clarke suddenly interjected.

"If you're worried about where you'll be heading during the vacation, just make sure to follow anyone. Though they may look like that, all of them are children of wealthy families. There's no one who will treat you like a nuisance; just because one extra guest arrived."
"No. It's not that. I just have some stuff to think about."

As if this was good timing, Sunhyuk asked first.

"Have you heard where Frost Peaks is at? I've heard that it's up north, but no one seems to know of it."
"Frost Peaks? I've never heard of it."

His reply came out immediately, causing Sunhyuk to despair.

"It's called Mount Caldes now, but I heard that it was originally called Frost Mountain or Frost Peaks before. But why?"

Sunhyuk quickly rushed to Hansen and hugged him.

"Thank you, Hansen. Hansen, you're my savior. Really."

Hansen stood baffled as Sunhyuk recalled the conversation he had with the Dragon.

[Head North.]
"What are you saying suddenly? Go north?"
[Frost Peaks in the north, that is where you must go.]
[Where is Frost Peaks and what is there?]

From that ambiguous statement, he asked frustratingly.


At first he was wondering what it was, but thankfully the Dragon explained what a Drake was.

[There is a poor subspecies which has lost its wings, and cannot spread its wings to the expanse within the skies again.]
"Is that you?"

Cheering while thinking he was finally going to meet the Dragon, the Dragon suddenly became angry. It must have been a huge insult comparing a pure-blooded Dragon to a mere Drake.

[How can a man who has not even stretched one's back, fly before he learns how to walk and jump?]

Though the Dragon's words were a bit harsh, he deduced one point from this. It meant that he was going to have a new animal to ride.

It was good up to this point. But there was no one who knew of where Frost Peaks were, or that a Drake was there. It was quite frustrating knowing that it was within the northern direction, but unaware of where the exact location was.

Despite asking here and there, there was no answer. As such, Hansen who he thought would have never known – suddenly answered him.

"I'm sorry, Hansen. I won't ever neglect you again."
"You neglected me?"

Though Hansen belatedly got angry, but Sunhyuk did not care. He was delighted in being able to barely discover the whereabouts of the Drake.

As such, his holiday schedule was decided.

"I heard it's a month-long vacation."

As if she had heard the news, Yoojung came to see Sunhyuk. Just like before; she still had a complex face, but bore an expression as if already used to it.

"Yes, it was specially given until the unit is reorganized."
"After the vacation, are you going to discharge from service?"

After responding moderately that he was yet to decided, she sighed and spoke again.

"I did not come here to persuade you again, so don't make that complicated expression."
"Mmm. Is that so?"
"Have you heard about the captured Noctane Knight and Magician?"

The Advanced Knight and Magician were the ones that the Commander had captured alive.

"No. Whether they would ransom them over or utilize them here, the Commander and the Royal Family will make a decision in the end. So I don't have much interest in that matter."
"No. If it's the others then it's okay, but Sunhyuk needs to know this."

Sunhyuk frowned as he wondered what kind of bait she was trying to put forth this time.

"I do not know why I have to do so?"
"Even if they are like us?"

He suddenly stiffened from that unimaginable thought.

"What are you saying…?"
"Isn't it strange? With how large the continent is, do you think only the Kingdom of Ardenburg summoned Strangers?"

Ahn Yoojung then slowly continued.

"It's strange, but wouldn't that be the truth? The fact that Strangers like us are summoned all over the continent."
"Then why is it that we don't know this? Why did the Royal Family hide this matter?"
"The Royal Family did not hide this. Rather, they did not tell us this, since we could figure this out as long as we were willing to."

They probably did not intentionally speak this matter since they might falter facing against people of their own world on opposite ends.

"Surely not…"

Sunhyuk paler bawled, as he recollected the many soldiers that he had killed with his hands.

"Whether it's a relief or misfortune, there is not a single Stranger which you have killed with your own hands yet."

Subconsciously, Sunhyuk sighed as he showed a bitter expression. It was a sense of disillusionment to oneself to intentionally discriminate the lives of the Strangers and the locals.

"There is still many things that you don't know of in this world. If you want to know the truth, come to the Center, because all of the secrets related to Strangers are known only to the Royal Family."

After that burdensome conversation with Yoojung, he was filled with countless questions. It was not long before he was confident that they would see each other again.

"That's right. The captured enemies are indeed Strangers."

Unable to contain himself, he went to the Commander and asked, which he unexpectedly told him truthfully.

"Even if it was not so, I was going to tell you personally. But it seems that the Elementalist lady had told you first."

Then, the Commander began to explain everything.

"The number of Strangers which our Kingdom had summoned is about 200, while the Noctane Kingdom had summoned a bit less than 150 people. Asides from that, every other nation on the continent has Strangers whom they had summoned. If you combine everyone, there is probably thousands in total."

Realizing that there were a lot more than he imagined, he asked the Commander all sorts of questions, which the Commander shook his head and told him that he will tell him this some day later.

"If you want, you can directly ask them. They were not able to endure the conduct dealt to them by the Noctanes and have decided to submit to our Kingdom. I will promise you an opportunity to speak with them once all the investigations have finished."
"You don't have to go that… no. I understand."

Confused at what he was going to ask them once they met, he was about to decline the Commander's proposition before nodding. Still, it seemed necessary for him to talk to them once.

"You probably have a lot of thoughts and questions, but just enjoy your vacation for now. Whether you arrive here or there, what's so important?"

From the Commander's somewhat ambiguous encouragement, Sunhyuk left the office. And soon, the first day of the vacation had started.

As if the cavalrymen had drank the night away at Emma's pub, they did not look so well. When asking, he saw that all of them had spent the night trying to encourage and console Emma regarding the deceased comrades.

"Don't cause any accidents and return back here safely!"
"We're not kids, so don't worry!"

Clarke and the men replied as they chuckled.

"If a man is not a child, then he's a dog. You guys are both, you sons of b.i.t.c.hes. How do you think I won't be worried?"

From the bliss of going on vacation, the cavalrymen chuckled despite being swore upon as they rode their horses.

"Just wait until you guys come back. You despicable b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!"
"Youngest, be safe and enjoy your vacation as well. Be careful of Hansen's Noona!"
"You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I'll make sure to take care of him well."

After his comrades had coa.r.s.ely greeted each other, Hansen rode his horse and looked at him.

"We should go to."

Sunhyuk, who was looking somewhere at the fort, turned his head and climbed on his horse. Then kicking it, he departed from the fortress.

TL Afterword:

Calvis: Woot, Frost Peaks Arc time! Can't wait for the Drake. I wonder how Stella will react in having a new comrade LOL.

PR Afterword:

Sai101: Name of the unit nominations… Hansen Unit! LMAO!!!

Translator: Calvis
Editor:  Sai101

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