Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Going against the white lotus

Shen Bi Yun was surprised as she subconsciously covered her abdomen.  Then she took a step back.

"What are you guys staring at?  Quickly clear the water away.  If the concubine falls, then watch the king peel your skin."

Chen Ning quickly shouted at the people at the sides.

The people at the sides recovered and quickly went forth.  The floor in front of Chen Bi Ning was wiped dry, to the point light s.h.i.+ned from it.

This ugly girl, what was she up to?  Would she really be that kind to remind Bi Yun?

Chu Shao Yang looked suspiciously at Chen Ning, but once he saw the two eggs on her face that were like a monkey's b.u.t.t, he averted his eyes in disgust.

This cursed ugly girl, making his lose face at his own wedding.  This grudge, he will remember!

Chen Bi Yun's face underneath her red veil couldn't help but reveal a happy expression.

Chen Ning was still the same stupid Chen Ning!

They were prepared to send her to see the king of h.e.l.l and she still took care of her.  If she wasn't stupid, then what could she be!

She walked as light as a lotus, as she slowly moved forward.  This time she was particularly careful as she was very steady with each step.  From the minute she took the cup from the bridesmaid, her sleeves did not even move.

"Elder sister, please have the tea."

She was preparing to lean down in front of Chen Ning and as according to the regulations, her hands would hold the cup high up.  Then when the opposite side went to take the teacup, the cup of hot tea would spill all over the other person's hand.

To want to drink my tea, how could it be that easy!

Her lips turned into a ruthless smile.

Who would have know the minute she went to bend down, Chen Ning would suddenly exclaim.

"Little sister, you can't do that."

Chen Bi Yun was surprised.  Her knees unconsciously froze and she didn't bend down.

Chen Ning came down from the main position and held Chen Bi Yun's arm.  She had a genuine guilty look on her face as she said, "Little sister, you are pregnant, why didn't you tell elder sister earlier?  If I knew you had a child, how could elder sister make you bend down and offer me tea?  This is only a ceremony and we sisters aren't strangers.  It's fine if we forget about this custom.  Your highness, don't you think so?  Ai, your highness, you truly are careless.  My little sister is already pregnant and you still want her to kneel and offer me tea?  Aren't you making this too hard for me?"

The words she said weren't loud and were calmly said, but they were like a thunderbolt cras.h.i.+ng through the sky.  That moment caused everyone to lose their minds.

The originally joyous and loud wedding hall had turned completely quiet.  It was possible to hear a pin drop.

All the guests looked at each other.  Everyone was wondering if their ears were still working properly.

Did they hear wrong?

The bride that had just been married was already pregnant?

This was simply like a bolt of lightning on a sunny day.  The crowd was shocked and dumbfounded.

With a "qiang lang", the cup in Chen Bi Yun's hand fell onto the ground.  The hot tea splashed all over and burned her foot, but she blankly stood there, unable to feel any pain.

Chu Shao Yang was also stunned.  His eyes fell onto Chen Bi Yun's body and his thick eyebrows wrinkled together.

The atmosphere in the wedding hall became solemn and eerie.  No one said anything, no one even dared breathe too loudly.

They still did not know how to react to this kind of shocking news.

Even Xiao Ru standing by Chen Ning side also had a stunned expression.  Her eyeb.a.l.l.s popped out and her mouth was wide open.  It was large enough that even a duck could fit inside.

Chen Ning eyes swept across all the people in the crowd whose chins had fallen down.  Her lips slightly curled up.

Very good, everything happened just like she had expected.

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 5

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