Dreadful Radio Game Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: Be Careful When Opening The Doors

The room door was pushed opened and Aroma walked in, holding a cup of tea. Su Bai subconsciously covered the photograph with his palms, pretending as if nothing had happened and continued flipping through the files.

This incident had involved Dreadful Radio Games reality task and was not what ordinary human beings could easily get involved in. Su Bai did not want Aroma to be plunged too deep into this incident, otherwise even he himself was unsure whether he could protect her.

He received the cup of tea and placed it on the table. Su Bai then placed all the information back into the folder.

"Take it back with you. This information had not been touched in many years; my father would not recall about it."

"En." Su Bai nodded his head and held the folder in his hands while he stood up. "I have something to do, I'll be taking my leave."

"It's not easy for you to come to my home and now you're leaving. Detective Su, you really came to investigate?"

"Heh heh, next time."

Su Bai waved his hand and walked down the stairs. He walked until the porch, opened the gate on his own and walked out. The yellowing old photograph gave Su Bai an unsettling feeling.

Aroma held the staircase railing with one hand while her other hand was holding on to the untouched cup of tea. She shook her head apathetically.

She had a sudden feeling that even though they hadn't met in a few months, Su Bai was like a totally different person. He was really unfamiliar to her. Even though Su Bai of the past was a little obscure, at least he was completely open with a few of his friends. But right now, Su Bai obviously kept a certain distance from her and Chu Zhao. Especially when she tried to get the relationship back like the past, he purposely kept himself at a distance, and it was obviously intentional. She had felt it and even Chu Zhao had felt that way.

"Perhaps he doesn't like women, he likes..."

For some unknown reason, Aroma smiled instead when thinking about this. The previous unpleasant feeling gradually disappeared.

Su Bai walked out of the district and hailed a taxi. He did not choose to call Chu Zhao this time and instead prepared to directly head to Chu Zhao's place. Xiao Hui was the trigger character of the reality mission Dreadful Radio Game gave him. Su Bai was too prejudiced by first impressions and treated this trigger character as an NPC in the video games who just stood there without moving and giving missions.

In truth, Xiao Hui had told him a lie!

Su Bai arrived at the ground floor of Chu Zhao's rented apartment half an hour later.

Chu Zhao's family did not lack money, but because of their special identity, there were certain things that they had to be as low-key as possible about. There was nothing they could do about that.

Su Bai observed from downstairs for a while; he confirmed that Chu Zhao's home had really poor protective measures. Chu Zhao was a police officer, but his house would be really easy for burglars to break in. Chu Zhao was staying on the second floor which wasn't high up and there were no anti-theft guardrails installed. Even the kitchen windows were wide open. Not to mention burglars, even ordinary humans would be able to easily enter the kitchen by climbing the illegally built awning of the unit below.

Su Bai did not hesitate. He sprinted and flipped his body onto the awning. He then pulled himself into Chu Zhao's kitchen with a single arm. The kitchen was very clean and should have been occasionally cleaned. It should be Xiao Hui. No, it was unknown whether she should be called Xiao Hui or Wang Xue.

The tiny living room was right next to the kitchen and following that were two bedrooms. Chu Zhao should have already sent Xiao Hui home and returned back to work.

Su Bai wore his shoes in walked through the shiny living room flooring. Before he reached the bedroom, he heard sounds of a couple eagerly gasping for breath from the other side. The female's voice was occasionally reverberating and tactful. The male's was like an old bull ploughing the fields emitting moaning and groaning sounds.

This was awkward...

Su Bai was starting to regret entering without knocking; he had nothing better to do and was seeking convenience. Why did he need to climb through the window?

At this moment, the man in the room emitted a hurried and brief noise like the final note of a tune.

Su Bai looked around

around and returned back to the kitchen.

The room door was pushed opened and the man walked out. He complained,

"Doing it in the afternoon is too darn hot. Can we set an evening or night next time?"

Su Bai's fingers trembled. This voice did not belong to Chu Zhao; it was someone else!

Another man appeared in Chu Zhao's home and just finished doing some bedroom business. Su Bai squinted his eyes. Was his brother just given an oily green hat[1] to wear?

"So hateful. I'm the housekeeper of this place; this house is not mine. I only called you over because I noticed they wouldn't be back this afternoon. People put in so much effort in serving you, but you are still unsatisfied."

The woman started to act coquettishly.

"Alright, alright, my bad, my bad. It's not easy on my Cui Er. I also know it's hard on you being a housekeeper. But don't worry, I promise you I will work hard and buy us a house when the time comes. Then you would no longer need to serve others. You could just stay at home and take care of the children."

