Dreadful Radio Game Chapter 84

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Chapter 84
Chapter 84: Face to Face

Translator: CatCyan  Editor: Zayn

Seven pulled Sun Lin out. He was hardly breathing, but still alive. Seven took off his Buddha beads and put them around Sun Lin’s neck, then drew something on his forehead with his index finger and pushed him back into the van.


Sun Lin was still unconscious, but somehow, he looked solemn and serene. As he got back in the van, the woman and the kid suddenly became depressed, as if they were repressed by him.


Su Bai couldn’t care less whether Sun Lin died or not. If anything happened to Sun Lin, it would be on the monk because it was the monk that brought them to West Chuan. But Su Bai was very interested in Seven’s tricks. Too bad he couldn’t get any magical skills from the e-shop. A vampire without several special skills was like an expensive car without gas to run with.


"It’ll be alright for now. Let’s go get the runaway first." Seven turned around and went into the hotel. Su Bai followed him.


There was only one female receptionist on the front desk. She was listening to music with a pair of earphones and had no idea about their leaving or returning, or what was going on in the hotel. Sometimes, innocence might be a kind of happiness.


Back in the elevator, Seven rolled up his sleeves and tied his robe to his waist, as if he was not going to ghost-hunting, but wrestling with someone.


"His skin must be kept intact. Don’t get involved in the fight, just stop him from escaping when necessary."


Seven was apparently worried. As he had said before, the bodies of those three people were a kind of restraint for themselves, so their skins must be kept unharmed, otherwise it would cause great damage, like setting off a bomb in a busy place.


"Oh, I’ll leave him to you, and I’ll just cheer for you from the sides. Don’t worry about me, I don’t mind."


Su Bai didn’t mind at all. He knew exactly where he should be: the auditorium. The monk was capable, so he should do more work. In the best case, Su Bai would be able to sit out the Reality Task. Although according to their contribution ratio he would get far less awards and favorability, it was better than nothing. It was not a story world, so there was no need to haggle over every penny.


The elevator arrived and Seven walked to the room. The college girl was breathing heavily; apparently she had come for several times and was worn-out. When Su Bai got closer, he heard her complaining:

"You’re awesome… But I can’t take it any more… I’ve orgasmed four times already!"


Hearing this, Su Bai frowned and turned to Seven: "Is this guy still able to ejaculate?"


Seven shook his head, "He’s dead, his physiology is not functioning. Is a dead person still able to produce semen and create new generations?"


"Right. That’s new." Su Bai shrugged and stepped back. Then something else came into his mind: "Then how could he get it up?"


The monk didn’t answer his new question. He kicked the door wide open. Inside the room, it was such a p.o.r.nographic image: the college girl was put up against the TV stand and a man was f*cking her rapidly and continuously like a monkey engine. It was exactly the husband who was in the van.


Standing by the door, Su Bai smiled. This man couldn’t have been much of a good husband before he died; it must be his habit to cheat on his wife, even death couldn’t change it.



groaned, threw up his hands and came to the man as fast as a wind. His fingers curled like the talons of a falcon and grabbed the man’s shoulders, then with a turn to his side, he threw the man onto the floor.


When the man was thrown away, his p.e.n.i.s was pulled out from the college girl with a thud and a burst of liquid.


Seven pressed the man’s neck with one hand and began to draw a magic figure on the man’s face. The man was struggling while a pale green light started to rise from his body.


"Ah ah ahhhh!!!!!!"


On the other side, the exhausted college girl screamed when she saw what happened. She wasn’t very surprised or scared when Su Bai and Seven broke in, but now she panicked: who was that guy having s.e.x with her just now?


Or, was that even a guy?


Su Bai walked in and slapped hard on the girl’s neck to knock her out. Finally, silence.


"Help me control him!" Seven yelled at Su Bai, "Or soon someone will come!"


Su Bai agreed. There had been a lot of noise, and someone would want to come and check it out. So he instantly crouched down and took Seven’s place, pressing on the man’s shoulders, but the man was struggling so hard that he couldn’t take it as a normal person. Therefore, Su Bai closed his eyes and withered until he became a skeleton under his clothes; his aura became cold and evil, and black long fingernails were growing out. He was much stronger.


However, just when Su Bai turned into a zombie, the man suddenly calmed down, stopped struggling and began to giggle at Su Bai.


Seven bit his own finger and drew a symbol on the man’s forehead with his blood. Then he held his hand and pulled downwards in a remarkably smooth way. The man’s eyes immediately closed and his aura was all gone. Apparently he was under control.


"What’s wrong with this guy?" Su Bai turned to the monk.


"He’s good, you’re better." The monk got up and carried the man onto his shoulder.


Su Bai realized that he was teased but he didn’t mind at all. He crossed his hands and plumped his flesh. Then he went out after the monk.


"You can go back to your room. I’ll handle this."




"In some places, a religion is more powerful than a police station."


The monk said and left for the elevator. Su Bai was glad that he could avoid all the trouble. He went back to his room, looked out of the window and found that some Lama was going into the hotel. But they didn’t start searching; half an hour later they were all gone. The monk’s van was parked in front of the hotel gate, and the monk must be staying in it for tonight due to this incident.


After some sleep, Su Bai washed himself up, picked up the key card and went to check out in the lobby on the first floor.


Sun Lin was sitting on a couch in the lobby, looking extremely exhausted. When he saw Su Bai, he lifted his hand as a greeting.


"I’m dog-tired. Didn’t sleep well last night. " Sun Lin said. Apparently he couldn’t remember what happened last night. However, Su Bai still couldn’t figure out how he ended up in that van taking the husband’s place.


The others were still asleep. Perhaps no one could sleep well with the noise last night.They had been worried enough about the local safety issues; the loud noise last night must have freaked them out.


Su Bai went out. The monk was standing by the van with a water bag in one hand and a twig of some plant in the other, brushing his teeth.


"Hey, monk, is it really necessary to treat yourself so harshly?" Su Bai felt funny. Was this monk actually an ascetic?


The monk ignored him, finished brushing his teeth and packed up his staff. Then he turned to Su Bai: "When will you leave?"


"In a while. The others were still sleeping." Su Bai pointed to a Islamic noodle restaurant, "Let’s have breakfast together."


Seven didn’t refuse. He went in the restaurant with Su Bai.


"Two bowls of noodles with beef." Su Bai ordered without bothering to ask if the monk was a vegetarian. Then he asked the owner for a Naan. It tasted like bread, but Su Bai was not fond of this kind of tasteless food and didn’t have much. Seven, however, was enjoying it a lot. When the noodles were served, Su Bai started eating and so did the monk; and he didn’t pick out the beef, just eat them all.


While they were having breakfast, a strong wind came with a lot of dust and sand. The owner hurriedly closed all the windows and the door. After a while, the door was opened from outside, several Lamas went in and started ordered food in local dialect. Then, an old Lama with walking stick went in with a young Lama supporting him.


But he froze the moment he went in, and stared at Su Bai with a little surprise.


Su Bai took some noodles with his chopsticks and put them into his mouth. Then he asked casually: "He can’t see me when I’m wearing the jade pendant you gave me last night, right?"


The monk went on eating and answered calmly:


"I don’t have such magical stuff that can make you invisible even when you’re face to face. Even if I do, I won’t be willing to lend it to you."

Dreadful Radio Game Chapter 84

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