Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: This servant will scram

Housekeeper Xu had a look of shock on his face as he looked at her.  He could not believe that the Chen Ning he had talked to before could be this courteous.  This princess had acted so arrogantly outside the wooden hut earlier, not even putting his highness into her eyes.

This was a completely different person!

"You are Chen Ning?  Come and talk to me."  Eldest Princess An Le was very straightforward, just like a man.

But she was a treasured n.o.ble daughter, her eyes were much higher than normal people's.  There were not many people that could enter into her eyes.

But she was a treasured n.o.ble daughter, her eyes were much higher than normal people's.  There were not many people that could enter into her eyes.

Looking at the entire capital city, the number of people that she liked could be counted on a single hand.

Even though she was a woman, the thing she hated the most were other women.

Housekeeper Xu had thought that once she saw Chen Ning, her face would immediately fill with disgust.  But he never expected that not only would the princess not reveal any expressions, she did not reveal a look of disgust or disdain.

This was truly too strange.

"This princess has heard you were sick and it was very serious, so this princess decided to personally pay a visit today.  Seeing you now, you don't seem to be sick at all.  Did someone lie to this princess?"

Eldest Princess An Le's eyes turned cold and her cold gaze looked at Housekeeper Xu.

Housekeeper Xu immediately kneeled down, "Reporting to the eldest princess.  The princess consort was sick yesterday, but she was blessed and ate some medicine that cured her overnight."

"Is there even this kind of magical medicine that could cure a seriously ill person in a single night?  Housekeeper Xu, isn't this a little too exaggerated?  Tell me, what kind of medicine is this?  If there really is this kind of medicine, this princess would obviously want some as well."  Eldest Princess An Le clearly did not believe him.

Housekeeper Xu was covered in cold sweat, "This servant does not dare lie to the eldest princess, this matter is true.  If the eldest princess does not believe me, then please ask the princess consort."

He was very smooth, throwing this question over to Chen Ning with a single sentence.

Eldest Princess An Le turned to look at Chen Ning, "Did this really happen?"

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile and bowed forward to pay respects to the eldest princess as she said, "The eldest princess has come a long way to see this consort and this consort is very grateful.  This is a long story, so I ask the eldest princess to please come in."

"Alright."  The eldest princess did not say much and just followed along.

The guards she brought along carrying the gift box and other things followed after her.

Housekeeper Xu was not able to leave.

He had been ordered by Chu Shao Yang to find out why the eldest princess came to visit Chen Ning, so how could he leave this easily?

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile as she looked at him, but she did not say anything.

The line of people walked through the corridors, arriving in the main hall of the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.

The eldest princess waved her hand and said, "Leave the present this princess brought here and everyone can leave.  This princess has something private to talk about with the princess consort."

Everyone bowed down and after putting down the gift box, they all left.

Other than the eldest princess and Chen Ning, there was also Housekeeper Xu standing there.

He couldn't leave or stay.

If he left, he wouldn't be able to finish what his highness ordered him to do, but if he stayed……

"What are you still doing here?"  The eldest princess looked over at him with a dissatisfied look on her face.

"Reporting to the eldest princess, his highness has ordered this servant to properly serve the eldest princess and the princess consort, so this servant……this servant does not dare leave."  Housekeeper Xu braced himself as he spoke.

The eldest princess knitted her brows and shouted, "Scram!"

"This servant will scram, this servant will scram now."

Housekeeper Xu would not dare to stay even if he had courage as wide as the sky.

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 150

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