Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 374

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Chapter 374: In the end, I loved the wrong person

She was her?

What kind of riddle was Chu Shao Yang talking about!

Everyone in the hall revealed a look of confusion, not understanding this at all!

"It is because eight years ago, this minister fell into the water and was saved by a seven-eight year old little girl.  This minister made a vow that I would definitely marry her!  However, when this minister fainted and when I regained consciousness, she was already gone.  This minister asked around and finally found out that she was the Hu Guo Manor's young miss Chen.  That is why when the emperor raised the matter of marriage, this minister accepted without any hesitation.  This minister sword in my heart that no matter what kind of person she was, this minister would only have her as a wife, only ever loving her!"

When the eldest princess heard this, she couldn't help slapping the table, "Good, so you had this kind of origin in your past.  Chu Shao Yang, you ungrateful brat, you worthless man!"

Chen Ning looked at Chu Shao Yang with a suspicious gaze.  She looked through the original Chen Ning's memories and found that such a matter had happened, only it was too far in the past that the original owner did not remember it too clearly.

Chu Shao Yang was very calm as he looked over at Chen Ning, as if he was only talking to her.

"You and I came together and I wholeheartedly wanted to marry you.  Who would have known that three months before the wedding, I would suddenly hear a piece of news that the one who saved me in the past was not you, but rather your blood related little sister, Chen Bi Yun!  This news was like a blow to the head that made me stupid.  I did not believe it and secretly sent people out to investigate, but the result was the same.  It was Chen Bi Yun and not you!  When I confirmed this, the first thing I did was go to the emperor to cancel the wedding.  Who would have thought that the emperor would teach me a lesson on righteousness and say that I was reckless before driving me out.  At that time, I really hated you, I hated you for breaking up my happy marriage!"

His voice was very calm, but Chen Ning was stunned when she heard it and Chen Bi Yun began to slightly tremble.

"A person must keep their words, I had to keep my promise to marry you, but I did not love you.  As long as you didn't disrupt me and Bi Yun, I would have let you live an easy life, living in the palace until you were old.  On the night of the wedding, you fainted and I thought you were doing it on purpose to get closer to me, so I sent you to the wooden shed.  I never thought that three days later, when I married Bi Yun, you would come and cause trouble at the wedding.  From then on, I treated you as a thorn in my side.  Even when Bi Yun caused trouble for you, I ignored it all because you were someone in a place you didn't belong in.  If you died, then everything would be over."

The eldest princess wanted to jump out several times after hearing this, but Ye Ting Xuan pulled her down.

The hall was completely silent, only the sound of Chu Shao Yang's cold voice could be heard.

Chen Ning just stared right at Chu Shao Yang with sparkling eyes, like she could already guess everything.

"I always thought the person that saved my was Bi Yun and that is why I went to her.  Your insults are all right, I was nothing more than a blind and deaf fool!  Until that day you saved my from the lake and I saw your face, finally realizing the truth of the matter.  In the end, the person that saved me eight years ago was not Chen Bi Yun, but rather you!"

After saying this, Chu Shao Yang's calm voice became agitated as he grabbed Chen Ning's hand.

"In the end, I loved the wrong person the whole time!"

Chen Ning's heart trembled and her hand felt like it was on fire, a fire that burned right into her heart.

"Ning'er!  The one I always loved has been it, it was always you!  It was all because of that cheap woman and her nanny hiding the truth of the matter that I always thought that she was you.  Now that the truth has been revealed, you…..can you forgive me?"

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 374

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