Early English Meals and Manners Part 97

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The Lytylle Childrenes Lytil Boke, collations: l. 59: [[CU _for_ first ne _read_ ner]]

[_text reads "fist" for "first"_]

The Notes to the Book of Curtasye originally appeared in this location, immediately before the Index. They have been moved to accompany the primary text.

[Transcriber's Note:

The Table of Contents is repeated here in slightly abbreviated form for convenience in using the Index. All verse selections have continuous line numbers; the exact page number is not needed. References in the form "line B" are to the "ABC" selections, "Aristotle" and "Lerne or Be Lewde". Items marked [[added by editor]] are from the "Additions to Index" at the end of this selection.

Incorrect page numbers are shown in [[double brackets]] at the end of the line, typically in the form [[258 for 261]].

The paragraph beginning "To save the repet.i.tion..." is from the original text.]

Forewords, or General Preface i Education in Early England iv Cleanliness, or Dirt, of Men, Houses, &c. lxiii Notice of the separate Poems lxviii Preface to Russell's Boke of Nurture lxix Collations and Corrections xcii John Russell's Boke of Nurture 1 Notes thereon 84 Lawrens Andrewe on Fish 113 Wilyam Bulleyn on Boxyng and Neckeweede 124 Andrew Borde on Sleep, Rising, and Dress 128 William Vaughan's Fifteen Directions to preserve Health 133 The Dyet for every Day (Sir John Harington's) 138 On Rising, Diet, and Going to Bed (from the same) 140 Recipes (for Fritters, Jussell, and Mawmeny) 145 Recipes (for Hares and Conies in Civeye, and for Doucettes) 146 Wynkyn de Worde's Boke of Keruynge 147 Notes thereon 173 The Boke Of Curtasye 175 The Booke Of Demeanor 207 Bp. Grossetest's Household Statutes 215 Stanzas and Couplets of Counsel 219 The Schoole Of Vertue 221 Whate-ever thow sey, avyse thee welle! 244 A Dogg Lardyner, & a Sowe Gardyner 246 Maxims in -ly 247 Roger Ascham's Advice to Lord Warwick's Servant 248 The Babees Book 250 Lerne or be Lewde 258 The A B C of Aristotle 260 Vrbanitatis 262 The Boris Hede furst 264*

The Lytylle Childrenes Lytil Boke, or Edyllys be (left-hand pages) 265-273 The Young Children's Book (right-hand pages) 266-274 Stans Puer ad Mensam (left-hand pages) 275-281 Stans Puer ad Mensam (right-hand pages) 276-282 Notes to the Boke of Curtasye, &c. 283

_Items from the Postscript are not included in the Index_

Early English Meals and Manners Part 97

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