Dungeons Appeared in Real Life Chapter 19

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It's been a month since then.
Early in the morning is farming, during the day dungeon capture and in the evening I was looking for Pochi's partner.
What about Pochi?
Fuu, you, don't make fun of Pochi.
I've achieved it a week ago.
It's impossible to Haku and Koku individually, but almost a hundred of rats can be knocked down with the 2 of them.
And, Haku and Koku have led other chickens, while Pochi and I have been fighting rats in a separate mobilization.
The current number of chickens has increased to about 30.
Although that, I have been taking to the dungeon only the chickens that I kept for a long time.
After that, I got 2 roosters and increased the number little by little, but there are a few number of fertile eggs.
Apparently, it doesn't seem to be fertilized well.
All the hatched chicks are growing up smoothly.
This is pretty rare.
Even if it hatches normally, but eventually some of them die.
Pochi also made many marriage interviews and found a partner he liked and stayed several nights in the partner's house.
Thanks to that, his partner got pregnant.
If children are born, there's the promise to get some of them.
We will leave them in his partner's house until they are weaned, and there's nothing to do about this.

I have done such things for the past month, but today we'll advance with the dungeon capture.
Since I was also searching on the second floor up to now, the way to the third floor was already discovered.
The members are me and Pochi, and Haku and Koku.
The other chickens have the rats on the first floor as their opponents.
We went to the second floor led by Pochi and quickly reached the third floor.
From here onwards is unknown.
We proceed keeping that in mind.
When we reach the third floor, it was a place similar to the second floor.
That means there should be a transition formation.
Thinking so, I examine the wall.
When I examined the wall for a while, and a thing like a jewel was buried there.
When I touched it, the wall disappeared, and a room appeared.
There is a magic formation in the center of the room, we can return immediately with this.
Just to be sure, I ride the magic formation and activate it, I was able to return near the entrance of the first floor.
Then, I came back to the third floor using the transition formation.

"Yoshi, let's go forward. The vanguard is Pochi. I'm counting on you."

With Pochi in the lead, we proceed on the road.
After advancing for a while, there was something there.
Because there were only rabbits and rats, we'll kill it quickly and move on.
When we advanced, we met with that monster for the first time.
That monster is a frog.
However, it's a huge frog.
Its size is at least 1 m.
Moreover, its whole body is greasy (テカテカ) and slimy (ヌメヌメ)
Uwaaa, I don't want to fi~ght.
But, I can't say that.
The frog opens its mouth wide when it recognizes us.
That moment, I could read its next action.

"Avoid it!!"

I jumped to the right from my position.
Pochi and the others also jumped to the left and right according to my instruction.
The next moment, something popped out of the mouth of the frog.
But, it didn't hit anyone.
That something popping out of the frog's mouth hit the ground.
Then, it stopped on the spot for a while, but it returned with a little ‘shurushuru’ (シュルシュル)
Its identity was the tongue of the frog.
I knew it.
I could predict the frog's attack from a manga, anime or games that I knew so far, so it was an expected attack.
There was also the possibility of a liquid, but I thought I could handle it with the same response.
I hold the Tsuruginata and prepare for the frog's next action.
Now, what will come next?
I steeled myself to keep an eye on what the frog may do so that I can move immediately.
It turned its head towards me because it's targeting me.
I was watching what the frog would come up with, but when I noticed the frog thrust at my stomach.
As it is, I blew away with the frog.
Just behind me was a wall so I was caught between the wall and the frog.


What happened!?
Why did the frog thrust!?
This moment I become completely panicked.
I was in panic, but only a little.
Because, Pochi, Haku and Koku attacked the frog immediately.
I looked it and thought that I should also attack, hold backhanded the Tsuruginata and swing it down to the frog's head.
The Tsuruginata penetrates the frog's head more smoothly than I thought.
And, the Tsuruginata sank until the handle.
Was it a fatal injury? I felt that the frog trembled for a moment, lost its power and fell down.
I try kicking it just in case, but there is no reaction.
Apparently, it seemed to completely cease to breathe.
So I felt exhausted and at the same time the attack I got from the frog hurts.
The frog's body strike, no, is it rush? that I received in my stomach.
The pain that I received from the slap in the stomach isn't too painful.
If you think about it normally, it would be more damage, but it may be thanks to the physical improvement.
Or is it thanks to the carbon suit I wear?
Well, as long as I know that there isn't a big damage, it's okay.
There is nearly no damage on the back.
It's thanks to the rucksack that I carried on the back.
The problem more than that is that I don't know how the frog move.
I didn't take my eyes off the frog.
However, I didn't realize that it has moved.
The frog should have been in the same place all the time.
Then, when I noticed it was thrusting at my stomach.
It seemed as if time had stopped.
Hmm? Was it stopped?
Or do I get deceived by something?
To get deceived is that there is something that did it.
The knowledge learned as an otaku.
How much has it passed?
I active my memory at full, and remember if there wasn't a similar incident.
And, finally, I remembered something similar.
That was a phenomenon similar to one of a baseball manga I used to read.
The phenomenon seems to have stopped the ball thrown by the pitcher but when he noticed it was before his eyes.
The theory of that said that since the thrown ball was at the same height and same position from the line of sight of the batter, so it seemed like it was stopped.
What if that phenomenon was applied this time?
Perhaps the frog jumped with its hind legs.
I couldn't see the movement of those legs, but it can't be anything else.
So, it moved at that time but it was at the same height that my sight.
For that reason, I felt that it wasn't moving.
And, when I noticed it had been thrust at my stomach.
If it's this, it's explained, right?
It may be another phenomenon, but in that case, I don't know.
For the time being, let's suppose that this is what happened this time.
I should change my line of sight to cope with this.
If I move my sight slightly up and down or left and right, I can confirm if it moves.
Should I adopt such movements from now on?
It'll be difficult until I get used to it, but I can't replace life.
Well, as for future measures that's okay, now I was worried about what to do when I saw the frog.
If I take it home, it won't enter in the rucksack unless I dismantle it.
But, to dismantle in such a place.
If I dismantle it, I want to do it in a proper place.
Hmm, when it's like this I want a magic bag.
If it doesn't exceed its capacity it will enter regardless of size, just like the mysterious pocket of certain anime cat robot.
What kind of theory is working?
But, it's not the thing which is available because one wants it.
It rarely appears in the market, and even if it has been around recently, the amount of money that comes out of the auction is often high.
During the time it appeared, even though the capacity was small, it was 180 million.
By no means, I can make such amount of money.
Haa, there is no help for it.
Do I give up on this frog?
I bring it home, in case I encounter when I return.
I left the frog that I knocked down without change and went ahead.

TN: The heroine will appear soon. And it’s not his mom.

Dungeons Appeared in Real Life Chapter 19

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