Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1198

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"The Great Divination Art."

Jiang Chen's facial expression changed. The name of the technique alone indicated the scariness of this secret art. What astounded Jiang Chen was the fact that Tianji Zi had only reached the early stage of the technique. He wouldn't dare imagine how powerful the art would be once it had been cultivated to the stage of completion.

"Disciple, master will now impart the Great Divination Art to you. Your cultivation in this technique will solely depend on yourself. There's a very important requirement for practicing this art, that is the strength of the soul. Back in the Iron Dummy Array, when I was observing you, I didn't think that you could break the array, however, you managed to do so which meant your soul is stronger than any ordinary cultivator. And you also have a very keen perception. These will be your biggest advantages when it comes to cultivating the Great Divination Art." Said and praised Tianji Zi.

"The Great Divination Art is divided into four realms, namely, the Spiritual Intelligence realm, Heavenly Vision realm, Heavenly Will realm and Divination realm. The Spiritual Intelligence realm is just the introductory stage of the Divination Art. Once you reached this realm, you will be able to predict the good and the bad of the future. As you advance further and reached the Heavenly Vision realm, you will be able to use it in battle. Master has also just broken through to this realm and used it to draw against Yang Shu in battle. This is the terrifying feature of the Heavenly Vision realm."

Explained Tianji Zi. Comparing Heavenly Vision realm to the Spiritual Intelligence realm, it was a notch higher than the latter, but in the Great Divination Art, the Heavenly Vision realm was merely one of the early stages, as the truly scary stages were the Heavenly Will realm and Divination realm.

"Amazing. I wonder how powerful the Heavenly Will and Divination realm will be."

Jiang Chen's eyes glittered. His interest in the Great Divination Art started to grow again. He initially thought that this secret art was already terrifying enough when it could be used in battles. Unexpectedly, this was only the infant stage of the Divination Art.

Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1198

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