Listening to this, Su Bai couldn't help but be speechless. What type of housekeeper did Chu Zhao hire? she actually invited her little lover to the house to do those type of things when the owner was not home. That bedroom was obviously the master bedroom that Chu Zhao slept in. This little housekeeper was being a little sentimental.

"Is there anything to eat? I'm feeling a little hungry."

"Yea. It's in the kitchen. I'll make some for you."

The little housekeeper started to walk towards the kitchen.

Su Bai shook his head. Since Chu Zhao and Xiao Hui were not at home, his trip here was like drawing legs on a snake[2]. Regardless whether Chu Zhao's girlfriend was actually Xiao Hui or Wang Xue, they did not treat Chu Zhao with absolute enmity. Su Bai at least felt that when he pointed the tip of the gun at that woman's forehead, the other party had to really consider if they actually dared to have any thoughts about Chu Zhao.

Sounds of keys opening the main entrance sounded at this moment.


The little housekeeper turned pale in fright. She actually dared to call her little lover to make love in the master bedroom when the owner was away. If the owner opened the door and saw all that, she would definitely be fired.

The man who just made a solemn vow to get wealthy was also shocked and was at a loss.

The sounds of the keys turning kept sounding out, but the door was not successfully pushed opened.

"Ah Xiang, you locked the door?" The man asked.

Ah Xiang was not comprehending. She remembered that she did not lock the door, but this situation seemed for the best. She calmed herself down and pushed the man towards the balcony.

"Hurry, jump down from the balcony and run. I'll clean up the bedroom. Luckily, I placed paper towel in advance or else the bed sheets would be wet."

The man immediately understood; he took his clothes and fled through the balcony. The man immediately flipped his body and grabbed the railing and jumped down since it was just the second floor and it wasn't that high. He slipped and fell when he touched the ground. He grazed himself, but it wasn't that serious and the man did not dare tarry. He wore his clothes as he ran further away from that place. He knew the owner of the house was a police officer.

Su Bai who had been hiding in the kitchen the whole time found it a little funny. What kind of scene was this? Why would Chu Zhao hire a housekeeper? Could it be that it was to specially take care of Xiao Hui?

Su Bai was clear about Chu Zhao's character. Even if his home was as messy as a pig sty, he was not willing to let strangers enter to clean it. He was unlikely to go as far as to hire such a young housekeeper.

"Coming, coming. Looks like I was muddle-headed; I was in deep sleep taking an afternoon nap."

The housekeeper explained loudly while rushing to open the door.


The door was opened by the housekeeper. Su Bai who was standing in the kitchen felt slight chills running through his back. Sobbing sounds could be heard from the housekeeper's from the housekeeper's side; both her feet were stamping the floor obviously in much pain.

Su Bai walked out of the kitchen. He saw half of the housekeeper's body inside the house while the other half of her body was outside, she was no longer moving. She maintained a very weird posture.

Su Bai increased his pace and rushed towards the door, but it was totally empty outside. There was nothing at all. One of the housekeeper's hands was holding on to the handle outside. Both her arms were coiled up like a knot as if she hung herself onto the handle. This cause her body to maintain her posture without falling down even though she was dead.

The housekeeper displayed an appalled expression as if she had seen something horrifying.

Su Bai suddenly felt it was quite ridiculous. He was in the kitchen and god knew what existence murdered someone at the main entrance. He couldn't make it in time and didn't even know what the other party looked like.

Su Bai's gaze suddenly fixed on a wall by the corridor entrance. There was a wet palm print. It wasn't very clear and it was evaporating, but it was really there and it was extending upstairs. The higher he went, the clearer it got. The proved that the thing that murdered the housekeeper did not escape but continued heading upstairs.

Su Bai lifted his head and looked around, then decisively gave chase upstairs. After continuously climbing three floors, Su Bai finally heard the same sound of keys opening the door. It was as if the keys had been fully inserted into the keyhole, but the door wouldn't open.

"Old thing, you don't even know how to open the door anymore?"

The disgruntled voice of a woman sounded from inside the house. She must have thought someone in her family had come home but couldn't open the door, but she still walked over preparing to open the door.

Su Bai coincidentally turned up from the flight of stairs. 'Heh heh, don't mention murdering someone right before my eyes, now you want to continue murdering people. You can't be so condescending'.

Su Bai turned around slowly and saw a blurry shadow at the entrance of the opposite house. He did not hesitate to pull out his Hellfire Shotgun; he pointed towards the shadow and pulled the trigger:


Dreadful Radio Game Chapter 147

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