Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1547

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The Evil Flying Toad  

"In that case, let's go now."

After speaking, Jiang Chen turned and flew towards the jungle with Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu on his side. Wherever they went, the three of them were always together as one. They would never separate unless they had no choice. Without hesitation, Yang Bufan and Dong Fei were at Jiang Chen's heels, leaving Liang Qiao and the other two slightly frowning at the gloomy forest, looking somewhat hesitant.

Yang Bufan ignored them. Although they were his subordinates, just like what he had said, anyone was free to pursue their opportunity in this Golden Horizon. Yang Bufan would never force them if they were unwilling to follow them.

"What shall we do?" Liang Qiao looked over at the other two people.

"What else can we do? Of course, we have to follow them. There are so many dangerous places here. But since we're already here, let's not be afraid anymore. Could it be that you want to live a peaceful life in this place for a month and obtain the treasures and benefits easily like picking up trash on the streets? Continue dreaming then."

"That's right. I believe in Jiang Chen. He isn't a reckless man. It's safe to follow him. Furthermore, we are now members of King Fan Prefecture, King Fan's subordinates. Even King Fan has gone over there. What are we hesitating for?"

The other two geniuses made their decision and flew over.

Seeing the fading sight of the group, Liang Qiao revealed a trace of a strange look followed by a curious smile before flying over to join them.

There were a hundred miles from where they were to the forest. This hundred miles of distance wasn't considered anything to a powerful half-step Immortal Emperor as they could reach their destination in a matter of a few blinks. In a just a few breaths of time, the eight of them arrived at the border region of the forest.

One had to say that the plants in the forest was luxuriant. There were bushes all over the place and towering trees that had countless growth rings.

"This is an ancient tree that has existed for at least a few thousand years and will soon develop spiritual intelligence. Once its spiritual intelligence is formed, it will become a mighty tree demon," Big Yellow said.

"The Golden Horizon has existed for too long, which has given birth to all kinds of creatures. Don't be surprised if you see anything strange here. Even a big tree can turn into a moving creature. This forest isn't simple. We have to be more careful," Yang Bufan added.

"Big Yellow, can you sense where the location of the treasure is?"

Jiang Chen looked over at Big Yellow. In this place, everything would have to depend on Big Yellow. They would need to rely on Big Yellow's perception so that they could get closer to the treasure.

"I naturally can sense it. Let's go into the forest first." Big Yellow said, then strode into the forest.

*Quack…* *Quack…*

As soon as they entered the forest, they heard some sounds. Among the thick branches and leaves above, beast-like creatures were flying over them continuously. They could see toads with wings, and a pair of extremely deadly eyes. Basically, all creatures that were born here were bloodthirsty by nature, very terrifying.

"Be careful, everyone. These winged toads are very poisonous. It won't be a joke if you are attacked by one. This forest is at least thousands of miles wide. No one can tell how many evil creatures are in here. Be alert at all times," Jiang Chen reminded.

"I suggest that everyone should get closer so that we can look at each other's back during an emergency." Liang Qiao spoke.

Their movement s.h.i.+fted to a slower speed. After all, they weren't familiar with the place, and they had to be careful with every step they took. It had to be said that this forest was really very huge. Various types of plants were living so closely together as though they had become intertwined. There were very few ways left for them to go, but since they were the experts of the experts, they could easily find their path by sweeping the forest with their divine sense. There was no way that they would get lost.

*Quack…* *Quack…*

The croaks made by the toads were incomparably unpleasant. The more one listened, the more one's mind would be affected, making the person irritated.

"Why are these flying toads keep following us?" Dong Fei asked curiously.

"They have regarded us as their prey. This group of flying toads are observing our strength, otherwise they should have already attacked us," replied Yang Bufan with a smile. 

These evil creatures had long developed their intelligence. They had already consumed human blood. So, naturally, they would treat Jiang Chen and his comrades as their prey. Something as such was common in the Golden Horizon.  

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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1547

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